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Coffee Near Me

Ever wondered why coffee is the favorite drink and how can I find best coffee near me now? The name coffee is one that has been heard almost by everyone living today. Coffee could be used to define the coffee beans or a roasted seeds  of a tropical bush i.e. a powder made of them. Coffee could also mean a hot drink made from boiling water and coffee powder that could be drunk with an addition of milk or sugar to taste. Coffee could be black or white just depending on whether it has milk or just water mixed with the coffee powder. In generic terms, coffee refers to a beverage consisting of an infusion or decoction of the crushed coffee beans or  roasted ground of a coffee berry of specific coffee trees.

Coffee Near Me – Using the map

Historically, the coffee plant that was discovered in Ethiopia in the eleventh (11TH) century has a white blossom that has a jasmine smell and a red cherry-like fruit. The leaves of the tree were boiled in water and the resulting mixture was to have medicinal values, because of these values, coffee has spread quickly to Arabian Peninsula and by the fourteenth (14th) century it was being grown in Yemen and for like 300 years it was drunk according to the recipe first found in Ethiopia. In 1555, coffee was introduced to Istanbul and in the same manner grown and spread in almost all the nations of the world to where we are today.

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks around the world just after water or next to it. About 1500 million cups of coffee are taken every morning around the world and this majorly happens during breakfast not estimating the amount consumed during the other times of the day; precisely it is indeed the drunken drink just second to water. It is one of the most traded commodities around the world just next to oil.  The English word coffee originates from the Arabic word “kaweh” which means strength or vigor and going by this, it is no wonder most people take a cup or two of coffee to keep them alert and awake and especially when they are working late night or on duty.


The lovers of coffee as a beverage will tell you that coffee is not just coffee because of its name. There are various tastes of coffee and types as earlier mentioned above. As a result of the many tastes and many people interested in various different tastes, it necessitates that few or most individuals will want to sample the very best of their choice of coffee, this henceforth leads to you looking for the best coffee shops near you because not all coffee shops or cafes or stands or places will give the best you might be looking for.
Arabica and Robusta are the most common heard of types of coffee around the world, the two types are commonly found in almost all the shops, restaurants, hotels and even cafes. Other types of coffees include; Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe Latte, Cafe au Lait, Cafe Mocha, and Caramel Macchiato, all these are coffees and the name is only determined by the method of preparation and the slight difference in the ingredients put. The flavors are preferred by individuals too hence the various tastes.


A coffee shop or coffee house or café as sometimes referred to is an establishment or place that basically serves hot coffee and related coffee beverages to a large extent and sometimes other hot beverages. There are some others that serve iced coffee and iced tea which are types of cold beverages as well as some snacks.

These coffee houses or shops could range from small establishments to large entities. As briefly stated above, coffee is a hugely and a largely enjoyed beverage around the world, this, therefore, increases the demand for its accessibility everywhere. In locating a coffee shop near you, technology has come in handy and made this kind of adventures or processes quick and easy as at a snap of your fingers, for instance, www.zomato.com/coffee-shop-near-me and www.findmecoffee.com are some of the most used websites links that when clicked on will bring you a catalogue of the coffee shops near you and all left for you do is to drive or even walk to one of your choice. When you click on any of such website pages in search of a coffee shop near you, all you need to do is to key in the information concerning your current where about, that is, either key in your address, city, state or zip code into the search box and a list of all the coffee shops around you will be brought on the screen of your computer or mobile gadgets for you to choose. This is indeed easy.

Coffee shops are well spread around the world and some of these shops are actually chains of coffee shops either owned by a family, one business person or partners who are not only satisfied in being located in one city or town but are striving to meet the global demand hence the need for even spreading of their coffee shops. The search for a coffee shop near you has been made even easier by the development of many applications that are usually free to use on your computers or mobile devices or at just a very small fee. These Smartphone’s’ applications are an important aid to your journey of finding a coffee shop near you, in the vicinity or area you reside. Most of these applications contain contact details and physical addresses to these businesses or coffee shops and the clients’ feedback at the same time.

Some of these applications include among others; Barist, my Starbucks, Dunkin’s run and Bean Hunter. You can and are able to browse your search list from your smartphone application.

While in the United States, nice and renowned coffee shops could be found in the following states, cities and towns; Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, California, Atlanta, Massachusetts, Boston, Texas, Dallas, New York, North Carolina, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida and Hawaii just but to name  a few places to find these very sort after coffee shops.


As mentioned above, finding a coffee shop or stand near you has been made easy by the developments and milestones achieved in the internet and other forms of technology. Therefore, in trying to locate a coffee stand near you, all you might need to have is quick internet on a computer or your internet-enabled mobile device, click onto any coffee shop website availed to you and you will in a snap of your fingers be in full glare of a list with names and the physical addresses and directions of the various coffee stands near you.

Apart from the use of the most popularized internet, it is also possible to use the Google maps for your search of any nearby coffee stand. While using the Google maps, first, open the Google map app, feed in the place you are looking for by name and have your answers displayed on the screen in terms of locations and directions. If you are not in a hurry to locate the coffee stands near you, it is an adventure just to walk around in search of the same around the neighborhood which also gives you an opportunity to exercise and have a view and knowledge of the places too.

The use of the internet to find these very best coffee shops near you cannot be ignored. The Google maps and even more the telephone directories are a super means and way to get the best of coffee shops near you. Finding the best coffee shops near you in the United States, therefore, has been made easier and fast by the methods mentioned above. Globally, a few names of the considered best coffee shops pop up when coffee places are mentioned.

Oddly Correct is one of these many shops that is found in Kansas City. The French Press located in Santa Barbara, California. Everyman Espresso in New York is known for its tasty coffee leaving the customers feeling good about themselves. Go Get Em Tiger in Los Angeles which has been a huge stopover for many residents and visitors in Los Angeles for in this shop, taking coffee has been made fun and casual. Saint Franks in San Francisco, Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia, Peregrine Espresso in Washington DC, Milstead and Co., in Seattle, Commonplace coffee in Pittsburgh, Ipsento in western avenue Chicago, Four barrel which has like four locations in San Francisco, Abraco in New York City has an overflow of its coffee shops around too, Coava coffee in Portland and many others well spread in the United States.

Coffee as a beverage is one of the most popular drink, therefore, as a coffee lover, you will want to get at all the best coffee shops available regardless of your current location. The best coffee shops mentioned above offer surety in the following areas, good coffee found in the best coffee shops is a boost in your moods, this happens by the boost of dopamine in the brain. This good coffee also taken regularly wades away diabetes; it also protects your heart from heart failure. Coffee served in these best coffee shops also is good for people who have Parkinson’s disease control their movements and lowers the risk of the same. Good coffee also keeps gallstones away when you take it regularly. These are just a few advantages of taking coffee and especially in these best coffee shops around town.

Some of these best coffee shops near you are easily found because of their good name and fame in the kind of coffees they offer to clients, this, therefore, means that you are likely to hear a mention of the best coffee shops around town either by friends or neighbors or even to an extend find its story on print media or even on television cast. You might at one point just locate one of the best coffee shops as a result of a recommendation from a person who has been in one of the shops which will have made your search journey easy, short and even less expensive.

As seen above, it will be next to impossible not to find a good coffee place or shop around you no matter the current location you might be at a particular time in your course of life.