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Bikini Wax Near Me

The bikini wax is an alternative to shaving. Waxing as opposed to shaving removes the hairs from the root leaving the skin more smooth and hairless much longer, usually for two to eight weeks. A bikini wax near me will help ensure you have no stray hairs sticking out from your bikini line when wearing a bathing suite. That’s not the only purpose of a bikini wax, but gives you the essential idea of what it is intended for and what sort of hair it removes. Nothing gets touched under the bikini.

Getting started with a Best bikini wax near me

The first step is to finding the local spa or salon that offers a bikini wax. Please use the Google Maps to find one.

Are you new to bikini waxes? It is okay to be self-conscious but very unnecessary to be embarrassed.
Remember, the therapist has seen it all and performs it every day.

  1. There are several categories which are priced accordingly.
  2. You will be required to lie down and remove your clothes.
  3. Removing your pants entirely is purely optional. However, in some salons you may be offered some disposable pants.
  4. The esthetician uses a warm spatula to apply the wax, you may therefore be required to lay in a position that favors the esthetician.
  5. The process is a little painful especially for newcomers but diminishes as you attend several bikini waxing sessions.
  6. After the bikini waxing a soothing cream is applied over the treated area.
  7. A bit of redness is normal afterwards for a few hours up to a day.

Bikini Waxing At Home

If you’re tired of public hair but just don’t have the money to spend on ongoing waxes, you have options.

Here are some material you will need to make it happen.

  1. Materials- 400 grams of white sugar, 30ml lemon juice and orange juice or vinegar, 180 ml water, waxing strip or a piece of cotton fabric (Alternatively, you can buy over the counter kits).
  2. Method:
    1. Mix the ingredients in a hot sauce pan and bring them to boil reduce the heat to moderate and leave them to boil another time.
    2. Cook until the mixture turns honey brown, and has a wax texture (avoid both over and under cooking).
    3. Pour the mixture in a bottle and allow it to cool until warm enough not to burn you.
    4. Apply talcum powder to dry your skin and reduce the pain.
    5. Gently apply the mixture on the hairy part and leave it to dry.
    6. Place the cotton fabric on the treated area and it to stick.
    7. Rip off the cloth to remove the hair. Repeat this until the hair is fully removed.

Why The Bikini Wax?

Why go for the bikini wax and not another hair removal option?

  • It is an affordable, fast and effective method that can be comfortably procured at home.
  • It ensures smooth, sexy and clean hair-free pubic area over a long period of time.
  • After several sessions of bikini waxing the pubic hairs become softer, finer and sparser.
  • Properly used Bikini waking does not cause any itching, irritation, redness or in-grown hairs.
  • It creates confidence if it’s something desired.

Limitations and Remedies of a Bikini Wax Near Me

Like every other product, bikini waxing has a few limitations. It is painful. Pain killers can be considered by individuals with a highly sensitive skin. Some people take a Tylenol before attending their session. It can be expensive especially when done in fashionable salons.Choose salons within your financial ability or go for the home bikini waxing option explained above.

Important Additional Notes

  • Avoid bikini waxing during your menstrual period as your skin is most sensitive at this time and not allowed at most salons
  • Avoid tight clothing for a few days after the bikini waxing.