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How to find Delivery near me you might ask yourself? Then look no further because we have prepared for your to find nearest Delivery near me now answer.

Delivery near me – Use the Map

To find closest Delivery near me places we have provided for you interactive map. Just tap or click on the desired delivery near you location, and details will be shown to you on the map.

Please do not forget to have enabled GPS location on your mobile device, otherwise map will not display delivery near you locations.

Chinese restaurants that delivers near me

One of the most famous delivery services in the US nowadays is Chinese food. Americans just love to eat Chinese takeout for all their meals because it is awesome and delicious. Due to this fact, the industry of Chinese restaurant deliveries is in craze. Here are some of the Chinese restaurants that delivers and might be near you.

Mandarin Garden

This restaurant is quite nice as you get to have some peace and quiet together with a casual setting if you happen to want to go to the physical location of it. They have a lot of traditional Chinese cuisine and even lunch specials to go with them. The best part about it is that they can deliver it straight to your house.

Hot Wok Restaurant

In Copperas Cove in Texas, Hot Wok is one of the most awesome Chinese restaurants if you want something that is delicious and delivered hot to your doorsteps. Talk about great service! In the resto itself, you can enjoy the ambiance as it has a casual setting together with the quiet mood of the place. Delivery is just one call away and you will hear their knock on your door soon.


Another Chinese food restaurant that offers delivery is Beijing Asian that has all your Chinese favorites and classics all in one place. The place itself is pretty quiet even if it is casual and they have vegetarian options for the inner vegetarian in you. You can find them at Maineville in Ohio if you want to visit them and have a nice time within.

Mr Wok

If you want a classic Chinese buffet near me to be found, such as Mongolian food, curry chicken and beef then this one is your pick of resto as they offer free delivery to your house as long as it is within reasonable range from their restaurant at Arlington in Texas. They also have vegetarian food that you can try out and the place is pretty casual and quiet.

Chop Stix

In Florida, specifically in Santa Rosa beach, this is one of the restaurants to go to with their quiet and cosy place and yet casual atmosphere, it is perfect for a ME-time. The food is great and so are the drinks and you will most definitely love it here as they serve you their most favorite ones. Of course, they also offer delivery if you do not feel like going to their shop, you can just order online or contact them out.

Tang’s Restaurant

If you want Cantonese food or maybe Sichuan and Hunan, then this is definitely your resto pick. They have lunch specials together with their great cocktails so you might as well make the most out of your visit. You can find them at Grayslake in Illinois where they have vegetarian options meant for you if you ever have the need for them. The place is casual and quiet too so you do not have definitely would not have any problems regarding these type of things.

Jade Palace

For something relaxed and casual place, Jade palace is your place to go with their Cantonese dishes and Chinese dishes and their combination plates, this would definitely be your place to be once you have tried the restaurant out. You can find the restaurant in Wappingers Falls in New York so no need to risk going to unfamiliar places when you can have it all in here.

New Dragon

A Chinese resto found in Blairsville in Pennsylvania is New Dragon that offers you a casual and quiet getaway from all your stress together with vegetarian options that will mostly keep your health in check. You also get to enjoy their food and they have delivery options that you can opt for those lazy days when you do not want to get out of the house.


Chinese or Thai or do you love both of them? If so, then do not go without the other with this restaurant that is located in a strip mall in Skillman in New Jersey where in you get some laidback feels, quiet and cosy atmosphere together with a casual ambiance and yet you will realize that delivery is a good thing too so you can just go for Chinese delivery whenever you feel too lazy to do so.

Panda Express

A fast food chain for those that has high standards in Chinese cuisine and wants some healthy options to go with their menu, panda express is the right choice for you. It can be found in O’Fallon in Illinois and they offer takeaway and delivery services that will surely make you a whole lot happier. The food is great and you will definitely love their packaging.

China Wok

For those late night eaters that are basically night owls, you want some place that delivers even around midnight and so on. No need to worry because in Panama City in Florida, China wok will do just that for you. They also have vegetarian options that will definitely satisfy your cravings. They also have Chinese dishes and even sushi to suit your tastes. Just call them and they will come running to your aid for anything that you might want or need or something like that. So if you are not going to anywhere, you would want to pay them a visit.

Golden China Restaurant

For those that wants a lot of Chinese classics together with a casual and quiet ambiance or at the benefit at your own house and vegetarian options, this should be on your top list because Golden China has all of that for you with their lengthy menu and their awesome food, you can never go wrong by picking this for any meals of your day. Try it out today and see the difference.

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine

This one has already been established by name in the Chinese delivery industry as they serve street food of Chinese origin together with a lot of entrees and Chinese classics. You will find the place at Miramar Beach in Florida and you will squeal in delight when you figure out that they have vegetarian offers for you and your healthy body.

Asian Garden

If you want Nepalese, Indian and Chinese food all in one place, then Asian Garden is truly the garden for you. Have your pick of any food that you might want as long as you feel like eating them for dine-in or even for takeout. You can also have them for delivery when those lazy days attack you and you have no option but to get your phone out and make a call. If you happen to be in Ocean City in Maryland, then you might want to try this restaurant out.

Kam Meng

This one restaurant serves classic Chinese food and even serves gluten free food and seafood all in one place. You even get a great selection of tee and a quiet and casual place that will totally rock your world. You can find the restaurant in Newport in Oregon should you want to try out the restaurant and have some fun together with eating with friends.

Teriyaki Ha Ha

This place is great with its casual setting and quiet atmosphere. Teriyaki Ha Ha is found in St. Augustine in Florida should you have any questions regarding their services. They also have vegetarian options that you can pick if you want to and they do offer delivery if you do not feel like going outside the house at all and want to eat something Chinese. You can help the delivery person by giving him the exact amount of payable or cashless payments instead of waiting for a change.

Golden Dragon

A Chinese family cuisine that is a local branch and has a roomy place with the traditional Chinese décor that you usually see in places you have been before. They have vegetarian options and the place is quiet and casual to fit your needs. You can go visit them at Tucson in Arizona should you want to experience first-hand what this place has to offer for you. The food is totally delicious so you do not have to worry about that or anything at all, you just need to see if the food suites your taste.


If you want creative plates, Chinatown has it all for you by providing you modern art and classic Chinese food as well. They even have karaoke which is perfect for those that are musically inclined; after all, everyone loves a good music show. They also do delivery if you happen to be tired from work and just want to start relaxing and the likes. The resto can be found in Austin Texas and they also offer great cocktails in case you are wondering.

City Lights of China

Simplicity is beauty and that is exactly what the City of lights is trying to show the world as it serves large portions of standard Chinese food together with its casual and quiet ambiance and cosy atmosphere. If you want some peace and relaxation time away from work and your house, you can go here. Or you can make them deliver your food to your doorstep and call them up.

China City

One of the best things about China city is that the dining room is definitely stylish and their lounge is wide enough to fit a lot of people and they have a wide selection of dishes. Their restaurant is a go to at Oak Harbor in Washington and they have great cocktails and tea selections. The place is quiet and delivery services are totally available should you find that you want to try it out.

China Express

Forget about everything else as this resto offers you more than twenty special lunches to choose from and a vast choice between Hunan and Sichuan dishes that are available at this restaurant. They are available for dine in and takeout but if you want it delivered to your house, that can be arranged too. Just visit them at Vienna in Virginia for more details regarding just that. They also are into Mongolian food so they can cook that for you if you wanted to.