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Carter’s Inc. is a major American manufacturer of fiber and textile worn on the bodies of children sold in shops or stores. It is also known by another name-William Carter company. Carter‘s Inc. was founded or started in 1865 by William Carter in Needham, Massachusetts. It is a public company and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This company majorly and primarily does its business and operates in the United States, with sixty-five (65) Carter’s stores and eighteen (18) Oshkosh stores but it has also license to operate in Canada, with precisely twenty-one (21), retail stores. Its apparels and accessories are available in more than sixty (60) countries globally and are available in more than a hundred and forty (140) nations via its online channels rather its websites.

Carters Inc. has also other locations situated in, Bessemer, AL, Foley, AL, Huntsville, AL, Leeds, AL, and Fayetteville, AR among many other locational offices in the United States, cities, and towns. To find closest Carter’s stores near your location, we have provided lots of information including interactive map that will automatically re-position based on your current location.


In the situation or event that you are looking to buy your baby or babies clothing and accessories, regardless of the style, color or purpose of the kind of clothing, you easily get to locate Carter’s Inc. store closest to you by simply visiting their website (www.carters.com) and going through their catalogue and find the listed locations.


When looking for quality baby or children clothing and accessories then you have must wondered how can I find Carter’s near me now? Then look no further because you have come to the right place.

Please have your GPS enabled on your mobile device in order for map to function properly and to help you find closest CVS near your location now.

Carters stores hours

Opening & working hours of Carters stores are:

  • Monday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Sunday 12:00 am – 6:00 pm

Carters stores locator

Antorher way to reach closest Carters store near you is to visit Official Website. When you click on any of the states listed or the very particular one you prefer, a page with the cities in that state will be displayed and you will then go ahead and select the very city or town or state that you dwell in, this then should be able to bring you results with every number of stores around you and even their exact location by way of street number, lane or street name. For example, Oshkosh B’Gosh, Tanger Outlet Center Foley, 2601 South McKenzie Street, space 212 Foley AL 36535, 251-943-3727. Alternatively, while using the Carters Inc. company store locator, you can simply feed in the search box with your city, your state or your zip code for it to be able to identify where you are and consequently give you an appropriate feedback so that it can be exactly direct on point. Every State has a number of cities and this goes to show that the numerous locations are distributed throughout the different cities found in the different states. Knowing that there is a Carter’s Inc. store in that city/state or town that you are in is not yet enough, you still can get further with their store locator and get finer details.

This company operates in matters via five parts namely; Oshkosh wholesale, Carter’s retail, Carter’s wholesale, Oshkosh retail and international. Under the brand Carter’s Inc. it produces its apparel for newborns to age eight (8) and under the Oshkosh brand, it produces clothing and accessories for newborns to twelve(12). Carter’s Inc. is in six hundred and fifty-four (654), locations in the United States by the beginning of 2017 precisely the month of January. In a bid to grow its reach and markets in the United States and its environs, Carter’s Inc. employed various strategies including the one employed in the year 2005, where William Carter bought or acquired one of its competitors in the apparel industry by the name of Oshkosh B’Gosh. Carter’s focuses in rebranding its presentations in all channels of distribution; by geographically expanding and strengthening its multi-channel business model.

Its major plan being to drive out its image as the biggest and leader in baby and young children’s apparel and persistently provide the best quality products at a great and very affordable value to the consumers with a discipline and consistency in high level services that include delivering and replenishing products and services in time to meet customers’ needs or wants and to cement all these strategies and plans, Carter’s Inc. offers visual enhancements and clear product presentations online while at the same time offering timely and experienced customer attention or services. Carters is the leading company that specializes in the production of children’s (from day one old babies to around twelve (12) Years of age) clothing, gifts, and accessories in America, trading in more than ten products for every baby born in the United States. The William Carter’s company or popularly known as Carter’s Inc. is a company that offers bodysuits, pajamas, blanket sleepers, gowns, bibs, towels, washcloths and receiving blankets for girls, boys and infants not forgetting toddlers.

Carters products and services

Additionally, Carter’s Inc. besides baby apparel also engages in offering bedding, toys, furnishings, baby gear and baby gifts that are sold via mass merchandisers. Apart from operating a chain of stores in physical locations in the various cities, towns, and states in the United States, Carter’s Inc. also offers their products and services online. The William Carter’s company was once also known as The Firm of William Carter and company. This company has a total of three thousand two hundred and one (3201) employees directly benefiting from their human resources.
Due to heritage of quality and innovation, Carter’s Inc. have earned the trust of generations of families; this heritage is manifest in every little detail to make children’s dressing much easier for the female parents and life more comfortable for the children with a desire to move forward in progress helping families around every location Carter’s is established with innovative products and new ways to buy or shop for them. Over the years of Carter’s trading time in business, they have been known for their impressive and attention to the little details like the chiffon neck design that slips over little ears for easy outfit changes and the Handy Cuff mitten sleeve that keeps the babies from self-injuries like scratching , unlike other companies, Carters have grown over the years tremendously but have been able to keep their discipline by staying true to their philosophy that earned them the trust of generations of families and trend or choice that will see them stay at the top of their trade for a long time now and even in the future. Carters Inc. believes that the period in somebody’s life when they are a child is a celebration, the color prints and the cute characters they design are inspired by the joy and love children bring into their lives. Celebrating childhood by supporting babies, children and families with thoughtful designs, quality materials and constructions, and very suitable shopping choices. Carters will always take care of the little details as you have time and opportunity to concentrate on what really matters; celebrating your babies with all the cuddles, hugs, giggles and the sounds a baby makes before they start speaking or uttering actual words, that light up our lives always- This is what spells or describes Carter’s Inc. philosophy.


As stated or mentioned above, Carter’s Inc. has hundreds of stores spread around the United States and to find some of these stores all one needs to do is to get to Google search engine where you will be simply required to enter the name of the state or city you are intending to find a Carter’s Inc. store and at the snap of your fingers the exact location of the store near you will be displayed. Finding any store by the name Carter’s or OshKosh B’gosh is finding one and the same store so either way the goods and services offered are similar or rather same. Made available too is the Carter’s store locator that helps an individual easily and quickly find a store nearby. Carters Inc. serves most states in the United States inclusive of; Virginia, Washington DC, Canada, California, Atlanta, Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, New Jersey, New Mexico, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, Tennessee, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oregon, New Hampshire, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Alabama, Montana and Utah among others which simply means as long as you’re around in any of these states, Carter’s goods cannot be a mystery or a tale.


As discussed or mentioned in the above paragraphs, Carter’s Inc. stores are quite spread around the United States and various locations including cities and towns. Accessing the closest store near you is simply possible by engaging or employing the same search methods as mentioned or elaborated earlier this time just minimally different by entering the very finer details of your place or residence so that it will also deliver the most appropriate location of the store. Apart from using the store locator and the Google such engine or the Carters Inc. website, someone can go ahead and just literally ask around the neighborhood of anyone that could have information about the locations of the Carters Inc. stores closest to where you stay, the most appropriate neighbor to ask is the one that or those that have been in the neighborhood for a longer period as compared to you. Another way to locate the closest store around you is also by the use of the telephone directories in your cities and states that are usually placed in specific and strategic locations to serve the public, get one of these directories and go to the yellow classified pages that contain such very vital information, alphabetically trace all the Carter’s Inc. stores available around your home or residence and very close to you. One clear advantage of using the directory to locate a store closest to you is that whenever you find one, it usually has details that include among others, the street name, street number, telephone numbers and sometimes even the number of the exact building the store is located which might also have the advantage of the floor just in case the particular store is a storey building. Carter’s Inc. Company under the two brands of Carters and Oshkosh have indeed provided the much needed and quality products to customers holistically and made the life for the babies and young children beautiful and comfortable. The parents too, in this case, have been saved of their precious time as concerning getting their newborn, babies and young ones good quality clothing, accessories and even toys at the click of a website or a dial.