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Banks Near Me

Local Banks In My Neighborhood

A very important part of our economy, banks turn savings into investments and make up a large portion of our markets. Chances are there are a number of banks and various branches just around the corner. Banks do however move around and it’s important to stay on top of where your closest bank is.

With so many banks and lending companies out there, especially online-only banks, it can be important to actually sit down and talk to a real person. When you need a clear, straight answer, nothing is better than having the attention of your local banker. There are usually a number of banks near me, but it’s important to locate the one you’re specifically looking for.

Banks Near Me – Use Google Maps

Use the Maps Above to confirm your location so we can identify the best local banks in your area. If you have any issues confirming your location, simply enter your address into the search box Above.

Find Specific Banks Near Your Location

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Quick Money

Just looking for some quick cash today from your bank? Don’t run around for just the nearest bank. You can also track down an ATM near me too! You don’t have to go inside a bank branch, it could be your local convenient store. In your car? Some are even a drive through these days.

Banks vs. Credit Unions

There are a number of misconceptions between banks and credit unions. A lot of people seem to leave credit unions as a second thought, or think of them as unreliable. Always verify ahead of time, but more often than not, a credit unions deposits are insured and protected for just as much as any other bank. That way you know your money is safe should anything happen.

Some people often think they need to “buy in” monthly to credit unions. Most often however it’s a simple $5 upfront ONE-TIME fee in order to become a member. A large upside to credit unions is that they often have a bit more flexibility in terms of decision making. They are very community focused and will actually listen to your story. If you’re in the market for a new financial institution, don’t rule out the credit unions. Sound interesting to you? Find a credit union near me and go sign up.

Shopping Around? What to Look For

  • Students: Enough banks have free student banking, so make sure you stick to one that does!
  • Online banks are great and often very low on fees. Keep in mind relationships go a long way with an in-person brand. Need loan or mortgage and don’t fit nicely into the criteria box? A long lasting relationship with a bank can often help.
  • Fees vs. Service. There is often a tradeoff between the cost of banking versus the level of service you receive from a bank. Think about what’s important to you before simply rate shopping.
  • Ensure the bank has an in-house financial adviser. A banking officer is great for that account opening, mortgage or line of credit, but when you need investment advice, make sure there’s a specialist on board.
  • Seniors:  If you are shopping around for a bank for the first time or are frustrated with your old bank, note that senior discounts may vary. Even TD stopped offering free senior banking and now only provides a 25% discount once you reach 60 years old.

What to Ask Your Banker

  • How do you make money?
  • What’s your level of experience?
  • What’s your education / background?
  • What are your current rates?
  • What are your fees?
  • Does it cost me to sit down with you?

These are just few of many questions you can ask your banker before agreeing to come back and send any business their way. Keep in mind they may be interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. Be honest and tell your story, they should be happy to help.