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CPR Classes Near Me

Getting certified in CPR is becoming more and more popular. Many employers regardless of industry, or requiring their employees to become certified in some sort of CPR.

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and consists of breathing techniques and the technique to restart an individual’s heart.

If you work in any sort of health professional role chances are you either have a CPR certification or are required to get one before starting work. If you were wondering whether or not your employer can require you to have a CPR certification the answer is yes. If you are dealing with children or the elderly you may also be asked to receive a CPR certification. Fortunately for you there are many locations in your area that offer CPR classes for you. Here at Find It Near Me we hope to connect you with the best local CPR classes near me in your area.

CPR Classes Near Me – Use The Map

To start, use the map result below in order to find a local CPR class in your area. Likewise, you can use the button to identify your location and allow us to show you specific businesses close to you that offer CPR classes. You will be able to see their website, their phone number, and when they’re open throughout the week and weekend. if you have any issues or run into any problems finding CPR classes near me don’t hesitate to let us know.

CPR Certifications Near Me – What To Expect

Getting certified in CPR is not a difficult task. While it may take a little bit to get out of your comfort zone, and some time out of your day it is a very important certification to have if you deal with the public or in any sort of health professional role.

Different CPR Levels and Types

Depending on your job type or your requirements for CPR, you may be certified in a variety of different levels within the CPR certification. We will review some of the more common CPR certifications and what they entail below.


CPR-A is the most common CPR certification where the a stands for adults. This means that you are certified to perform CPR on an adult person.


CPR-C he’s becoming more and more popular and is a mandatory certification for those working with children in daycares or other child minding roles.The C in CPR-C stands for children and with this specific certification you will be able to perform CPR on children and infants.


AED stands for automated external defibrillator and is a device that will send an electric shock in order to recharge or restart one’s heart. Getting certified in CPR – AED allows you use these external defibrillators when available.

How much does a CPR class cost?

CPR classes are not expensive and there are many cheap cpr classes near me that you can find. You can expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $100 depending on the level of your certification, the company that you choose to go with, and whether or not you include any additional certifications such as first date or other levels of CPR.

How long does a CPR class take?

A CPR class can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day depending on the type of CPR certification that you were doing. In most cases a CPR-A class will take upwards of four hours, where a CPR-C class will take closer to 628 hours to complete. Most times the company will combine the CPR-A and CPR-C class and allow the CPR a participant’s to leave after the first half.

What should I wear to a CPR class?

When you were going to CPR classes near me make sure you wear something comfortable. Odds are he will be required to participate throughout the class which means you may be required to lie down or kneel on the floor, or other Physical movements.

Personally, I like to wear something like a T-shirt and jeans with a nice pair of running sneakers and make sure that I am comfortable in whatever I’m wearing.

How long is a CPR certification good for?

CPR certification is usually good for one full year. it is important that if a CPR certification is required for your employment that you find the net CPR classes near me in order to become recertified before your expiration date. Recertification classes are often less expensive and take less time than a standard CPR certification class.