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Chinese Food Near Me

If you are reading this article about Chinese food near me then you are aware that Chinese people has probably the best food in the world. Thus, Chinese food is actually quite popular all over the world.

The thing is even American people have a Chinese style cuisine that has been developed from American people that are Chinese descendants.

Most of the dishes that gets served are from North American restaurants and they were adapted to suit the American tastes and they somehow differ a lot than those original Chinese cuisines.

Chinese food delivery near me

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Chinese Food Near Me – Using the map

Chinese food near me that deliver

Using search function in our map above it will help you to find Chinese restaurant near you, for example “Chinese Gourmet Express Los Angeles”

Some of best know Chinese restaurants are :
– Stir Crazy Chinese restaurant
– Chinese Gourmet Express
– Panda Express delivery
– Pei Wei Asian Diner
– Chowking
– Flat Top Gril
– HuHot Mongolian Grill
– Asian Chao Restaurants
– Mr. Lee Fast Food
– Din Tai Fung

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So if you are feeling up to Chinese food as of the moment, why not delve into the history of Chinese food, the type of foods serve in Chinese cuisine and how the Americans adapted to it and where to get your Chinese food featuring the 5 best famous Chinese restaurants in the US?

History of Chinese food

Quickly told, Chinese people arrived in the US as immigrants working as either railroad workers or miners. A lot of immigrants arrived and they mostly came in large groups. Unfortunately for them, there were laws that prevented them from getting a land to own, thus they lived together in places called ghettos and which are more known nowadays as Chinatown. In this place, the immigrants created small businesses to get by. Most of these small businesses included laundry services and restaurants.

Chinese food restaurants – history

Around 19th century, in San Francisco, the community of Chinese people decided to open a complex and luxury restaurant that are mostly patronized by Chinese people. The smaller restaurants in small towns that are commonly owned by immigrants serves food that are based on what the customer wants, from sandwiches, to apple pie, to eggs, beans and the likes. Most of the restaurant owners are self-taught and they tend to improvise to make food delicious. These restaurants are the ones responsible for creating the American Chinese food that are practically Chinese food modified in order to suit the American taste.

The restaurant first catered the railroad workers and miners when they were still starting to serve Chinese food that catered their servings on the taste of the customer. As time went by, cooks has made dishes that are adapted from southern China like chop suey but the developed it in a way that it taste like food that is not found anywhere in China. Unfortunately, even though around the 1920s the so called chop suey has become popular especially among the middle-class American people, after the world war II, it was dismissed because it was not authentic Chinese food. Luckily, the 20th century is more accommodating to different types of food. Thus, the take away food has become really popular within American people and Chinese food has been the favorite option of people for takeout. When this became obvious, Chinese restaurants do not only served food to suit Chinese people’s taste but even American too.

Difference between American Chinese restaurants and mainland Chinese restaurants

Now that you know more about American Chinese food, it is now time to know more about the differences between that cuisine and mainland Chinese restaurant cuisines. To put it easily, American Chinese food are originated from habits of the people on the southern part of the province, Guangdong.
One of the major differences between the two cuisines is that the American Chinese cuisine treats vegetables as garnish or side dish while mainland Chinese cuisines tend to make an emphasis on their use of vegetables. This is mostly seen on their use of tomatoes and carrots. It also makes use of Asian leafy vegetables such as kai-lan, bok choy and many more. It also puts some emphasis on using seafood and fresh meat.
In American Chinese cuisine, the most used cooking style used are deep frying, pan frying and stir frying which are all done easily using a so called “wok” which is a frying pan used by Chinese people that looks like a bowl. The food is also reported to have high MSG levels that enhance the flavor of the food. The biggest struggle is that most people nowadays do not like MSG on their food anymore as it is considered unhealthy by the world health organization so there are no MSG items or MSG free food on the menu.
American Chinese restaurants also takes advantage of using ingredients that are not native or not used to rarely used in China. A good example of this is the usage of Western broccoli in dishes rather than using Chinese broccoli.

Egg fried rice

Another food that is prepared differently using American Chinese cuisine rather than traditional Chinese cuisine is egg fried rice. American Chinese cuisine involves adding more amount soy sauce thus resulting to more flavor rather than the traditional ones that uses less amount of soy sauce. There also other food styles like Dim sum that has been modified to fit the taste of Americans by adding batter for dishes and additional amount of soy sauce. Another food is salads that usually contain uncooked or raw ingredients in American Chinese cuisine as if the Japanese style of sashimi or sushi. On the other hand, Chinese cuisine rarely uses raw food.

American Chinese restaurants – benefits

Another pro for American Chinese restaurants is that their menu has items that are written in English or at the very least, contains picture in order for non-Chinese customers to be able to order from it. Chicken feet, liver and other meat containing dishes that might shock American customers are also featured in their menu.

American Chinese restaurant dishes

After knowing a brief history on the restaurant dishes of American Chinese restaurants in the US, here are a some ideas for some of the best Chinese food near me information of the dishes that are commonly included in their menus.

Almond Chicken

This is chicken that is breaded in a batter that contains almonds that are grounded and crushed. Then the chicken is fried and then served with onions and almonds.

General Tso’s chicken

This dish contains chicken chunks that is first dipped in a premade batter then deep fried. After that it is seasoned with garlic, scallions, sesame oil, ginger and chill peppers.

Sesame chicken

True to its name, this type of meal is boned chicken that is battered and then deep fried and then dressed using an orange or red sauce that is translucent, mildly spicy and sweet sauce that is usually made of soy sauce, chicken broth, sugar, vinegar and corn starch.

Chinese chicken salad

This dish usually contains shredded chicken or sliced chicken, raw leafy vegetables, fried skins of wonton, crispy noodles and some sesame containing dressing. Some even serves this with a side of mandarin oranges.

Chop suey

This dish is really famous in American Chinese cuisines and contains assorted pieces of vegetables and brown sauced meat. It is also sometimes served with white sauce.
Fortune cookie
Although this did not originate in China, somehow it made its way into California and sweetened until it has eventually found its way into American Chinese restaurants.

Fried wontons

This is pork or any type of meat that is wrapped inside wonton skin and then deep friend until golden brown.
Top 5 most famous best Chinese restaurant in the US
After knowing what restaurants commonly serve in Chinese cuisines, it is now time to find out the most famous Chinese restaurants in the US.

Chengdu Taste

This restaurant is found in Los Angeles, California, Chengdu Taste is opened by Tony XU who worked at Panda Restaurant Group. It opened around 2013. Once people took notice of this, the line has been going on and on forever up until today. Most of the dishes served in this place are fiery Szechuan dishes that have intoxicating odors and have red foods that indicate extreme level of spiciness. The best way to go eat here is to start slowly with some mung bean noodles that are mixed with chili paste then move on to boiled fish in pepper sauce, to pig intestine cooked in a stir fry style, then lamb with cumin on toothpicks. One thing for sure: Chengdu is totally worth the long hours of wait.

Xi’an Famous Foods

The Xi’an Famous Foods is found in New York City, New York. Fanatics of Chinese food surely rejoiced once this restaurant opened. This shop offers cuisine of the ancient city of Central China, the Xi’an that had once been an important part of the Silk road industry routes. Their best sellers are their “lamb burgers” that are spiked with cumin along with their tangy cold noodles called liang pi and their tofu that are submerged in chili oil. If you are into spicy cuisines, this is definitely a must try!

San Tung

This restaurant is found in San Francisco and it mostly serves food that is dough based such as fresh cut noodles, dumplings, and the likes. But the best seller is the dry fried chicken wings as to which people line up at its door every single night without fail.
Although if you go inside, the restaurant might not give you an impression that it is far more special than any other restaurants in the area, once you taste the menu, especially the leek dumplings, shrimp dumplings, dry fry beef, hot and sour soup, you will forget all else and keep on coming back.

Yank Sing

Another restaurant that you must go to if you are in San Francisco is Yank Sing. The aromas that you will smell that comes from the fried dumplings and steamed dumplings are so mesmerizing that you might as well just gobble all of them down before ever realizing what is inside of them. Their dim sum is truly full of flavor and fresh to the palate and is sure to keep you coming back.
This restaurant offers trolly service where in you just point on what you feel like eating as the waiter rolls the carts around the restaurant. The best sellers of this restaurant includes shanghai dumplings, gold fish dumplings, bamboo shoots, stuffed claws of crab and more.

Din Tai Fung

This restaurant is found in both Los Angeles and Seattle. If you are into to go Chinese food, then this one is the best choice for you. They offer a wide variety of food from cold noodles, pecking duck, meat pies, dumpling soups and more.