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Boat Rentals Near Me

Just think of it, the wind and sunshine hitting your face as you breeze through the open fresh air, whipping through the water on a gorgeous boat. The problem? No boat. Not that many people actually own one, or have the use to own one outright. More often than not it’s a lot cheaper and less of a hassle to just find boat rentals near me. You don’t need to worry about maintenance and storage, especially if you’re only making one or two trips a year with it.

It’s important to know that it doesn’t always cost a fortune to enjoy that luxury once in awhile. Boat rentals don’t have to be that expensive. Get going and plan that next vacation, just make sure you keep in mind the boat you’re bringing with you next.

Boat Rentals Near Me – Find Them On The Map

All you need to do is take a look at the above map to track down your nearest boat rental. Don’t be fooled that you need to be by a large body of water. As long as you have a trailer, you’re able to bring one with you anywhere you go. Boats to travel by land! If you don’t have a trailer, but have a vehicle to pull one, you can visit trailer rentals near me and chances are likely those companies would sell boat trailers too.

Types of Boats to Rent Near Me

  • Sailboat – Wind power at its finest.
  • Motorboat – Nothing beats a classic with that wind against your face.
  • Catamaran – Caribbean-style boating, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Fishing boat – Practical boating for your next fishing trip.

Boat Safety When Renting

Check out our quick tip list for staying safe when out on any kind of boat.

  1. Bring life preservers
    1. There’s no need to live on the edge and mess with the safety of your own life, wearing a life preserver, at the very least bringing them with you to put on when you go swimming in open waters, can safe your life.
    2. Wear them and fasten them on, they’re more effective and a lot less annoying that way.
  2. Don’t drink and drive
    1. This should go without saying. But for some reason people disassociate drinking and driving with being on a boat.
    2. You can’t drink and drive a boat, period, it’s the law. This goes for motor-less boats such as canoes and kayaks. Check out kayak rentals near me if that’s what you’re looking for though.
  3. Inspect the boat
    1. Take a walk around it (or swim!).
    2. Is it in good shape?
    3. Is there any damage?
  4. Ask questions and make sure you 100% know how to use it before taking it out.
    1. Maybe it “drives funny” or has other quarks.
    2. Most importantly know how to drive a boat, ideally have your license for it. There’s a lot too it.

Top Boat Brands

  • Bayliner – One of the world’s top brands in boating.
  • WaterCraft – At par with Bayliner, another recreational boating company.
  • Meridian Yachts – Looking for the finest of the finest in boating and yachts? You’ve come to the right place.
  • World Cat – Your first stop when it comes to Catamarans.

Don’t Forget Boat Insurance

It’s important to remember that just as we have auto insurance we have boat insurance as well. While it may not be required by law to pick up boat insurance it could be extremely valuable. Boats are a lot more susceptible to damage in bad weather than cars.

Now, having a choice is often at the luxury of the owner. If you’re just looking to rent a boat nearby for the week or weekend, then chances are likely they will make you pay for additional insurance coverage on the spot. You can’t take someone else’s boat without protection.