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Cash for Gold Near Me

Cash for Gold Near My Location – finding a gold buyer near me

The cash for gold industry exploded several years ago when gold prices reached an all-time high. I am sure you have seen the advertisements on the TV or radio with the over-bearing person trying to tell you what a great deal you will get on your old and unwanted gold. Finding a local cash for gold store near me isn’t really difficult, however, making sure you won’t get ripped off can be.

Cash for Gold Near Me – Use The Google Maps To find a Gold Buyer

Using the attached Google Map is a great starting point for finding a gold buyer near me. You’ll be able to get their websites, name and phone number, and even hours of operation. Use the map to call around and find cash for gold near me.

Tips for negotiating for your cash for gold near me

When you’re looking to sell gold in your local area you will want to show up well equipped and know exactly what to say and what not to say. Here are a few tips when you’re looking to sell your gold to a local gold buyer.

Never accept the first offer.

This is negotiating 101. Always push back to see if you can get a better deal when they make the first offer. Understand that their first offer is not what they are willing to pay, it is simply a starting price for a negotiation.

While some places may have very firm prices and the first offer might be what you end up getting, but never openly accept it without trying for a better price.

Know what jewelry and gold you have before going

This can really make a huge difference. If you area dealing with local gold buyers or cash for gold near me then you will want to know what type of gold and jewelry you have.

This means that you should know the type and carrat of your gold, and whether or not the pieces are gold plated or solid gold.

Always watch them weigh your gold

Don’t let them take your gold to a back room to weigh it. Be sure they bring the scale to you so you know exactly how much everything weighs. Gold buyers will base their price off of the purity (carrats) and the weight of the gold and other precious metals that you have.

What can you sell to a gold buyer near me?

While most dealers advertise themselves as local cash for gold stores that doesn’t mean they won’t buy other metals and jewelry.

Often times these stores are pawn stores and will at least buy silver, copper, platinum, diamonds and other precious metals. If you have old jewelry that isn’t needed anymore don’t worry about bringing it in to get a quote. Depending on the location, you might be able to sell other household things (if you are dealing with a real pawn shop).

Gold Buyer Near Me vs Online Cash for gold

With the increase of gold buyers and cash for gold locations across the country, there are more and more online alternatives. There are some benefits and disadvantages of dealing with online cash for gold companies:

When selling your gold online, you will only be able to accept one offer. These companies will weigh your gold after you mail it in, and they will send you a check in the mail. If you choose to accept the offer then that’s that. Otherwise, you’ll need to reject it and pay for shipping of the items back.

However, it is a lot less of a hassle selling your gold online than it is to find a local gold buyer. All you need to do is request a kit to be sent to you, pack your gold up in the insured envelope and ship it off to the online company.

Popular cash for gold resources and companies

There are some great cash for gold resources and companies out there that will help make this process a lot easier.

Cash for Gold USA – this is the most popular USA-based cash for gold website on the internet. They allow you to sell their gold online.

Trusted Gold – this is a Canadian-based directory and a great way to find a local gold buyer in your area. If you’re Canadian this is a must to check out.

Cash4Gold on Wikipedia – One of the first and most popular Cash for Gold companies. A little bit of history on the industry as well.

Goodluck selling you gold to a gold buyer near me

As some final words of wisdom, understand that this industry might have a bit of a poor reputation but that doesn’t mean you are going to get ripped off. Spend some time calling some of the gold buyers and cash for gold locations in your area and you are sure to find a good deal for your unwanted gold.