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DMV Near Me

There’s nothing worse than sitting through the long line in a DMV. What’s worse though is having to drive a significant distance in order to get there. Hopefully we can help you find a DMV near me and make your next trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles a better experience.

What does the DMV stand for?

DMV stands for the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some locations, this is also referred to as the “RMV” or the Registry of Motor Vehicles, but they essentially do the same thing.

Find a DMV Near Me Using the Map

Use the below map to location a DMV in your area. Be sure to check the types of services they offer and their hours of operation as they are not all consistent.

What are some of the things that you can do at a DMV:

  • Apply for a drivers license or a state or province issued identification.
  • Take your drivers test – both written and the road test.
  • Renew your drivers license as it expires.
  • Register a new vehicle in your name and acquire your license plate.
  • Renew your license plates.

What are they wait times like at most DMVs?

It really depends on the time of year, the time of day, and the day of the week. I know that sounds like a lot of things to consider but it’s true. Let me give you a scenario:

If you drop in to a DMV on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend to renew your drivers license, chances are you’re wait time could easily be an hour or more.

However, if you are able to get there (and usually wait in line) before the DMV opens on say a Wednesday or Thursday morning then you might be able to get right in and only have to wait a few minutes.

Fastest DMV Near Me: How to choose where to go

Now that you understand that there could be a bit of a wait involved in visiting a DMV near me, you should also learn how to choose the fastest DMV near me or the DMV near me with no wait time.

There are a few things that you can do in order to avoid this headache:

1) Always call ahead of time and ask how long of a wait time there is. Not all DMVs will be able to tell you exactly as timing can change quickly, but if an agent is able to answer the phone and let you know, then that’s the best case.

2) Check the Google Reviews. Be sure to look at all the reviews of the DMV online. To be honest, there will be a lot of negative renews as the DMVs are not known for their speedy service, however, pay attention to any of the positive reviews that indicate what time of day they went.

3) Choose a DMV that is more rural and not around a highly populated center. I always drive a little further to go to a DMV near me that’s on the outskirts of town rather than walking to the one that’s downtown. This way you’ll be able to avoid the long lines.

Is there an online DMV? Can I renew my license online?

While many states and provinces have an online portal to their department of motor vehicles, it is limited in what it can do. Most of them can renew license places and start a vehicle registration. You may even be able to book your drivers test online as well by accessing the state’s DMV website.

However, if you are looking to renew your drivers license or get a license or identification issued you will need to go into the local branch of the DMV/RMV. Why? Well mainly because they will need to take a picture of you in order to update your license, but there are other limitations simply imposed by the online solution.

Always be sure to check out what you can get done online before wasting too much time visiting a DMV near me. Here’s a link for our American friends: https://www.usa.gov/motor-vehicle-services and here’s a link for our Canadian friends: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/subjects/cards/drivers_licence.shtml