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Coffee Shops Near Me

When I need to get some work done – and I mean really get some work done – regardless of where I am, I always look for coffee shops near me. There’s nothing quite like sitting down on the laptop with a hot cup of coffee and getting some real work done.

But that’s just me. There are 100 other reasons you might be looking for local cafes near me, or coffee shops in your area. Whether you’re just looking to get out of the house, a quick walk during your lunch hour, or simply to grab a nice hot cup of coffee, our app and website will let you find the best coffee shop in your neighbourhood.

Best Coffee Shops Near Me – Use the Google Map

When we say the best coffee shop we mean it. Our app lets you find the closest cafes nearby and lets you view real customer ratings so you can see where the best local spots are in town. Use the app by confirming your location or entering your address into the search bar and clicking find.

We’ll find you all kinds of local coffee shops waiting to be explored.

Working from a coffee shop

Now I mentioned that I typically work from many coffee shops and cafes. For the cost of a cup of coffee I can spend the morning – if not much of the afternoon – in a coffee shop without being hassled. That’s much cheaper than renting an office.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of if you do plan to work from a cafe during your day. Firstly, bring your charger. There’s nothing worse than getting all setup only to realize you’re sitting at 10% battery. It’s also important to realize that you are taking up a seat at the coffee shop. While I don’t feel guilty if I’m only in there for a few hours if I’ve spent some money, you need to make sure you are a paying customer if you’re going to take a seat from someone else.

Cafes near me with free wifi

Most cafes these days will have free wifi. You may need to pay for lunch or a coffee and ask for the code in order to get access but many just offer it up for free. If you’re looking for a cafe with wifi, use the search bar at the top of the site to specify cafe with wifi in the keywords and we will find the best results near you.

Some of the fan facourite coffee shop brands in the world

There are some amazing coffee shop brands that have done extremely well for themselves. Here are some of the readers’ favourites:

  • Starbucks – the most favourited.
  • Tim Hortons – a Canadian favourite
  • Dunkin Donuts – coffee and donuts, what’s better?
  • McCafe – mixing coffee with a big mac!
  • Caribou Coffee

Organic and Fair Trade coffee shops

While it used to be quite difficult to find good organic and fair trade coffee shops, that’s not the case at all these days. Finding a great local fair trade or organic coffee shop near me is easier now than ever as more coffee companies are moving in this direction.

Vegan coffee shops

While coffee itself is vegan (as long as you use some sort of dairy-free milk) there are more and more vegan coffee shops appearing across many of the major and smaller cities. Use our web app if you’re looking for vegan coffee shops nearby.

Great things to eat at a coffee shop

There’s more to a coffee shop than just coffee, obviously. Many local cafes will serve a wide variety of sweets and some even a pretty robust lunch menu. My personal favourite is the go-to chicken wrap with a nice hot cup of bold coffee, black.

While your milage may vary, don’t discount a cafe or coffee shop thinking they don’t have great food – you can find some great hidden gems.