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Chinese Buffet Near Me

Chinese buffets have been in craze for so many years because of its delicious food and nice restaurant ambiance so if you are looking for the answer on best Chinese buffet near me, here are some of the ones that you should definitely try out.

Chinese buffets are pretty popular in not only in America right now as they offer amazing dishes and most of them even offers an eat all you can promo where you can dig in as much food as you want as long as you can finish them, plus most of the food have veggies which will surely make you feel that you are eating healthy and all that. Here are some of the Chinese buffets that might be near you.

Chinese buffet near me – How to find it?

So where is Chinese Buffet Near Me you ask? We have provided the simple solution for this answer at our site. Just by using simply the map we have provided for you will find Chinese buffet near your location. Please note that GPS location must be turned on to be able to find Chinese Buffet Near your location.

Find A Chinese Buffet Near Me On The Map

List of Chinese Buffets – updated list

Here is a updated list of Chinese Buffets based on most 4-5 stars reviews. Make sure when you happend to be near their location to drop by for quality food taste.

US Chinese food

In Redwood City in California, you will find this amazing buffet, US Chinese food which will make you feel special even through its casual feel and settings as they even have vegetarian offerings and you can visit this place is you are just up for a quick bite and the likes.

Green Leaves

If you are up for a vast choice of classic Chinese food, then this is definitely the buffet to go with its casual settings and the fact that it has a sushi bar and a lounge, this is definitely a treat. You can go visit it in York in Maine for an amazing array of tea to choose from and great cocktails for you to taste. If you are feeling hungry and just want a quick bite, this is the right place. They open at eleven in the morning, perfect for a brunch or just an early lunch at that rate.

Royal Buffet

This one is for all those people who wants to grab a quick bite and then changes their mind and feels like they want to fill their stomachs to the brink, that is what the eat all you can is for and this restaurant definitely has it. Together with that, they also have some great cocktails that you will surely learn to love. If you want to try out their food, you can go and visit them at Chehalis in Washington and have some Chinese and American buffet to try out.

China Buffet

This restaurant offers an eat all you can if you want to submerge yourself in tons of food and make yourself full of all the things that this Asian restaurant has to offer for you ranging from Japanese to Chinese specialties that you will surely love or at the very least, learn to. You will find it at Moorhead at Minnesota if you are near the place. One thing to take note of in this restaurant is that they have great dessert that will make you keep coming back for more. Their doors open at eleven in the morning if you want to go and grab lunch here.

JB’s Buffet

This Chinese buffet offers you more than what your eyes can see, they have an eat all you can promo and their place is pretty casual. You can visit them at Freeport in Florida should you have a sudden craving for Chinese food or if you just want to go and grab a quick bite of your food and such. You can enjoy as much as you want here and not even lose interest in your food.


If you want a Chinese restaurant fit for a king, well this is definitely the place to be. All their dishes are available for takeaway and for dine in if you want to experience a casual dining and the even have healthy and vegetarian options all at the tip of your hands, waiting to be explored. The place opens at eleven thirty in the morning, just perfect for an early lunch or a brunch. You can find the place at Freehold in New Jersey should you ever happen to go there.

Asian Buffet

If you want an eat all you can buffet that has great dessert and features not just traditional Chinese cuisine but other Asian cuisines as well, then Asian buffet is definitely your place to go with its quiet atmosphere. If you want to try this buffet out you can go and visit it at American Fork in Utah to enjoy the place and the food.

Hunan Restaurant

This restaurant will definitely knock you off of your feet with its casual settings, the quiet place and you can stop by for a quick bite. Surely, this will be one of your top picks in the case of Chinese buffets. They have great food and great ambiance, together with great dessert and such. You can find the place at Gardnerville in Nevada, so you can drop by if you happen to be near.

Great Wall

A Chinese restaurant that offers a casual and quiet settings and they have a few tweaks with their food considering they offer vegetarian options so that you and your vegan friends can become satisfied with the food that they offer. You will be able to find the place at Silver Creek in Washington should you ever find that you are craving for Chinese food.

Peking Gourmet

If you want gourmet food at the right price, then this restaurant is definitely the place to be considering the settings of the place: quiet and casual. They also have vegetarian options and plus the place is usually open at eleven in the morning so you can go here for an early lunch or maybe a late breakfast. You can find the restaurant at Pooler in Georgia if you want to try it out.

Ding How

At Wetumpka in Alabama, you can find this Chinese restaurant that offers an eat all you can buffet and lets you have the peace that you deserve. They open at eleven in the morning so if you are running late for a meeting or such, you can always drop by to have a quick bite.

Number one

A Chinese restaurant in Hightstown in New Jersey that offers casual dining and a quiet environment that will surely make you feel that you are in China right there and then. They open at eleven in the morning and they will make things a whole lot more fun for you if you are suddenly craving for some Chinese food. Go ahead and try this one out and see the difference.

Great taste

If you want familiar Chinese dishes that go on the low side of calories and have a lunch buffet, then this restaurant is definitely the right choice for you. In Cleveland in Ohio, you will find Great taste restaurant that opens around eleven in the morning to serve you the lunch that you deserve and to make you feel that you deserve the food that you are eating.

Super Great Wall

Talk about a no frills mall outlet that offers sushi, American comfort food and of course, Chinese classics all at a budget price! Delicious food at a friendly price to pay for, this is definitely a yes! Go and grab a quick bite of food or eat all you can and top it off with a great dessert and you are all set to go to wherever you were heading. You can find this at South Portland in Maine and they open at eleven in the morning so you would know what time to go out!

Ichiban Buffet

How does an eat all you can sushi, Chinese and hibachi food sounds to you? If it sounds very appealing, then you must go to this place and just try it all out, especially their vegetarian options and casual dining that will surely make you want more. The place opens at eleven in the morning which is quite the right time to have lunch or go for a brunch so you might want to try out this buffet in Orlando in Florida and know what exactly makes a great buffet.

Emperor’s Choice

If you love going to strip malls and just want a taste of Chinese food or you suddenly had a craving, then one of the best choices would be emperor’s choice Chinese restaurant that offers you a lot of standard Chinese food together with their bestselling stir fries and other rice dishes. The place is usually quiet even if it has a casual setting. The place opens at ten thirty in the morning, a little bit early than its competitors, giving it some advantage on that side. It is found in Clayton in New Carolina should you want to try it out or if you happen to be there.

Hibachi Grill

A restaurant mostly found in shopping restaurants that offers you an eat all you can promo with all your favorite Italian, Asian and American dishes. They even have a salad bar to go have your pick of vegetables, may it be romaine lettuce or the likes of that. They have great dessert and the place is casual as well so it is very perfect to eat here at Watchung in New Jersey. They open at eleven in the morning if you want to go to work early.
Chinese buffet near me

Dragon City

If you want a buffet that has nothing to fuss with, then you should go to this Dragon City buffet, a joint that has lunch specials, Chinese food classics, and family dinners that are meant to help you get all the things you want to eat. They also offer eat all you can that will surely be a hit with your family and friends. This is truly the place to be and you just have to go in Daphne in Alabama to enjoy the perks of this buffet. They even have great dessert that you can try out! They open at eleven in the evening, just the right time to go grab lunch with a friend or someone.

Thumbs Up

If you want something straightforward, with no bulls, then you might want to go here at Thumbs up restaurant where they have a familiar setting and the traditional Chinese dishes are served to you. They even have vegetarian options for those people who do not eat meat and they also offer casual dining or takeout for the food that you do not plan eating at all. The place is open at eleven thirty in the morning so if you happen to come to Edison in New Jersey, you might as well try this one out and just have the fun that you deserved.

Best Chinese Restaurants Near Me location

We have provided some detailed list of best Chinese Restaurants Near Me location including some interesting facts about food choice and opening hours.

New India Gate

This one is located in Arizona at a place called Chandler. They offer Indian food that will definitely give you a run for your money. A lot of review for this buffet says that it is clean and that there is even a salad at the end of the long buffet table. Opening hours are usually from 11 AM – 10 PM, but please not this is dependent on location.

Ruby’s Fast Food

If you are in Illinois, then go to Chicago one of the must try buffets will be Ruby’s that offers Filipino cuisine. One of the best parts about it is that it offers a weekend buffet that has lechon unlimited, go grab all that you are able to eat. Ruby’s fast food opening hours are from 11:30 AM– 7 PM.

Fonda Santa Rosa

If you happen to be in Texas, go to Houston where you can get all that you are going to need even as far as orderable eggs that are made to suit what you want. Every dish is even made to perfection so this is really the buffet to be. Opening hours are 8:30 AM –3 PM and this is also location dependent.

Mint Restaurant

If you are in California, go to Laguna Hills for some Indian food that are Halal approved, then go and try out this buffet. The food here are truly delicious and they have captured the flavors of authentic Indian food. Opening hours are every day from 2 PM – 4 PM and 5:30 PM -11:30 PM depending on location.

D’cracked Egg

This restaurant is located in Chesapeake, Virginia and it offers Southern cuisine. They have a small buffet but you can also go and order on their menu. If you are craving for some Southern food then you should really go here and try their food out.

Umma’s Lunch Box

In Washington, at Seattle a great buffet to be is this place for they serve Korean cuisine and you get charged by your container size instead of the weight of your food. Go for that musubi Spam or that japchae.

All you can eat Chinese buffet near me

China Buffet

Obvious on its name, this buffet offers Chinese cuisine that offers a really wide choice on Asian dishes from your sushi to your grilled items that has a really elegant look where you can go take pictures with. It can be found in Greensboro and it even offers all you can eat food. For that romantic view with great dessert, you should try this out.

World Buffet

Another Chinese cuisine buffet is this place that offers sushi, Mongolian grill, bar and even wine. It is located at Wisconsin at Madison and there is certainly no place like this one as you can eat all that you can here and the dessert is really to die for. The casual ambiance also makes the place a whole lot more advising than it already is.

Grand China Buffet

The best thing about this place is that the housing is certainly colorful and add it up to the eat all you can buffet ranging from lo mein to the fried rice. It is located at Florida if you can just go to Davenport. If you are looking into a casual but quiet place, then this is most likely the one you should pick out of the rest.

China Buffet king

If you want a budget friendly Chinese buffet that offers takeout, then you should try this buffet out. It offers it all you can and it is certainly a casual dining place but it is quite popular in Valley Stream in New York that you might have to wait for a bit to get to your food.

China Inn

This buffet is truly amazing because it contains a lot of Chinese cuisine favorites like crab legs and it offers amazing dessert just as well. For a casual dining, this could be your new favorite place. You can go to it at Bronx in New York.

V Star

The best thing about this buffet is that it has a really wide selection of food from which you can choose from. It even has that famous sushi bar and seafood options and Mongolian food that will surely make you enjoy it. You can find it at Everett in Washington and it opens at ten thirty in the morning, perfect for your brunch!

Crazy buffet

If you want a stylish place that has an eat all you can food such as sushi and other Asian cuisine, then this is one of the place you have got to go to You should try crazy buffet at West Palm in Florida and sooth your lonely soul.

Ichiban Buffet

A place that offers Chinese cuisine that you can eat all you want is Ichiban and they offer beer, sushi, wine and a whole lot more. It also has great dessert and a great ambiance that will give you the best experience you can ever get! You can find it in St. Augustine in Florida if you ever

Top 10 best Chinese buffet restaurants near me

Here are the top 10 best Chinese buffet that you can find in America and one of them might be near you so might as well try it out when you have the time to spare!

Hibachi Grill

A buffet that has a great architectural design is this place that boasts a Chinese buffet. They have a salad bar that is in a shape of a boat and is made up of wood. It even offers huts, some palm trees which are of course not real and even a footbridge! If you want to have that ambiance and feel as if you are in a fishing village, Chinese style, then this is one of the places you should try out!

Hibachi Grill near me

Jumbo Buffet

This buffet can be found in Louisiana at Kenner and what it has are hot food and stations filled with hibachi. If you are into the craw fish that is famous in the place at a really cheap price, then you should go here. The prices here would not even hurt your pockets one bit.

China Sun

When you are in North Dakota in Williston, then you should go try this buffet. They even have ice cream that are hand dipped and you can try to self-serve it! This one is truly the one for the family.

Chinses Buffet

If you happen to be in Florida, then go to Cape coral and go to the buffet where you can watch your dish being cook as they have an open kitchen that is truly fantastic. They offer traditional dishes and Asian buffet that will truly help you satisfy your cravings.

China Bear

There is a Chinese Buffet in Houston that will wake up the Texas blood within you. For those that will always be young at their heart then you can go there and be amazed at the wood carvings that are unique. You can even buy them and keep them on display at your house.

Golden China

This restaurant offers a karaoke bar, sports bar and a Chinese buffet together. It is located at Ventura in California and you can go to it for all your entertainment needs. You even get flat screens and a disco like feel where amateurs and professionals that performs every night. So if you want to go and party, go for this.

Carnival World Buffet

When you go to Rio Casino in Las Vegas, then you should go to this buffet because they have a lot food that goes from here to there and around the world so go for this one if you want to experience all the cuisine out there and the eat all you can buffets.

Royal Hibachi Sushi

Illinois offers a one stop buffet that offers all things Asian, rather all food Asian so you might as well go here for your Asian cravings. They offer a lot of seafood that are totally great.

China Blossom

At Andover in Massachusetts you should to this Buffet at it offers comedy for you. They have standup comedy on Saturday nights so go here for food and laughter.

Sky Garden

If you are in for a scenery when you are eating then go to this place for star gazing and eating at the same time. It is located in Hawaii around the Imiloa Center for Astronomy, a perfect place for you.

Lobster House Seafood

In New York, you can go for a night of magic together with your food as this buffet offers mystery together with great Chinese food, a perfect getaway for you and your family indeed.

Asian buffet near me

Chef Lins

If you are for a buffet that serves a lot of things Asian such as Japanese and Chinese cuisine and some seafood on the side, then you should go here and eat all you want to it. Just go to Vero Beach in Florida to taste this buffet.

New Garden

Located at Sandy in Oregon, this New Garden buffet will give you that Chinese feel you want to experience together with other cuisine that are Asian, you can go for the usual dine in or some to go food or whatever you want to go with.

King buffet

One of the famous eat all you can buffet that has Chinese cuisine together with American cuisine and other Asian food would be this restaurant as it offers sushi and the place is certainly great with its neon lights and totally great dessert. If you want some quiet moments alone or with friends then go for this place. It opens around 11 in the morning so go to Washington and try it out.

Flaming Buffet

Another famous buffet that offers Chinese cuisine is the Flaming Grill that offers a lot of entrees that are hot together with some side of sushi and the roomy setting is really a great deal. If you happen to be in Oxon Hill, then you should really see for yourself if this one suits your taste.

Asian buffet

True to its name this buffet serves all things Asian such as noodles, sushi and so much more. When you feel like trying it out, drop by its place in Okemos in Miami and go for the all you can eat food and the amazing dessert that they offer.