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Animal Shelters Near Me

Find a Local Animal Shelter

Are you considering adopting a friend? Going the route of an animal shelter is one of the best choices you can make. Find animal shelters near me to get out and view the selection of helpless animals in need of a friend, that they have on hand. They make amazing companions and if you’re truly ready it’s the perfect first stop to go.

Find Animal Shelters Near Me From The Map

Use the map above to find the nearest animal shelters in your area. Chances are there aren’t too many around, but you will likely have the option of 4-5 in any large city. Sometimes there are smaller private ones that might be on the map too. Get out and visit the shelter to find that companion you’ve been looking for.

What Types of Animals Are in a Shelter?

Dog Shelters Near Me

Dogs – some shelters have a hard time keeping dogs for any length of time as they go quickly (which isn’t a bad thing!). That being said sometimes there is an issue with a dog that keeps people from wanting to adopt. Consider an animal like this if you’re adequately equipped to handle it.


Cat Shelters Near MeCats – This is where you’ll often see overflow with a shelter. So many cities have an abundance of cats and often mandate a spay or neuter. This is why if you adopt from a shelter they will often pre-fix the cat or provide a voucher to have it done at no cost. Everyone gravitates towards the kittens, please consider caring for an older cat – they need love too!


Birds – This is a pretty rare occasion for most parts of North America but it does happen. If there’s a bird that you’ve got your eye on then scoop it up! It likely won’t happen again anytime soon that you’ll find one at an animal shelter near me.

Sometimes completely random ones – There can be rare instances of domesticated animals being reported or dropped off at the local animal shelter other than the dog, cat or bird. This is extremely rare but keep an eye out for something unique.

Fish – If you’re looking to rescue a fish, you might as well make your way to your local pet store. Not often will a fish make an appearance inside an animal shelter nearby as quite frankly they can just be released into the water. That being said anything is possible, especially if it is a foreign fish to the local ecosystem, not something anyone wants to mess with.

What Do They Do At an Animal Shelter Nearby?

More often than not, animals aren’t simply “brought” into a shelter. Usually they’re discretely dropped off (left outside) or are found on the street as strays. Sometimes it comes from someone reporting an owner to the police and it warranting taking the animal away.

Once an animal arrives to the shelter they are tested. Do they have any issues are they vaccinated? Likely not so at this point most animal shelters will provide the “first round” of shots and vaccines.

Before You Adopt From An Animal Shelter

There are a number of important facts to keep in mind before adopting from an animal shelter. This is not the same thing as a friend’s animal had babies or a breeder.

  1. Be 100% sure you are even looking for a pet in the first place. It’s always a “dangerous” idea to just go “look” at the puppies at your local shelter. There’s a reason salespeople have coined the “puppy dog close” in business. They are just so darn cute and hard to resist! Once you’ve been introduced it’s so hard to say no – but don’t say yes on a whim when you’re not ready for the commitment and responsibility.
  2. Be financially prepared. Animals often cost much more than expected. Initial vet bills. They likely eat more than you expected. Treats. Toys. So much more than you imagined spending. This is especially true with a sheltered or older dog that may have issues sooner than a typical puppy – be prepared to pay the vet bills.
  3. Have the space at home for it. If you live in a small apartment, maybe think about a cat, but please stay away from large dogs! Especially if you don’t have a backyard for them either.
  4. Be physically prepared. Do you have allergies? Are you strong enough to walk your dog? These are smaller things to consider but defintiely something that needs to be taken into consideration.

Animal Shelters In The News

We’ve all heard horror stories on the news of vets or shelters having problems with their animals, whether by mistake or even worse, intentionally. Are these rumors true? Here are a couple of stories (one good, one not so good) to put animal shelters near me in perspective.

Case 1: Talk about something to make your heart melt. There is a shelter in Manchester, UK that threw a party for one of the deaf puppies in their shelter. Full story here, be careful, it’s adorable: http://goodnewsshared.com/2016/11/08/dogs-trust-manchester-throw-special-party-deaf-pup-celebrate-second-birthday/

Case 2: Kentucky state animal shelter (not a government run shelter) has been accused of killings and extreme cruelty to animals at their local shelter. Here is the full article here – be careful it’s descriptive: http://www.wave3.com/story/16036165/animal-abue-alleged-at-local-animal-shelter

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