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Car Rental Near Me

When planning a trip, renting a car may be part of the overall plan. Sometimes a lot of people think they can get away with public transit or simply walking around. Not always does it work out that way. Sometimes we find ourselves in a jam and need to find the closest car rental near me.

It is very important to find a car rental company near me so that getting there isn’t an issue, especially if you’re currently traveling. Just make sure you have your drivers license on you and any proof of insurance they might need – typically this can be an electronic copy.

Rental Cars Near Me – Using The Map

Using the map results above, you can get a clear picture of exactly where the closest rental cars are near you. This is the fastest way to track them down and get into that car rental as soon as possible.

Car Rental Features: What’s my priority?

1. Miles.

If you plan on doing a lot of driving then renting a car based on the number of miles you use might not be your best option. If you need it to get from point A to point B, especially if you’re renting it for awhile, a mile-price option would suit your needs. My latest trip, which was up through the Rocky Mountains, involved a lot of driving, but not over that many days. I opted for a fixed, daily rental price instead. (See #2 below).

2. Time.

This was what was most important to me for that Rocky Mountain trip. Quick weekend getaway and realized driving to the hot spots would save the most time, leaving more time to actually hiking the trails. Because of this, there were many miles to drive but not for that many days. A fixed daily cost was the most important aspect for me.

3. Transmission.

This might not matter for a lot of people but if you’re like some and don’t know how to work clutch (standard transmission that is), it might be best to ensure you can land an automatic car above all else! It is also important to note the city you might be in. Are there a lot of hills and heavy traffic? Even if you can drive stick, it might be best to just avoid it.

4. Type.

By this I mean the Make & Model. For those A to B folk, this doesn’t much matter. Renting based on mileage? Fuel efficiency is likely the most important. If you’ve got a large family and a lot of luggage to move around then ensuring you can lock down a Van or SUV could be the make or break of which company you end up renting from. Some people enjoy renting cars they are most familiar with while others want to use the opportunity to drive something completely different. Do your homework and ask ahead!

5. Features

Traveling on business? Then a Bluetooth enabled car could be a must for you. Dead of winter and need those heated seats? There are many features a car comes with that a lot of people take for granted in their own cars. Make a note of the must – haves for any car you’ll need to rent and ask about them before signing up.

Top Car Rental Companies

  • Enterprise
  • Avis
  • Thrifty
  • Alamo

Minimum Age for Car Rentals

There is a common myth that people need to be 25 years old to rent cars. While this is true if you want to pay the advertised price, you might not be completely out of luck if you are at least 21. Many car rental companies will let you rent a car from the age of 21 – 24 with a “Young Drivers Fee” that ranges between companies. While this does add to the tax (due to insurance reasons), it at least means you can rent a car starting at 21, not the age of 25 like most people believe.