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How to find Cracker barrel near me when looking for delicious home made food taste? Well now it will be really easy with information we have provided for you including maps and menus. In every city, there is a Cracker Barrel around and depending on which side of the city you are in, you will need to narrow down your search further and get the exact location in relation to where you are now. Using the same website, clicking on the city that you are in right now; this will open another page that will give you the exact address of the restaurant. Knowing the exact street or lane where the restaurant is will help you to locate it easily and also very fast. Even so, I believe the first place you should look is the nearest highway because they are mostly located in highways as the intention initially was to draw highway users to the filling stations and since it became exceedingly popular, it became the mainstream and therefore no need for filling stations.


To find answer to how to find Cracker Barrel near me now we have provided an easy solution. Simply by selecting desired closest Cracker Barrel location map will provide detailed information how to reach it.

To have map functioning properly please have your GPS location enabled on your mobile device.

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As mentioned earlier, there are several locations of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant of up to six hundred and thirty-nine across the United States. The States that enjoy these services are 43 in numbers and they are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland,Massachusetts, Michigan, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, South Carolina,Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, ,Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin. As long as your current location is in any of the above States, you are definitely catered for. There is no need for you to worry whether you will be able to keep enjoying their meals or not.


In the event that you are looking to eat out, regardless of the meal, you can easily get to locate Cracker Barrel restaurant closest to you by simply visiting their website and going through their listed locations. When you click on any of the states listed, a page of all the cities in that state will be displayed and you will then get to choose the city that you are residing in. Alternatively, while using their store locator, you can simply feed the search box with your city, your state or your zip code for it to be able to identify where you are and consequently give you an appropriate feedback so that it can be super direct. Every State has a number of cities and this goes to show that the 639 locations are distributed throughout the different cities found in the different states. Knowing that there is a Cracker Barrel restaurant in the city that you are in is not yet enough, you can get further with their store locator and get finer details.


The most amazing thing about Cracker Barrel is that they always cook their meals in that home-style way and most meals are cooked after you have ordered to ensure that you enjoy a freshly made meal. They also have a policy that one should inform the server of any allergies they may have to avoid any kind of health problems after one partakes of their scrumptious meals. This can go to show that they also care and worry about their consumer’s health so that as you take care of their pockets; they take care of your health.


The restaurant has their favorite breakfast meals that they serve every day and it is usually their key breakfast items that they just mix and match in small portions to give you a well-balanced kind of meal. Their everyday favorite is served with coffee and beverages and can also go with a side plate. Their everyday favorite breakfast menu includes:
● Bacon and sausage with fried apples or hashbrown casserole.
● Apple and cinnamon oatmeal breakfast.
● Two eggs and biscuit.
● Hashbrowns, fried apples, and biscuit.
● One egg and bacon or sausage.
● Meat and biscuit and hash brown or fried apples.
● Eggs-in-the-basket.
● Egg sandwich.
● Biscuit and gravy with bacon or sausage.
● Gravy and biscuit.

CRACKER BARREL menu breakfast


● Premium blend coffee
● Juices
● Milk
● Florida Valencia orange juice
● Freshly brewed iced tea
● Old-fashioned lemonade.


To always ensure that their meals are what you hoped for, they will always use some of the finest ingredients and fresh produce so that their meals end up being rich in flavor, tasty and nutritious at all times be it a fancy fixing, your desired country plates or wholesome fixings; you will be guaranteed a sumptuous meal.

day Daily dinner features Weekday lunch specials
Monday Grilled pork chops Baked chicken and dressing.
Tuesday Lemon pepper, grilled rainbow trout Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
Wednesday Broccoli cheddar chicken Chicken pot pie
Thursday Turkey and dressing Turkey and dressing
Friday Friday fish fry Monday-FridayCountry house salad with grilled chicken
Saturday Chicken and rice
Sunday Home-style chicken


half pound hamburger Country chef salad Hot soup Country vegetable plate
Chicken salad Southern grilled chicken Caesar salad Bowl of pinto beans Whole kernel corn
Oven roasted turkey breast Grilled chicken salad Beans and greens Turnip greens
Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes Grilled chicken and fresh vegetable salad Breaded fried okra
U.S farm-raised catfish Fried chicken salad Tomato, cucumber and onion salad
Open-faced roast beef Apple and homemade chicken salad Fried apples
Grilled Reuben platter House salad Cole slaw


Other than the above, Cracker Barrel also has seasonal meals, meals for kids as well as dessert specialties. Having a specific menu for kids to choose from is a wise decision because children are not always open minded to try new things and therefore having meals that they are used to and appeals to them is wise. The menu for the above-mentioned categories is:


Momma’s pancake breakfast Double chocolate fudge coca-cola cake
Old timer’s breakfast Fruit cobbler with ice cream
Harvest apple roasted chicken Baked apple dumpling
Homemade chicken and dumplings All American apple pie with no sugar
Haddock dinner Frozen mug sundae with roasted almonds.
Double chocolate fudge coca-cola cake


Two pancakes Chicken tenderloin plate
Fresh fruit and yoghurt parfait Country fried shrimp plate
One egg and biscuit Homemade chicken and dumplings
Macaroni and cheese plate
Hamburger plate
Grilled American cheese sandwich
Country vegetable plate
Kid’s nut sundae


The restaurant industry has grown so fast over the years helping families enjoy time out together for dinner and giving the woman some time off from the kitchen and break the monotony of eating your own food. It is always great to indulge in foods that have completely different recipes from what you are used to. Cracker Barrel is one of the most popular restaurants that can never fail or make you regret your choice to take you family or loved ones out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is always worth it. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc is a publicly traded industry under restaurants that was founded by Dan Evins approximately 47 years ago. The headquarters of the restaurant is in Lebanon, Tennessee, United States the very first place it was established. Dan Evins was a sales representative by profession and was working with Shell oil and in a bid to improve the sells at Shell oil, he conceived the idea of building a restaurant and also a gift store that would attract the people that use the highway as it would offer cuisines from the southern parts that included biscuits, turnip greens, grits and country ham. Meals that would make anyone that was indulging feel at home. Judging by the way it was designed, the ‘feel at home’ effect was brought out clearly and it indeed captured a lot of customers for the meals and also gasoline.

Crack Barrel Store

Other than the design that has the Southern themes of the restaurants and store which includes a front porch, rocking chairs that are made from wood, a fireplace made of stones and artifacts used for decorations that are from the local area, they are also known to partner with country music artists who perform in the restaurant causing even a larger number of consumers to flood in; talk of a company that has perfected the art of attraction. The greater the effect he had on peoples with his services, the greater he became and opened several other restaurants in the different location. At the beginning, the locations had filling stations but as he progressed, he dropped the gas stations and became more focused on the restaurant business. In 1981, Cracker Barrel was traded publicly so as to increase its chances of growing and ever since, there have been over six hundred and thirty-nine different locations that serve the United States. Its popularity has grown so much and numerous people from different states are constantly looking for this restaurant because they have grown accustomed to their menu and the feeling they get while there. Other than the initial menu, they have added local dishes to their menu so that it can capture a wider consumer clientele to break the monotony of the South dishes and cater for every person’s needs. For this very reason, being able to locate the nearest Cracker Barrel is of utmost importance to people.

How to find CRACKER BARREL locations other options

In trying to locate a Cracker Barrel store or restaurant, you can simply use a google map that is easily accessible either on your mobile device or even on your computer. Google map is capable of locating any store, restaurant or any other destination for you as long as you have the specific details like names to use for the search. Google maps are simple with a very user-friendly interface that will make your experience stress-free.

There are other websites that can help you with your search for Cracker Barrel restaurants and stores across the United States. For example, www.loc8nearme.com ; this is a site that has Cracker Barrel’s listings and therefore it can simplify you work a great deal saving your precious time. The information needed while using specific websites like the above-mentioned is your City, State or your zip code. Using either of this information can help the search making it simpler and more direct especially when using a zip code because this will narrow it down to an exact location within the environment that you are in