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ATMs near me

Finding an ATM is such a crucial part of every day life. With a world of plastic, very few people readily have cash on hand anymore. That just means however, just how important and time sensitive needing cash can be. You might have ordered food from the only place in town that just accepts cash! Or you find a boutique store that’s cash-only. More serious situations are tolls or entrance fees to events and other locations that might only accept cash to let you through the door.

ATM Near Me – Find It In The Google Maps

As you can see, there are ATMs in places you might not have expected to find them. Sometimes they can just be on the outside of a wall on a building. This is usually because the builder owner will get to receive the fees you pay to use them. Nonetheless they can be very convenient in a pinch.

Finding an ATM near me has never been easier. Whether you need a bank or stand alone machine, Find It Near Me can track it down for you. Don’t get stuck, think ahead on if you might need cash and visit in advance. Just remember the two basics reasons why you shouldn’t have too much money on hand. 1) It’s easy to spend and harder to track where  your money is going. 2) You are a prime candidate for being robbed. Don’t have much on hand and you’re not worth the trouble.

In-Branch ATM vs. In-Store ATM

Most people forget that there is a difference between branch and store ATMs. The difference is typically a $3 – $4.50 fee to just take money out. If you go to your branch you can usually take money out for free (or however many transactions are included in your plan). If you go to a store however, they will usually charge you anywhere from $1 – $3 for using the machine on the spot. At the same time your own bank will likely also charge you another $1.50 for processing the transaction. When you’re in a pinch, it’s often worth it, just frustrating. If you do have the time however, it’s likely worth finding a bank near me.

There are some in-store machines however that are “bank run”. You will notice this as they are branded by an actual bank. If this is not your bank, then the same rules apply as if it were inside any other store. If it is your bank however, then you can treat this as if it’s inside your own branch. It won’t cost you anything other than what your plan would dictate. It’s also quite likely you can even deposit into one of these.

Denominations In An ATM

A lot of people think that only $20 bills are in ATMs, but it’s simply not true anymore. When it comes to in-store machines, chances are likely that yes, it will only be $20 bills.

A number of banks do have a variety:

  • $5.00 (least common)
  • $10.00 (more common now)
  • $20.00 (always unless they run out!)
  • $50.00 (more common now)
  • $100 (not common at all)

ATM Security

If you’ve ever been tempted to break into an ATM, think again. For the amount of money that is stored in the average ATM near me, the security is through the roof. There are so many triggers, sensors and safe guards that attempting anything on an ATM is just not worth it. This is especially true for in-bank ATMs. The smaller ones you might find at your local 711 are still very secure, but hold even less money. Just don’t even think about it, those things are locked down.

One thing to be careful of is ATM skimmers. This is when someone puts their own card reader on top of the legitimate one that lets the bank read your card. They then take your card information and can steal your PIN. Pay close attention to in-store machines in high tourist areas, and take a second to look for any tampering (such as rough edges or scratches around where you insert your card) and avoid the machine if it seems questionable.