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Bakery Near Me

If you want some bread for breakfast or if you just want to grab some dessert on your way home then you might as well try to figure out where the nearest bakery near me is. Here are some of the options you might want to look at. Also we have prepared listing some of the best bakeries including cake bakeries, and their delicious menus.

Bakeries are the place to go especially if you are craving for something sweet and pluffy or if you just want to go and grab some sugar with some bread or if you want some bread for breakfast. This is definitely the place to go if you want something baked for your birthday, for weddings and a whole lot more. Know the bakery places near you in case of these events.

To find fresh baked products, bread, donuts and other quality products, check out information provided below including map locations for easily finding closes bakery near your location.

Bakery near me – Fastest way to reach

To find closest bakery near you simply take a look at the map below. It is easy and fast way to find some of the best Restaurants Near Me.

Find A Bakery near me On The Map

Bakery near me locator works in every country. Please make sure when using the map to find some of the best bakeries near you, have GPS location on your device turned on.

Cake bakery near me – The sweet way

This is a list of some of the best cake bakery you can try out that might be near you.

  • If you are in Austin, Texas, you might want to try Sweet Treets Bakery that offers to make custom cakes for wedding and birthday parties plus they also offer other sweets that have different flavors and designs. If you want to have a party or just craving for a personalized cake then this is really the place to go to.
  • If you happen to be in Kissimmee, Florida then Cut the Cake bakery is the place to go to. It is an inventive bakery that showcases tons of wedding cakes. The best thing about them is that they have delivery options so there is no hassle going delivering it to your house. If you are for cakes and all that, this one is the bakery to go.
  • If you are in Dripping Spring, Texas, then Classic Cakes by Lori is the bakery to go to. They offer a lot of cakes to choose from and you can also go and modify your own and design your own and they will make it up for you so no worries there. They got it all for you, just decide on what you want.
  • In Alabaster, Alabama, there is a bakery called Delicious Bakery that will help you satisfy your cravings for dessert. They have a lot of offering on cakes for special occasion and also offers a ton of Mexican and American sandwiches and pastries that will help you go and figure out what you really want.
  • Emerson’s Bakery will help you with your wedding cakes and other cakes if you are around Florence, Kentucky. They have great desserts and they do not take too much of your time if you want to actually look at the shop
  • Carlo’s Bakery that can be found in Hoboken, New Jersey will help you for your cake needs. They also offer a lot of stuff like cannoli, cookies and lots of elaborate cakes. One of the best things about them is that you need only to make a quick visit and they offer delivery.
  • If you are looking for your dream cake, then the wedding bakery named American Dream Cakes which is found in Jacksonville might just help you out. They offer you great desserts and they also offer a quick visit to figure out what you really want
  • If you just want a casual place where you can go and sit down to eat some cake then Clayton Bakery and Café in Clayton is the right place to go to. It is a family owned café that serves a lot of baked goods, desserts, sandwiches, quiches and even soup! A dream like place is what this is.
  • Cake by Maggi or also known as It’s A piece of cake by Maggi that is found in Auburndale, Florida is one of the best bake shop out there for your custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies for any occasion you have in mind.
  • Oakleaf Cakes Bake shop is a bakery that focuses on creating crafty custom cakes and offers decorating classes for beginners to experts. It is found in Boston and it will surely satisfy your desires.
  • Gourmet Goodies Bake Shop is a local bakery that offers cupcakes, ice cream that are hand dipped and other custom items that will suit your desires can be found in Winter Haven, Florida. You can go there and have your personal designed cake done in a jiffy.
  • J and S Watkins Desserts is a bakery offering cheesecakes, pies, tortes and other cakes that are occasion cakes and even custom wedding cakes. It can be found in Clifton Park in New York City. It is the place to go through if you are looking for a classy place.
  • If you are into donuts, then you should try going to Donut bank which is a bakery that offers donuts, baked goods, coffee, cookies and other drinks. It is a pretty casual place and is found in Henderson, Kentucky. If you are in for a quick visit then this is the place to go to!
  • If you want to go do your groceries while waiting for your cake, then the Publix Super Market Bakery is the place for you. It is a supermarket chain that has wide choices of groceries, deli and even bakery departments to choose from. It is found in Lakeland, Florida.
  • Ann’s Kitchen Cakes is a rather simple bakery that has this triple chocolate cake that you will certainly die for plus it has a lot of custom sweets and ready made goods. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and is found in Austin, Texas.
  • Piece of cake bakery is a bakery that specializes in cakes that are known because of the cakes that gives off a quirky vibe and make it a whole lot more special so if you want to go for a vegan cake then go for this bakery in Portland, Oregon.
  • Bake me a wish bakeshop is a company that prepares cake for special occasions and makes brownies and cookies with traditional tastes. It can be found in New York, New York City and it is one of the most famous bakery there is.
  • Dream Day cakes found in Gainesville, Florida is famous for having cakes with no frills and plain cupcakes, truffles and cakes. You can try it out whenever you are feeling go for some simple cakes and sculptural cakes.
  • If you are into ordering online then Charm City Cakes West bakeshop should be your place to be. It showcases a lot of sweets and cakes that are fancy enough if you want to try and invest in it. The physical shop is at Los Angeles, California, so just drop by
  • Magnolia bakery is one of those cheerful looking bakeshop that offers classic cakes that are homemade together with a bunch of other food like desserts, treats, pies and all that available at the counter. It is also found in Los Angeles, California if you want to go.
  • If you are in Indianapolis, go to cake bake shop where it is really high end and they offer seats for you to enjoy cakes, high tea, pastries and all that.

    Gluten free bakery near me

    For your gluten free baked goods, here are some of the gluten free bakeries that might be near you.

  • Wild Wood Bakehouse is one of the best gluten free bakery out there and it is certainly great if you are around Austin, Texas as it is in the campus, it features organic and gluten free goods and have sandwiches as well! They also offer great dessert and have a wide range of tea. It is also a pretty casual place so it is totally a must go to.
  • Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free bakery says it in its name as it offers gluten free and even wheat free treats such as custom cakes, panini and other vegan goods. It is found in New York, New York City.
  • The Island Gluten Free Bakery is found in Sarasota, Florida and it is a simple bakeshop that can offers gluten free cakes, breads, pies and muffins, perfect indeed.
  • Rise Bakery is found in Washington, DC and is a simple 2 story townhouse bakery that specializes in sweets that are gluten free and vegan breads, cakes and sweets.

List of Bakeries – updated list

We have added updated list of bakeries that people gave 4 to 5 stars reviews and high recommendation. Make sure you pay them a visit when you happen to be near one of them.

European Bakery

If you have a taste for English food, then this bakery would surely make you a whole lot happy than you already are. In Falmouth in Maine, the European Bakery serves freshly baked eclairs, cookies and a whole vast array of other baked goods such as custom cakes and they also serve coffee and tea if you are in the mood to have a cup. They open at seven in the morning, perfect time to have your breakfast and enjoy the sunrise at your house. Drop by today and enjoy it.

Carlo’s Bakery

A quick visit in Hoboken in New Jersey is all it takes to grab a bite of this well-known bakery of Buddy Valastro, which is also known as the cake boss. The bakery is known for its cannoli, their cakes and the assortment of cookies that they serve. They can also deliver your order to your house if it happens to be in the area. They open at seven in the morning so if you have something you want for them to fix, in case of a really bad timing or a cake accident, then you can go ahead and go to the bakery to have it all sorted out.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

If you are looking into bakeries in Maine, then one of your best bet should be Bimbo Bakeries USA which is a wholesale bakery so you can take note that the prices here are truly a haven for those who love baked goods. They open at nine in the morning which is definitely the right time to go there and just enjoy the bread for breakfast or for a light snack in the afternoon with tea.

Bimbo Bakeries New York

If you happen to be in New York, worry not because there is a Bimbo Bakery USA branch ready as ever to serve you with baked goods at a great price. You can have bread for the whole day if you just drop by Central Valley and enjoy the deliciousness of their great baked food. Go have it as is or maybe with some English tea or green tea.

Magnolia Bakery

If you want classic, then this is the right destination for you with their variety of baked desserts that will satisfy your taste and your stomach and also their creative cupcakes that you will surely love. They open at nine thirty in the morning but that is just right for an afternoon tea party or if you have something planned beforehand, you might want to consider that. You will be able to find the place at New York if you happen to go for a vacation or if you plan to celebrate a birthday there or maybe a wedding, this bakery is definitely one to look out for and place on your list of bakeries to go and try out.
Cake bakery near me

Magnolia Bakery – Grand central station

If you happen to be close to the Grand central station, then going to the Magnolia branch there is far more convenient so you should go and try that out. Have a taste of their retro chic cupcakes that they create with all their hearts so that you can try and enjoy it. It is like there is a powder in the cupcakes that makes you keep coming back. This branch opens at seven thirty in the morning which is great if you have early appointments and want to settle what you will feed your guests.

Franz Bakery

This one is an outlet store in Portland in Oregon and it is truly known in the place since it was built around 1906. They have a lot of offerings such as pastries, bagels and other variety of bread. They have delicious bread that would be worth coming back and you will miss it when you travel so might as well consider traveling with some of it and enjoy home while you are away from home, the best paradox ever invented.

Mrs. Bairds

This store in Houston in Texas is the main outlet of this bakery so expect that they have more stocks than the other branches, meant to last for the day. You will taste all your favorites here from cakes, to cupcakes, to bagels, name it and they will make it for you. They open at ten in the morning, just the right time to go buy bread for lunch or for the afternoon tea party that you have been planning the week before or whatever you want to use your bread for.

Rossi’s Italian

This bakery in York in Maine is definitely one of the bakeries you will keep on coming back to. They serve classic breads the Italian way and they have it all freshly baked so that you can enjoy it while it is hot. You can also place orders for special commissions as long as you tell them at least two days before so that they will have the time to make what you want. They open at eleven in the morning so if you had a sudden craving for bread, you can go grab one by then.

Bake Mark

This bakeshop is full of baked good surprises for you and will surely make you drool while looking at them. They have everything you need from cupcakes to bread to cake, just say it and they will make it for you. They open at ten in the morning if you happen to be in Tampa in Florida, you can just drop by, if not, then consider this as a head start so you would know what time to go there and have the fun of your life picking out the sweets you love.

Bake me a wish

If you want something that you actually have an idea on, then this bakery would be the answer as they will prepare your cake for your special occasion, together with brownies and cookies all at your traditional flavor. You can drop by their place or you can visit them at New York for more details regarding their cakes and how you can customize yours so you can have it in time for your special day. Do not forget to include your name and your address or your friend’s address if you are planning to surprise your friend with some sweets.


If you want freshly baked cookies, breads and other treats, then this tiny shop is truly the right place for you to be. Levain is a good old natured shop that donates all the unsold baked goods to charity. They open at eight in the morning so if you want to grab bread for breakfast before going to your work, then this is the place to be. You will see it at New York so if you happen to be in the area, try and drop by and maybe you can help in donating to charity as well.

Corner Bakery

This bakery is counter serve and the place is pretty casual. They offer sandwiches, pastries and pastas so it is the perfect place to go and hang around with friends and family and just talk about random things. They have great desserts and their tea selection is wide enough to have your choice. They open at six thirty in the morning which is the perfect time to drop by and warm your stomach up with tea and bread. You will find this café in Princeton in New Jersey where you can bask in their delicious baked goods that will keep you coming back for more.

The City

This bakery has the best hot chocolate in town because of its creamy and rich taste to the point that you will want to order a pint of it. They also have specialty goods such as croissants and pretzels that you can order after you finish your lunch here as well. They open at seven thirty in the morning, just right to grab a quick breakfast before heading to work. Their place is casual so you can hang-out with friends and coworkers for lunch or maybe just to have some hot chocolate and eat some delicious baked goods.

Sweet Hut

This bakery and café will serve you a lot of Asian style pastries, cakes and breads together with a wide selection of tea that will surely be pleasing to your tongue and nose. They open at eight in the morning in Doraville in Georgia and their contemporary décor is truly pleasing to the eyes. If you want a place that will please your senses and make you fall in love with
pastries all over again, then this is most definitely the right place to go to.

Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery

If you are in for some modern place, then Bouchon bakery is the right one for you with this Napa bakery that serves baked goods that are French inspired such as croissants, macaroons, breads and other café fare such as coffee, hot chocolate and tea. They open at seven in the morning should you want to try this one out for breakfast. You can visit them at New York and just have some light time and enjoy your bread with your tea.

85C Bakery

If you want to try out something new, then this bakery will make you feel unique with the roots of this bakery coming from Taiwan. They offer international types of breads and desserts that will satisfy your cravings for something sweet or something bitter, they also offer tea and coffee to make you feel comfortable. You can find them at San Jose in California should you be interested to taste what makes this bakery a whole lot different from other cafes.

Tatte Bakery

If you want a cozy spot that has an open kitchen and serves baked treats, soups, breakfast and sandwiches, then this place is perfect for you. College students mostly flock this place at Cambridge because of their great dessert. They open at seven in the morning should you want to go there to try their breakfast.

TOP 10 bakeries near me

After those udapte list of 4-5 user stars reviewed bakeries, here are the top 10 editor choice bakeries that might be near you.

  • Sweet Mandy B’s is found in Chicago, Illinois and it offers ranger cookie that will make you forget all the granola bars you had for breakfast. They also offer them filled with oats, chocolate and even coconut.
  • B Patisserie is found in San Francisco California and it offers a pastry called kouign amann and once you eat it, you will feel as if you are in France. It is certainly delicious to the taste and will leave you craving for more.
  • Flour bakery + café is really great and is said to have the greatest pecan sticky buns in the world. It is certainly something that offers more than just a breakfast for you.
  • The Bribery Bakery found in Austin Texas is one of the best bakeries out there and it sells pop up pastries that is growing to be bigger and bigger as time passes by.
  • Tartarine Bakery found in San Francisco, California will give you the best Tartine you have ever tasted in your whole life. How great is that? You can preorder it online so you do not need to wait so much or be left out with nothing to get to your house.
  • Bakery Lorraine is quite famous in San Antonio, Texas but they have the best Lorraine out there. You just have to go there to try and taste it out.
  • In Denver, you can find Babettes Artisan Breads that will help you find out your pastry, the one that speaks to your heart with their beloved pastries.
  • If you are in Minneapolis, then you have to try out Salty Tart Bakery that is pretty famous for their coconut macaroon and their customizable cakes that will surely satisfy you and your cravings.
  • Baked and Wired, found in Washington, DC is one of the place where a lot of coffee nerds go to and feel at home at that. They have stocks of beans to help you out and they have this buttermilk biscuits that will truly satisfy your desires.
  • Dominique Ansel Bakery found in New York, New York City is one of the best bakeries out there as the owner, Dominique Ansel invented the Cronut, a croissant made into a circle and he is truly one of the best persons to ever made an experiment with bread. They also make magic soufflés and frozen s’mores that are truly to die for!