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Bars Near Me

Looking for Bars near me locations that are opened right now? Then you have come to right place where we will provide you locations and some additional information about bars. Bars are also known as club or pub, sometimes saloon and even tavern. They are place to have fun at and drink alcoholic beverages such as liquor, wine, cocktails and beet. They also offer water together with snacks such as peanuts and crisps. They have a so called bar which is a table top where the drinks are being solved. Most bars have a happy hour in order to invite more people to go to their place. There are some bar that have comedians, vocalist and sometimes offers a live band. Here are some of the sports bar that might be near you.

Bars near me – Use the Map

How to easy find Bars near me you ask? Below here you will find an interactive map that will discover all the Bars location near you… Simply click on desired Bar location and follow instructions to reach desired destination.

Please make sure that you have your GPS location on so the map can work properly.

Sports bar near me

Ruff’s Wings

For those that would love some live music to go with their bar along with some great cocktails and beers, then Ruff’s Wings in Willmar Minnesota is definitely the place to be. They specialize in grilled food and they are a sports bar so you can most definitely watch your favorite team in action along with having a great time and getting wasted all at the same time.

Bake’s Pub and Grill

In Illinois, specifically in Grayslake, one of the best go to bar is the Bake’s pub where you can enjoy watching your favorite sports together with your group of friends or alone while eating pizza, burgers and other plates of comfort food. Their food is totally awesome and the have great beer and cocktails selection should you be interested in that.

Varsity Club and Grille

If you want a Café that is pretty casual along with great alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages then Varsity sports bar is your place to go with their casual setting and takeaway options that will satisfy you a hundred and one percent sure! You can visit them at Clearwater in Florida to try the place out and see if they would pass your tastes and senses.

Mulligan’s Sports Bar

For those that love bar games together with great drinks such as beer and cocktails, then you must definitely not miss this place in South Carolina in Fort Mill. You get to enjoy all of these together with a casual setting and great food. What more can you possibly ask for?

Dagwood’s Sports Bar and Deli

If you want a bar with all the classics such as pool tables and game viewing televisions then Dagwood’s has it for you as they feature a sports tavern that serves deli sandwiches that will make you go weak for them and come back again and again. They have great cocktails and beers although you may need to wait for quite some time. You can visit them at Surfside beach in South Carolina and try out their services and be amazed at the place.

Sport Bars near me

Birdy’s Sports Bar

Those in Washington, specifically in Spokane must definitely try to go to Birdy’s with the feel of a family restaurant and yet with great beer selection and cocktails just as well. The place is pretty casual but the restaurant will welcome you with open arms until you feel cosy inside. You also get to watch your favorite players on their television as you talk with your friends and family.

Johnny’s sports bar

Johnny’s will not lose when it comes to being a sports bar with their casual settings and great cocktails and other mixtures together with their great food and their classic television set where you can watch and be updated about the most recent happenings with your team. You can visit them at Custer in Michigan if you find that you need to get there to try it.

Rip’s grill

Rip’s will definitely get it going for you with their live music every single night of the week together with great bar games that will hook you up and cocktails that will make you come back for more every day. They can be seen in Pompano Beach in Florida and you will definitely have a good time when you go here and just chill it out.

Lucky’s Sports Bar

If you happen to be in Clearwater in Florida, then one place to visit would be Lucky’s Sports bar that has great cocktails, great beer selection and bar games that will make you have so much fun than you have ever experienced before. The place is awesome and will totally give you a run for your money once you have tried to spend a night in this bar.

Spencerz Sports Bar

If you have a thing for cheesesteaks the Philly style, then this would be great for you as it specializes in that together with pizza and bar games. They have great drinks ranging from beers to cocktails and they also have pool tables and they feature a jukebox just the same. For those that are near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, this is most definitely the right place to be!

Even Par

No matter where you go, Florida always has something better to offer you that will make you come back. In this case, Even Par Sports bar that has great drinks selection from cocktails to beers and great bar games that are totally fun and interactive.

Third Base

The name itself will already pique your interest combine that with a large bar and a restaurant that has its own patio and food such as tacos, burgers and steaming of all the major events in the sports world? Where else would you go but here in Austin Texas where they serve great beer, great cocktails and great bar food just for you!

Loft Ultimate

In New York, most specifically in West Haverstraw, you will be able to encounter a bar that has a casual setting, where you can watch your favorite sports on television, live and has all the beer and cocktails that you will want so if you happen to be in the area, you might as well go and try this sports bar out and see the difference between other sports bar.

Dockside Grille

If you want a casual setting of a sports bar that offers not just beers and burgers but also live music with seaside view and marina setting, then this place is totally a must go to. With awesome live music every night together with great cocktails and casual place, this is one of the places to be. Just go to New Port Richey in Florida to enjoy these awesome perks.

End zone bar and billiards

St. Augustine in Florida also has something to offer you when it comes to sports bar and the like. With great cocktails and great beer selection, this bar is totally one of the places to be. They have awesome food and the ambiance is pretty good as well so you might want to check this place out.

Public House

The classic American sports bar come to life with events such as karaoke night to fights that is shown on TV to games nights. You also get great food together with great drinks form cocktails to beers and other alcoholic beverages. All of this can be found in Clifton in New Jersey should you want to try it out and just splurge on the idea of going to a bar with friends.

JD’s Grill and Sports Bar

In Rockledge in Florida, one of the main bars to be is JD’s Sports Bar where you will experience great bar games, together with great drinks from beers to cocktails and more. You also get to jive in their awesome bar food and the place is lively too. So if you want, you should visit this place.

Big Shots Resto and Lounge

For a sports club, this one is definitely great with 3 levels that offers live music, TV sets and patio as well! What more can you ask for? Just visit Iselin in New Jersey if you are up for some great beer and cocktails together with dancing and a night of fun.

Stroker’s Grill and Sports bar

If you want some special drinks and a full bar together with a pool hall that features karaoke, darts, TV sets, bar games, great beers and cocktails and trivia, then this bar is your place to be every night you feel like going to a bar to celebrate or to lament about how crazy life can truly be. Just go to Palm Harbor in Florida.

Blind Zebra

If you are into places that are pretty laid back, then Blind zebra is perfect for you plus they offer more than ten screens just for watching sports and they have great wings and burgers for eating. They also have bar games and live music that you will definitely enjoy, mix that together with great beer and cocktails and you are definitely good to go. Visit them at Crossville in Tennessee.

Mulligan’s Resto and Bar

For those that live for Irish fare together with American fare and have a happy hour on a daily basis, then Mulligan’s is the right place for you. They have roomy and relaxing spots to watch sports on TV and they bands for the weekend which is quite perfect for those that wants to wind up. Their live music and great cocktails and beers selection that will make it all worth the visit to Little River in South Carolina should you be near the area.

C and G Grill and Sports Bar

If you happen to be in Lillington in North Carolina, then C and G is definitely a must go to place with their live music, dancing and happy hour drinking sessions, this place is the definition of fun. Make your life a whole lot brighter by going here and enjoying the mood and making you feel more and more alive. They open at eight in the evening every day which is quite perfect for those that are into midnight sessions.


If you want a tavern that caters especially to sports fanatics then you must go to Duffy’s for their happy hour all day long and their TV selections that will give you another experience of your life. You can find it in North Palm beach in Florida where you can enjoy their great dessert, cocktails and beers all at arm’s length.