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Basketball Courts Near Me

Basketball Courts Close To Me

Basketball was actually invented by a Canadian, by the name of James Naismith. He was a gym teacher living in Springfield MA at the time. I’m sure you heard the story – of him using peach baskets as nets and having to cut a hole in them in order to be able to pop the ball out of them when people scored. Playing basketball was always a huge part of my up brining and finding basketball courts near me was always a part of my summer routine.

Needless to say, basketball has evolved a long way over the years moving into a professional and olympic level sport with some of the world greatest athletes competing in the sport.

Basketball Courts Near Me – Use Google Maps To Find Them

Indoor Basketball Courts Near Me

If you’re looking for an indoor basketball court you might have a more difficult time just showing up and playing some pick up ball as many of these courts are located in community centers, school gyms, and other facilities. While they are usually open to the public and almost always available to book time, they don’t lend well with showing up to play pick up.

An official size indoor basketball court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide while most high school courts are 84 long by 50 feet wide.

Be sure to check the map results above to find an indoor basketball court near me.

Outdoor Basketball Courts Near Me

Playing outdoor basketball was one of my favourite things to do in the summer. Fortunately, I never really had to go find an outdoor basketball court near me, because my dad was kind enough to install a 10 foot net along with a set of patio stones that I used to be able to dribble on – it wasn’t the best setup in the world but it was what we had and it did the trick for me.

Finding these outdoor courts can be a bit tricky but not too bad if you live in a more urban area. There are usually a handful of good courts in every city – maybe more.

Use the map results above to search for outdoor courts. Show up and start playing!

Four of The Most Popular Basketball Courts

1. Venice Beach, LA. – This is where the movie “White men can’t jump” was filmed and it is likely one of the most popular outdoor basketball courts.

2. Rucker Park in Harlem, NY. Another legend of a court where the HBO movie “Rebound” was filmed. There have been countless professional basketball players make appearances at this court including Kobe Bryant.

3. Harbourfront Community Centre – Toronto, Ontario. If you want to play pick up basketball in Canada it needs to be right here in Toronto, Ontario. The harbourfront community centre features one of the most popular basketball courts for pick up games.

4. Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY. I would be offended if you listed famous basketball courts without mentioning madison square garden.

The Top Paid Professional Basketball Players

I used to dream of playing professional basketball and I realize that’s a big draw of looking for courts near me. That said, it’s incredible to think about how much some of these professional athletes make. (This data is pulled right from this wikipedia article)

Kobe Bryant – $25,000,000 – Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James – $22,970,500 – Cleveland Cavaliers
Carmelo Anthony – $22,875,000 – New York Knicks
Dwight Howard – $22,359,364 – Houston Rockets
Chris Bosh – $22,192,730 – Miami Heat
Chris Paul – $21,468,695 – Los Angeles Clippers
Kevin Durant – $20,158,622 – Oklahoma City Thunder
Derrick Rose – $20,093,064 – Chicago Bulls
Dwyane Wade – $20,000,000 – Miami Heat
LaMarcus Aldridge – $19,689,000 -San Antonio Spurs

So whether you’re looking to play some pick up ball or sign up for a membership for a local community center, finding a basketball court near me will help make an informed decision.