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Dog Park Near Me

Getting out and letting your dog enjoy some nice play time in a local dog park near me is a great way for them to get their exercise and let them wear themselves out a little bit for the day. It’s very common to find multiple on and off leash dog parks in every major city with many also being available in more rural locations.

However, there are a few things to consider when taking your dog to a dog park – especially for the first time. Hopefully this article not only helps you find a local dog park but also gives you some advice on what to expect.

Dog Park Near Me – Locate a park on the map

Use the map below to find a potential dog park in your area. Note that many dog parks are not staffed and therefore do not have contact information or a website to view. However, there are a lot of great finds in each area.

Off leash dog park near me

If your dog has great recall and is well socialized, it’s recommended that you try out an off-lease dog park near me. Off leash parks allow your dog to freely roam and play without being tethered to a leash at all times.

Be aware that you will find lots of dogs here as off-leash parks are very popular. Just because your dog is well mannered does not mean that everyone elses’ is so keep that in mind.

Having a treat or a favourite toy on hand is a great way to help with recall during times of intense play so don’t forget them when you’re head out of the door.

On leash dog part near me

On leash dog parks are well, just parks. Many parks allow dogs on leash and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one to enjoy in your area. While it’s true that some people do let their dogs off leash in some of these parks, however, it’s not recommended as there are usually many people there trying to enjoy themselves in the park that could potentially be afraid of dogs.

Keep your dog close to you at all time in parks and make sure they don’t stray too far.

Indoor vs outdoor dog parks

In some cities you might be able to find indoor dog parks. While they are still fairly uncommon the idea is great. Think of it has an indoor play place for dogs instead of kids. You bring you dogs there and while they play you can socialize with the other owners.

Just like off leash dog parks, your dog needs to be well behaved in order to participate in an indoor dog park.

Some of the fan favourite dog parks

Dog wood park in Jacksonville, Florida.

Thornberry Off-leash dog park in Ioa City, Iowa

Beneful Dream Dog Park in Alabaster, Alabama.

Pilgrim Bark Park in Provincetown, MA

Fort Woof in Fort Worth, TX.

Do off leash dog parks cost money?

Not usually. There are many great free off leash dog parks near me that you will be able to find. However, some parks (and some of the above parks) do operate by cost or donation so having a little bit of change with you when you go is not a bad idea.

Does my dog have to be fixed to go to a park?

This question comes up a lot when people are looking for dog parks in their area and the answer is no. Your dog does not have to be fixed in order to go to a dog park.

Just remember that other dogs may not be fixed either and having to watch your dog constantly might be more of a hassle than it’s worth. While we recommend getting your dog fixed, we also understand that not everyone wants to take that route.

Can my dog get kennel cough at a dog park?

Definitely. Kennel cough is extremely contagious to dogs and playing in a local off leash dog park near me is going to expose your dog to a lot of different germs.

Also, just because your dog has been vaccinated against kennel cough doesn’t mean they won’t get it. It is similar to your flu shot – it helps but it is not going to completely protect you if you are exposed for a while.