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Barber Shops Near Me Open Now

Find the nearest barber shop to your location.

We have also added our list of the Top 10 Barber Shops in America.

If you have one of these barber shops near you, in your city, then be sure to visit one of them, you will not be disappointed.

Use the map to locate barber shops and mens hair dressers in your city.

Find a Barber Shop near me – Use the Map.

Search for Barber Shops and Mens Hair Salons with Apps.

There are not any great apps for finding mens barbershops, specifically, on the app market today.

But the apps listed below do have a mens salon search option.

SpaFinder App – search for mens salons and beauty services in major cities, including New York and Los Angles.

Vagaro App – Online booking app that features 6000 womens and mens salons and spas located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

For inspiration on new hairstyles and beards, try these apps:

Hair Changer and Mustache, by Mountain Top Apps, lets you upload your photo and try different new hairstyles and moustchaces and beards in a virtual environment. Similar to the Hairstyles For Men app by Silverphotofactory Apps.

Men Hairstyle, by Yoshi Developers. A mens hairstyle gallery showcasing photos of the latest hairstyles for men.

Barber Shops – General Information.

The barber’s trade has a long history: Razors has been found from the Bronze Age (3500 BC) in Egypt. And in ancient Rome, barber shops were a respected place to meet and exchange news and gossip, much like today. In medieval times, barbers also performed surgery, blood-letting and dentistry. Infact, the look of the traditional barber pole, red, white and blue, is linked to bloodletting, with red representing blood and white representing the bandages used for the the bleeding. In Europe barber poles are often red and white, and in America, they are often red, white and blue. Some suggest that the blue color was added in America as a nod to the American flag.

Today, barber shops have retained their position as place where men can meet and have open debates and engage in discussions about contemporary and local issues. Barber shops are not just a shop, where men get a shave and a haircut, but also a place for male social interaction, especially in the black community.

Despite the recession in 2008, the barber shop industry has seen positive growth, and now there is approximately 41,340 barbershops in the U.S.

The Best Barber Shops in the U.S.

Do you literally want the best shave a man can get? Then try one of these 10 famous barber shops, if you are lucky enough to live nearby.
F.S.C. Barber
Cut: $40
The Blind Barber
Cut: $40

Sit back with a drink and get one of the best cuts you’ll find in the New York. A barber-cocktail lounge hybrid.

Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop
2496 Frederick Douglas Blvd., New York City, NY
Cut: $20
Famous barbershop used by Usher, Lloyd Banks and Nelly on its roster.

The Belmont Barbershop

Cut: $17 and up
Suave barber shop in Chicago with a pool table on the floor and a giant sailfish on the wall.
2B Groomed
House Cuts Barbershop
(202) 225-2327
Cut: $14
A Barber shop with credentials: Al Gore and Dick Cheney has had cuts here.

Chop Shop Barbershop

Great Barber shop with direct access to the South Beach.

Birds Barbershop

Cut: from $15
Every customer gets a free Lone Star beer with a cut.


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