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Boost Mobile Near Me

What is boost mobile?

Boost mobile is a telecommunications company that is wireless and used by networks in United States and in Australia. It was found around 2000 by a guy named Peter Adderton. You can buy a phone or get a mobile plan from their website online but should you have problems regarding their products, you should consider contacting their customer service.

How to contact Boost Mobile Customer Service

When you are having trouble with your phone and you just do not want to waste any time at all and want a quick response to your issue, you would want to contact Boost Mobile Customer Service.

Here are some ways to do so:

  • You can start up with dialing *611 using the phone you have in order to have access to their customer services. If you are using an Android phone or tablet then you will be directly linked to their mobile zone. You can also dial 233 to get your balance or just text the word BAL to 7-7-2-5 to also get when your next date of payment should be.
  • Should you want to make a payment using your credit card via your phone or maybe renew your PIN, you can always dial 233 or just text ADD to 7-2-2-5 for more details regarding that. You can then text PAY to the same number. You need to place the amount of your payment and the last 4 digits of your Credit card or debit card in order for your account to have the funds needed to pay up your debt on them or your plan.
  • You can also dial up 888 266 7848, press the asterisk, then the number four then zero and then two so you can ask for signing up, customer service, any questions or problems in general, billing accounts and statements of billing, refund and a whole lot more. The time you need to wait around on the average is around nine minutes. You are advised to call them around 4 am to eight in the evening from Mondays to Fridays and 4 am and seven in the evening for Saturdays and Sundays following the PST.
  • Should the first phone number does not work, you can always call on their alternative phone number: 866 402 7366. Dial the number on your handset, enter 10 zeros when you are ask to enter 10 digits. It will then repeat what you have inputted but just do the same again and then press a zero followed by a two. You can use this number to ask about some general questions you have for them, talk with a customer service agent, have clarifications regarding your billing address and way of payment, refund should there be a problem with the services they offer, signing up, and even sale. You can phone them up from four in the morning until eight in the evening from Mondays to Fridays and four in the morning until seven in the evening for Saturdays and Sundays.

Boost Mobile stores near me

If you do not like the process of calling the customer service, you can always just visit a store near you and ask them all the questions that you have for the agent instead of calling up and just keep on waiting for someone to answer. Here are some of the boost mobile stores that might be near you.

Boost mobile near me now – Use the Map

If you are looking for closest Boost mobile near me now then you have come to the right place. We have provided for you an interactive map below so you can easily reach nearest Boost mobile location next to you.

Make sure you have enabled GPS location on your mobile device in order to map funciton properly.

  • There is one in Wichita in Kansas should you happen to be there, you can ask them anything you want from their mobile plans to their mobiles without plans, they will give you all the answers that they can possibly give you. They open at ten in the morning and you can contact them at + 1 316 821 9669 for more details regarding your concerns, comments, inquiries or even your complaints in regards to their products and services.
  • In Oklahoma around Tulsa, there is also a branch of Boost mobile where you can address most of your issues, concerns and complains instead of just calling up a customer service. You can even call the branch itself by dialing up: + 1 918 895 5860 for more details and the right answer for your specific problem. Their doors open at ten in the morning should you want to talk face to face or if you have decided to avail of one of their promos or maybe buy a new phone for yourself or for some family member.
  • In Joplin in Missouri, there is a cellphone store that is a branch of Boost mobile where you can have your phone fixed or just buy a new one and maybe even include a new plan at the same time. They open at ten in the morning so you can stop by before work or around lunch break to look at a phone that fits you the most. You can also call them up at + 1 417 626 7665 should there be a phone at their online store that you like and would love to check up on the availability of.
  • Sand Springs in Oklahoma will not give up on giving you a Boost mobile branch. This one opens at ten thirty in the morning should you want to buy a new phone or just want to ask some of the questions that the customer service has not given you a clear answer to. You can also call them up at + 1 918 245 4213 for more details regarding their products and the services they offer. You can also ask them about discounts, promos and more.
  • Another branch in Oklahoma would be in Sapulpa where you can go and get your phone fixed up or get a brand new phone. You can also just go and get the clarification you need regarding the questions you have asked the customer service which are still pretty much unclear to you. You are allowed to do so and no one should get mad at you for you are the customer after all. They open at ten in the morning so you should drop by if you have some time before work and all that. You can also call them up at + 1 918 216 1157 for more details regarding their services and the products that they offer.
  • There is a branch in Pittsburg in Kansas where you can get your phone changed up, fixed up or just get a new one altogether. You can go there at ten in the morning as they open at that time. You can also just call them up at + 1 620 308 6060 for more details regarding the services they offer, the validity of their warranty, the guarantee that their phones will last long and that they have the cheapest market value and yet the best quality when it comes to phones and plans. You need only ask and they will tell you all there is you might need to know about these kind of things for it to be easier to come up to a decision.
  • Emporia in Kansas will show you wonder as a service provider as they will help you with all the concerns that you have and will be patient in entertaining your questions and trying to get you to understand the answers to them. You will find it easy to talk to them and that they have this calming effect on you. You can go grab a new phone from their display or just fix the one you have or maybe get a plan that fits you the most and just set up a payment method on the store. You can call them up at + 1 620 412 2297 for more concerns and inquiries regarding those things.
  • Another one in Missouri would be in Neosho where you will be able to buy your new phone or maybe ask about the problems with your current one so that you can be assured that what you will buy will not have the same problems and would not be raising up the same concerns. You can also just call them up at + 1 417 355 2512 should you forget any questions you wanted to ask about the company itself and their products and services. You can go there around ten in the morning onwards as they open at that time.
  • Goldsboro in North Carolina will surprise you with all the things that they are willing to do for you: from fixing your phone, finding you a better plan deal, offering you a better phone with integrated specifications that are meant just for your lifestyle up to talking to you whenever you might need their help. You can call them at + 1 919 788 3324 for more concerns regarding their products and services and they would be glad to help you out with any problems that you might have at all.

Best Boost Mobile Photos

  • In Columbus in Ohio, the Boost mobile store opens at ten thirty in the morning and you can then call them up at + 1 614 237 6065 should you want to ask anything about their store and products and the services they can offer you if you go to their branch. You can also consider going there so they can have a look at your phone and the problems that needs to be fixed. They will surely help you out with finding you a better phone, fixing you with a better plan or maybe just forwarding your concerns to the main branch and waiting for the right action to do.
  • There is another branch in Wixom in Miami that is open until eight in the evening, the perfect time as you just go out of work and head straight to this branch. You can call them beforehand at: + 1 248 859 5230 should you have any concerns and inquiries regarding the plan that you had availed or if you are planning to avail of one and trying to find the one that fits you the best. You might as well go and visit the store so they can talk to you personally and you can see the phone first hand.
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