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Bowling Alley Near Me

Bowling Alley Near Me in 2020

How to find Bowling Alley near me? If you are looking for Bowling Alley near your zone or the closest location, just use the map below to find their info and contact details.

Tips on How to Clean Bowling Lanes

Once summer starts, people have several options when it comes to fun things to do with the whole family. Bowling, in particular, is one of the favorite pastimes of individuals of all ages because it gives them a chance to enjoy each other’s company while improving their skill. With this in mind, it helps to keep the bowling alley clean and well-maintained to make sure it is ready to use all year round.

Use this map to find the nearest and closest locations:

Find A Bowling Alley Near Me Now – Use The Map

Here are some tips on how to ensure the proper quality of bowling alleys, which you should perform correctly to attain excellent results that you want.

Clean the Counter Surfaces

It is typical for flat surfaces to accumulate bacteria, debris, dust, grease and soil. These elements tend to build up due to dirty shoes stepping on these areas every time the alley is being used. Since contamination may arise because of these components, it is important to avoid the use of conventional cleaning tools that only tend to spread dirt even more. Hence, you should never use rags, sponges, and mops and cause the dirt to get into various areas of the alley. What you can do is to do spot cleaning when necessary, which means having to dip the rag or piece of cloth into water, then clean or scrub the area that requires cleaning. You may also use a squeegee system in removing the dirt with a single pass.

How to Clean Floors in the Bowling Alley

It is a fact that the alley’s floors are prone to dirt and mud each day due to the dirty shoes that step on these areas each  time people play bowling. There may also be instances when gum or even pieces of food may get stuck on the floor, as well as spilled liquid that can cause staining. If this is the issue, it is important to wipe spilled liquid right away or vacuum dirt and debris immediately before these scatter more areas. When you clean a puddle instantly, you eliminate the risk of generating further problems with staining. It also cuts back the amount of time ad energy spent in cleaning the floors.

Bowling Alley Lanes – Ways to Maintain These Properly

Made of laminated wood, bowling alley lanes are capable of remaining shiny and smooth-looking for a long time, which is necessary for allowing the ball to glide effortlessly. When it comes to cleaning the lane, you will need to use a mop to get rid of the dust properly. Ideally, it should be done up to about four times daily, depending on how often the alley is used. The usual way of cleaning is early in the morning, during the day and before closing the alley.

After cleaning the lanes with a dust mop, you need to apply a conditioner that will retain the slick and smooth quality of the area. However, it is important to use only a light amount of conditioner since buildup may arise with the excessive application of this product. Then, make it a point to strip the bowling lanes f conditioner, as this will minimize the chances of letting older chemicals to come into contact with the wood. After this process, you can already place a fresh coat of the conditioner, and the lanes should be ready for use.