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The mention of the word church to a majority of individuals around the world triggers a certain mind in them that relates to some kind of life that is not manmade. Church generally is a word associated greatly with religion. Around the world and in most communities and even neighborhoods rarely do you miss to walk around and not see a church building, whether a permanent building, a rented place or a structure where people meet on a certain day to worship, praise or pray to that God they have faith in.

The word church could mean or be defined in more than a single way depending on the context in which it is being used; Church could mean a building in which believers of a particular faith meet to worship, praise and pray to their God: a building for public worship. A church could also mean a public worship of God or otherwise put, a religious service in such a building could also be called church.

Churches Near Me – Use the Map

The easiest way to find Church near your location is to use Google interactive map. Please note to have enabled GPS on your mobile device in order to map function properly.

A church could also or also refers to the whole body of the Christian faith or Christian believers’ i.e. the Christendom; a group of Christians. Church too could be defined as a section of Christian Believers, part of the body who meet under a certain name and are guided apart from the very word of God, with some other values that go in hand with all they believe and also answer or acknowledge the same authority, maybe under a particular Bishop, pastor or any other leader believed to have been called and commissioned by God.
Most of these churches have meeting days for their activities and as widely known most if not all of them meet on Sunday mornings for their Sunday worship services and maybe during the week, for example, Wednesdays and Fridays for the midweek services and some even at night for what they call night vigil. Few of these churches, however, meet on Saturdays, like the well-known Seventh Adventist Church.

Biblically the word church comes from a Greek word, EKKLESIA (in the New Testament) and from a Hebrew word, KAHAL (in the Old Testament), which means a people who are a called out or an assembly and wherever it is used in the Bible it is actually referring or talking about people and not necessarily a building. In religion it is used like three times slightly differently; Firstly, the church refers to the body of Christ, a local gathering/assembly or a meeting of believers. Secondly, it refers to a body of an individual living believer. Thirdly, when a church is mentioned in the religious places, discussions or conversations, it refers to a universal group of all people who have trusted In Jesus Christ through the ages. Examples of the churches would include among others the following; the Catholic Church, the Church of England, and the Southern Baptist church.


As mentioned and defined above, there are various churches around and one of them is the Catholic Church. The word Catholic does refer to a universal church including a wide variety of all things; all inclusive, all embracing. This is one of the very first churches to have been in the world and speculated to have so many individual members worldwide. They have huge meeting places and their meetings are referred to as a mass. The Catholic Church is headed by the Pope.

With the growth of technology and education facilities, finding a Catholic church nearby has been made easy; using the Google maps is one sure way of locating a church near you, all you need to do is click in or type in the search box the name of the church you are looking for and the city you are visiting or residing in, this will bring a list of the names of all the catholic churches around you and you will have to choose from the many. Alternatively, websites have been developed to help find the catholic churches near you depending on the city or state you are at currently; for example,www.catholicfaith.org.uk or www.catholicdirectory.com will give one the very exact location of the very particular catholic churches around that area and therefore the only job left to the individual is to choose the nearest one to them.

If you are a new dweller in that very state, literally asking from the neighbors and especially those who have been in your new neighborhood longer than you can also serve as an alternative to getting or finding the most nearest Catholic Church around you. Most Catholic Church buildings are usually characterized by huge buildings that have a huge cross either at the main entrance or somewhere on the roof; this could also be another informal way of easily locating a church near you without using the internet or even asking anyone. In major towns, it is next to impossible to miss a Catholic Church establishment putting in mind that it is one of the oldest religious places of worship for the Catholics.

There are more than twenty thousand (20,000)Catholic church establishments in the United States and about one hundred and ninety-three (193)catholic cathedrals, the notable ones include the following among others; Diocese of Birmingham Alabama, Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Juneau, Cathedral of the Holy Family Our Lady of Guadalupe, Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Atlanta, Cathedral of Christ the King Diocese of Charleston, Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist Diocese of Charlotte and the Cathedral of Saint Mary Diocese of Manchester.


These are churches believed to have congregations that believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The church originated in Roman Judaea in the 1st century, AD. The church after being founded, spread out to the Roman Empire and beyond even to Jerusalem, Antioch and Edessa. Similarly like mentioned above, it is quite easy to locate a Christian Church around. To begin with, there is the Christian Church locator which helps an individual get any church around them by clicking on the city or state name they are in and within a snap of a finger a list of all those churches around you will appear on the screen of your gadget and the only work you have is to choose the most appropriate one.
Secondly, there are also websites full of this information about the Christian Churches around and at the click of such websites; you are as good as having found the very exact location. An example of such websites is www.christianchurchtoday.com, with this kind of website, you will get very detailed information that will include, the name of the church, the building in which the church is situated and the very street the building is at not forgetting the city or state.

While in the United States, it is assured for one to get one of these Christian Churches in the following states including others;  Arizona, Alaska,  Colorado, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Washington,  Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky,Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and South Dakota.


These are the churches where its people believe in the baptism of believers by consent i.e. voluntary believers. In other words, only professing believers are allowed to be baptized in The Baptist denomination as opposed to other places that allow infant baptisms. The Baptist church was established in 1612 by Thomas Helwys in London, thereafter a number of other Baptist Churches sprang up there known as General Baptists. They are spread around many states in the United States and even around the world, and with the availability of search engines like Google and Wikipedia, it is next to impossible not to find any named location under the sun including the location of some of these Baptist churches.

One of the easiest ways to locate any of these Baptist churches nearby is by using the websites, www.churchfinder.com/baptistwww.kjvchurches.comand www.finditthere.com/church/php, when clicked on, the websites will display information concerning these churches and their very directions in details including their office telephone numbers. Baptist Churches are well spread in the United States and can be found in the following states among others; Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Maryland and Minnesota. The use of the church directories or just the common normal telephone directories could also come in handy just in case the internet is low or there is no network at all at that very particular time. These directories offer or contain information that leads to the exact location of the church simply because the street name, number, building and town or city are clearly written on the yellow pages in the directories.


The Methodist church is a denomination of the protestant Christianity that majorly derives their belief and inspiration from John Wesley. The Methodist Church began in 1703-1791 as a movement in the Church of England in the 18t century. In locating a Methodist church nearby, the use of the sitemap cannot be ignored; the sitemaps helps in navigation towards the church nearby by church reading the directions on it. The Google search engine offers another very easy to use platform to locate or search for any of the Methodist church around or nearby; all someone needs to do is key in the name of the state or city and church name and the location will be displayed on the gadget’s screen which makes it simple for the one locating it to find.

So, for any religious member of the Methodist church that is committed, there are no excuses as to why he or she cannot be in church for fellowship for reason of not being aware of the location and direction. The few search methods above are an answer to all the direction and location queries. Methodist churches are spread around the United States and around the world, depending on the city or state one stays in, there are quite a number of websites to help in locating the church nearest which among  others include; www.methodist.org/uk and www.methodistchurch.org.my, apart from the United States, Methodist churches are also found in other locations in the world including Ireland, Nigeria, Kenya,  United Kingdom,  Canada, South Africa, Singapore,  Korea , China and in other countries where there have been Methodist presence.
As a resident of the United States, Methodist churches are located in the following states; Delaware, Philadelphia, Maryland, Tennessee  and Indianapolis.

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