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Apartments for Rent Near Me

Find An Apartment For Rent Near Me

Once you feel like you’ve sifted through Kijiji rentals or Classified Ads a thousand times through it might be worth taking to the internet as a whole to find any nuggets you might be missing out one. A quick search for apartments near me might land that dream home that everyone else was missing out on.

Find Apartments Near Me Using The Map

There’s no point looking up apartments in a list, as the location is typically the most important part. Narrow your search down right off the bat by location and start looking into their details from there. Using the above pins you will find exact address details, contact information and more than likely a link back to even more information about the property.

Why are the apartments near me such different prices?

Apartments for Rent Near me

Location Location Location: One of the most important (if not the most important) components to price on your apartments is location. Since real estate differs largely in value based on location, you can expect these costs (or cost savings) to be passed on to you. There’s value in not needing to walk very far for your local grocery store, or to the downtown core.

Number of bedrooms: Another major component of price is the number of bedrooms. Seems pretty logical that a one, two and three bedroom apartment will increase in price with each addition. Be careful around one bedroom + den and 2 bedroom. Some landlords will try and pass a den off as a bedroom, but if you don’t have egress windows in your room, it’s not a legal bedroom and you shouldn’t have to pay as much for it! But let’s dig in further to why some one-bedroom apartments are more than a two-bedroom in the same neighborhoods.

Utilities: One major price component is whether utilities are included or not. For some landlords, water, heat and hot water is included but you’re responsible for hydro. Some places have everything included (even cable and internet) because it’s a basement apartment. If utilities are included you’re going to pay a premium to account for the fact that your landlord’s hydro bill is in your hands. Do you leave the lights on? Take several hot baths? Then they might come chatting to you if you’re abusing the “all included” component of the lease.

Kitchen: This is a major component of price and one of the sexiest parts of apartment hunting. If you’ve got brand new appliances and a fancy island in the middle of your kitchen, then chances are you’re paying for that.

Laundry: Another big differentiator is the three-tiered laundry option. If your apartment has a washer and dryer inside your suite then this is a value-add that you’ll pay for. A lot of apartment buildings will have laundry on-site but often a different floor, or stuck in the basement. More often than not these washers and dryers will require anywhere from $1.00 – $3.00 to run per load. Something that typically brings down the value of an apartment is when there’s no laundry option at all and people are forced to bring clothes to the nearest Laundromat.

Bathrooms: While these are crucial for buying a home, they are typically a bit less important for renting. While still very important, the vanity size and cleanliness of the bathroom is crucial. There is value in a full bath versus a shower stall. The bathtub itself is very tenant-dependent and often doesn’t have a huge impact on price even if that’s the goal of the landlord.

Privacy / Shared Services: Would sharing your front door with someone lower the price you’re willing to pay? What about the back yard? How about the kitchen? Some places share a kitchen with the homeowners and this will often drive down the price. If you have your own entrance (especially if you don’t need to go through a security door first), there’s value in the privacy.

Apartment Rentals vs. House Rentals vs. Condo Rentals

While you might be looking for apartment rentals near you there are other options to consider. First, a house – sometimes this can be an entire house (prices are high and you will almost always pay for all utilities) but there’s also the option for a duplex, triplex, 4-plex, etc. These can often be self-contained units and a great stepping-stone to owning your own house. A classic example you’ll see in many college towns is the over-under duplex.

Then you have the condo. A condo is something that comes with a mortgage and condo fees. This will all often be pushed down to the tenant (or tried to at least). If you fall in love with a condo and the price is right, obviously, take it! But you might find that you can track down a similar looking apartment for cheaper than that of an almost identical condo. Condos however are often not management by a property management company, where as an apartment building often is.

What Amenities Are Near Me?

As we’ve discovered, location is a critical price component and for good reason. It’s important to be aware of all amenities around your new location. It’s a good thing we have a great resources for finding anything near me and you can leverage us to track down all your necessities.

Landlord Profiles

Absentee Landlord: This is something you’re definitely going to want to avoid. If your landlord didn’t even show up to walk you through their apartment, if they had “family” walk you through. If they are very slow to respond when you’re looking to rent, just image what it will be like once you’ve already committed to a year and you’re locked in! This might be fine if it’s a brand new building and you won’t likely have issues, but don’t take the chance and pay close attention to warning signs up front.

Pushy Landlord: This is the “in-your-face” landlord with all sorts of crazy rules and restrictions. Chances are it might still be difficult to get things fixed but they’re going to be “on you” about everything. It will likely feel like an invasion of privacy.

Perfect Landlord: This is the one that seems respectable and fair, but who checks in once in awhile to see if you have any issues. IF you are in a building run by a property management company, chances are there are good processes already in place. But if your landlord runs the show solo, then make a note of the application process and see how structured it is.