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Bank of Montreal Near Me

BMO Near Me

Welcome to the Bank of Montreal! Naturally, it is safe to assume this was a Quebec founded company. Not Quebec the city, but Quebec the province (and now the nation). Now, you don’t have to be French in order to start banking with BMO, all you need is to find a BMO near me and sign up. It’s that simple, you can speak English and have no history with the bank, they’ll be happy to see you come on board.

Coming up on its 200th year, be sure to consider switching if you’re not a customer, or inquiring  if you are for any promotional rates or discounts in light of the celebration. The bank has a great reputation and is very capable to serve your retail banking needs.

BMO Bank Near Me – Find One On The Map

Find the nearest BMO using the above Google Maps results. If you’re thinking there are more results than you would have thought, this isn’t a mistake or a typo. It’s likely due to the fact that the company also lists their individual ATM locations. You don’t always need to go to a bank for an ATM, and you can find out more information on that below.

Bank Facts

  • Current CEO: William Downe
  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec & Toronto, Ontario
  • Founded In: 1817 in … Montreal!
  • Assets: $$588.659 Billion (2014)

BMO Offering

  • Standard retail banking from savings to lending to basic investment services.
  • If you’re in need of standard mutual fund investing and life and estate planning, a BMO Financial Adviser can help.
  • Ever hear of Moneris? They are huge for credit card processing and rightfully so, they’re co-owned by BMO and RBC.
  • Don’t forget credit cards! You can get a BMO MasterCard tied to many great products, including Airmiles.

BMO Group of Companies

  • BMO Financial Group – this is the HQ and the retail bank itself. This is likely the bank as most people know it today.
  • BMO Capital Markets – This is where the wolves of Baye St. are making it rain and bringing the company in some big bucks. Capital markets refers to trading and investing in the stock exchanges. Most if not all banks will have an arm in this section and is often where the majority of their revenue comes from.
  • BMO Harris Bank – The US division of BMO that operates out of Chicago. It’s the bank’s futile attempt to continue competing in the US markets. This bank gain a bit of a stronghold in Chicago by buying up Harris Bank competitors and staying the leader in the area. A big part of merger talks with RBC will help propel the two into the US marketplace. Only time will tell.
  • BMO Nesbitt Burns – The investment side of the BMO Financial Group. Need mutual funds or a special adviser you can call on to help with your trades? You’ll want a BMO Nesbitt Burns financial investment adviser. The catch? You typically need a cool quarter mil if you want to sit down with one of these big guns!


Find an ATM that is near you instead of always going to the bank for money. Even if you think you are saving time by skipping the lines and using the bank’s ATM, there might be an even more efficient solution. Don’t pay fees using a store ATM, but instead find a BMO ATM inside a store. Think there’s a catch? No. BMO pays them to run it and provide service to their clients, as opposed to the store owner collecting money from your fees you need to pay. Granted, for these cases if you’re not a BMO customer, you can often still use it, you’ll just still get hit with those fees.