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CIBC Near Me

Welcome to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce! Did you know that’s what it was called? Chances are if you’re a client you might, otherwise maybe not. But CIBC is Canada’s fifth largest bank and has a stronghold on the market. They were in fact named North America’s strongest bank and the world’s third strongest bank by Bloomberg Magazine. It’s important to know that the CIBC near me is in fact a strong, stable and reliable bank.

Don’t let the fact that they are number five fool you. With trillions in assets under management and a typical $3 trillion in annual income, the bank is in a great position to serve you and offer you great advice. You can go in to any branch and request to sit down with one of their banking officers.

CIBC Near Me – On The Map

Find the nearest CIBC using the map above. You shouldn’t have a problem tracking one of these banks down in your neighborhood. They are king, courteous and professional, it’s worth the trip in.


Bank Facts

  • Current CEO: Victor G. Dodig (September 2014 to Present)
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
  • Founded In: 1961
  • Assets: $414,903 billion

Despite being #5, this is a company that employs over 44,000 people, certainly a large employer and player in the Canadian marketplace. They are also a global player operating in continents all over the world. It’s a good thing when you have a CIBC near me, typically an excellent source of employment and can spread money throughout the local market.

Despite a great reputation, and strong economics and policies, the bank has been involved in a number of issues and scandals in the past. The big one that comes to mind was their role in Enron’s manipulated financial statements, causing the dismissal of three executives from the company. There are a number of issues that span since then, but as with any company of that size, there will always be issues. At the heart and soul of the organization, they are a strong and fair bank. But when you’ve got over 44,000 employees, it’s hard for one of them to not be a bad apple.

CIBC Company Services

  • CIBC’s mission and vision is focused around relationships. Being and doing the best for their clients is what they believe will move them to the top. When you treat people well, they become loyal, and loyalty is what CIBC focuses on.
  • The bank is much like the other four major banks in the sense of basic service. They provide day-to-day checking accounts, saving accounts, RRSP / TFSA registered account and investment advice. You can also approach them for a line of credit, term loan, credit card or a mortgage. The difference comes down to that

Other CIBC Companies

  • CIBC World Markets
    • Working with large organizations, CIBC World Markets harnesses the power of CIBC’s global reach to assess your business and bring it to new heights.
  • CIBC Retail Markets
    • This is essentially the business that the majority of the population know today. It’s their banking service for the average retail customer. From savings to loans with branch, telephone and online banking.
  • CIBC Imperial Service
    • The “big guns” pf retail banking. Where the truly affluent get to bank. This is a customized service designed for individuals with a certain net worth and income.
  • CIBC Wood Gundy
    • Where the investments happen. If you’re trading stocks and want a real person to talk to, head over to CIBC Wood Gundy. These guys know their stuff and can help with your investment strategy.


Find a CIBC ATM near yor area and don’t waste time in those long teller lines!