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Chipotle Near Me Location

Chipotle is one of the famous restaurants that offer Mexican classics such as tacos, nachos, burritos and other Mexican fares that most Americans just love. Their operation hours are indicated below but the hours can vary from one location to another. Nevertheless, these are the most common Chipotle hours. Also we have provided for you additional information on how to find Chipotle near me location now.

Chipotle Store hours

Chipotle open at eleven in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Practically all day of the week, they close at ten in the evening. So they are open for at least eleven hours a day but the time period varies from state to state and also depends on the branch manager of the store.

Chipotle Holidays hours

If you want to go to Chipotle and it is a holiday, it is very imperative to know whether they are open on that holiday or not. Well, they are open for these holidays: Memorial day, Mother’s day, Mardi Gras, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, St. Patrick’s day, tax day, father’s day, Cinco de Mayo, Valentine’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Good Friday, Columbus Day, President’s Day, Labor Day and even Halloween. However they are closed on: Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and they can also close up due to bad weather. These can vary from one store to another but these are the basic information you would need.

Chipotle near me – Use the map

To find closest Chipotle near me locations with detailed openning hours, we have provided for you an interactive map. Just by clicking on desired Chipotle location additional inforamtion will be shown to you including working hours.

Please note that to have map working properly you will have to have GSP location enabled on you mobile device if you are using any.

Chipotle near me branches

Here are some of the Chipotle branches that you might want to go and try out if they happen to be just near you and all that and you suddenly have the craving for Mexican food.

  • There is a branch in Portage in Indiana should you suddenly feel like eating some Mexican fare. They even have design your own tacos, burritos and bowls. If you want to have some fun in eating the things that you definitely like, then this is the place to go. They even have healthy options if you are strict on being fit and have vegetarian options if you have vegan friends. The place is casual and the food is nice, what more is there to ask for? You can contact them at + 1 219 763 9102 for more details.
  • Another branch in Indiana is in Avon where you have the healthy options, vegan options and a casual dine in place where you get to eat all your Mexican favorites and a whole lot more. Come and visit this Mexican Grill and have the best moment of your life. Invite your friends and let things fall into place and just have a fun night up ahead. You can call them at + 1 317 1481 if you have any comments, complaints, issues or concerns regarding their food, products or services offered.
  • Indiana sure is a good place to live if you are into Mexican fare as there is another branch of Chipotle in Indianapolis where you can get your all-time favorite food and design your very own burritos, tacos and a whole lot more. They also have vegan and healthy options to help you out especially if you are in a diet. You can call them at + 1 317 885 2888 for more details regarding their food, their services, their opening and closing hours because it varies from one branch to another and your concerns.
  • Tennessee also has a Chipotle Mexican grill ready to serve you that offers bowls, tacos and burritos, all at your own pleasure. They have vegetarian options, healthy options and the place is totally casual and nice to hang out at. They also offer your Mexican classics that you surely love. You can ring them up at + 1 901 416 1944 for more information regarding their branch or their food and services.
  • If you happen to be in New Jersey, well, Princeton has a Chipotle branch waiting there for you which you just need to go to in order to enjoy Mexican food. The place is usually full of people so you may have to wait for a moment to get your order but the food is great and they have vegetarian options if your friends are vegan and so are you. You can call them up at + 1 609 228 6952 for lunchtime table reservations and other occasions so that you would not have to worry about not having a table to sit upon your arrival.
  • In Palm Harbor in Florida, a Chipotle branch can also be seen that has the classic Mexican food that you have grown to love. They offer both healthy and vegetarian options so you have a lot of food to choose from and worry about any side effects at all. This one is to those who would love to stay healthy and yet eat delicious food. You can ring them up at + 1 727 683 8407 if you have any concerns or complaints regarding their food and services offered.
  • Ohio would not lose to every other state as they also have some Chipotle branches, specifically one in Jeffersonville to give the classic Mexican food that people love like burritos, tacos and a whole lot more. They offer both the vegan and healthy options for people who are concerned about their calorie intake and those that do not like to consume meat products. The place is casual and chic, perfect for those who just wants to hangout and keep it cool. You can also call them at + 1 740 948 2151 for more details regarding their services, their food or their store hours.
  • Another branch in Ohio is in Findlay, which only offers vegan option together with the regular Chipotle menu which consists of Mexican classics such as tacos and burritos. One of the problems is that the place is usually buzzing with people so you might need to have some spare time if you want to eat here or you can go ahead and dial + 1 419 424 0905 for reservations of seats so you can enjoy eating your heart out without any worries at all and to call in for your concerns and complaints regarding their foods and services.
  • In St. Augustine in Florida, there is a Chipotle branch ready to satisfy your Mexican food cravings and just have fun as the settings is casual and they have both the healthy and the vegan options to pick your food from aside from their normal menu. You can also call them at + 1 904 808 8321 for more inquiries and concerns with regards to their food and services and any problems related to this branch. Go here and try it out and see if the place suits you or if you happen to be near this area, just go ahead.
  • Florida adds up another branch located in Mt. Dora to satisfy the growing cravings of their customers for Mexican fare and classics like burritos, bowls and tacos and more. They have both the vegan and the healthy options mixed together with their normal menu to please you and your vegan or fit friends so you can live the healthy lifestyle you want without having to sacrifice the taste of the food that you eat. The place is pretty casual, perfect for eating out and just having fun. You can contact them at + 1 352 735 1983 for your inquiries and concern regarding their products and food and their services.
  • The Chipotle branch in Mansfield in Texas will satisfy your desire to eat your own designed burritos and tacos and the classic Mexican food that you have been wanting to eat all week together with their delicious bowls of food. The place also offers both healthy options together with their vegan options to satisfy your stomach and your friends that want to stay healthy and eat yummy foods. You can call the branch at + 1 682 518 9936 should you have concerns that need to be addressed. Their place is also casual so it is a perfect getaway when you are feeling stressed out because of personal problems.
  • Texas is already awesome but even more so because of another Chipotle branch in the vicinity of Copperas Cove that will totally make you say delicious in a Mexican feel. The food are definitely worth coming back considering they have both the healthy options and vegetarian options ready to wake up the inner healthy person sleeping inside of you. The place is also pretty casual so you can just hangout here with your friends or takes your family out for dinner. You can also contact them at + 1 254 518 1365 for more details regarding their services and food offered or if you have any concerns and comments.
  • Colorado does not miss a single beet with a Chipotle branch in Grand Junction where you will see that they offer burritos, bowls and tacos for you to design on your own and classic Mexican food that you will surely recognize and come back for. They also have vegan and healthy options that you might want to consider getting. You can contact them at + 1 970 257 1966 for more details regarding these things like their services and their food so just dial the number and go straight to your point.
  • To top that off, Howell in New Jersey also has a Chipotle branch that makes delicious food and have both healthy options and vegan options and whatever it is you want from the normal menu option. The place is casual making it the perfect place for hangouts, for those that wants to relax, unwind or have a peace of mind. You can call them at + 1 732 364 3937 for any more details that you want to know about.
  • Another one in New Jersey is in Parsippany where they also offer both the healthy options and vegetarian options. The place offers a lot of Mexican fare and they even make their own tacos, burritos and leave. You can contact them at + 1 973 352 6412 for more details regarding this branch and the services that they can offer to you. The place is casual so you can just go with the flow and enjoy the night.