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Dollar Store Near Me

Finding a Dollar Store Near Me

Dollar Stores are a gem in any community offering everyday items at a discounted price. Being able to reduce your cost on a multitude of items can prove to be a real money saver for families. However, not all dollar stores are the same. Some stores offer products priced under 10 dollars, while others boast that everything they sell is a dollar.

With Near-me.co, you can easily find all of the dollar stores that surround your particular location. Whether you live in a small town like Peoria, Illinois or a large city like San Francisco, California, this Google custom search will provide a list of stores in your area. This search is not only fast, but it provides reliable and up to date information.

Using Near-me.co to find a dollar store near me is easy. In the search bar located on the Near-me.co homepage, simply type the name of your city and then type “dollar store”. Some city names are quite popular. There are 41 cities named Springfield in the United States alone. Consequently, you may get more accurate results if you first type your city name, followed by your state’s initials, and then type in the item you’re looking for. For example: “Springfield Ky dollar store”. Another expedient option is to type the zip code of the central location of your search and then follow it with the words “dollar store”. For example: “40069 dollar store”.

 Dollar Store Near Me – Use the map

How can I use the Near-me.co Search to Find a Dollar Store Near Me?

Simply typing in the name of your location followed by the words “Dollar Store” will yield a list of stores for you to consider. To narrow down this search, you need to identify the criteria that are most important to you. If travel time is a factor you will want to find one that is on a familiar nearby road. On the other hand, if you are looking for a particular store franchise or type of dollar store, you will need to scan the results to identify those stores. Often the results will specifically link to the store’s web site. This will give you not only their exact address, but also their phone number and hours of operation. You’ll want to make sure the store is open before you head their way.

 How to Choose the Best Dollar Store Near Me?

As dollar stores have become increasingly popular, it is common to find several about town. Choosing the best dollar store for your needs requires a bit understanding in what makes these stores different. Some dollar stores resemble the old dime stores of the 20th century in that they offer a variety of items primarily costing under ten dollars. However, there are other dollar stores that more closely resemble their name. They only offer items priced at exactly $1.00. While both types of stores will have items at a bargain price, they will carry different types of merchandise suited to their pricing system.

 What are the Main Dollar Store Franchises in USA?

The following is a list of the major dollar store franchises in the United States and what they basically offer. This will give you an idea of the store that might fit your shopping needs.

  1. Dollar General
    – Prices range usually under 10 dollars
    – Tends to be a larger store and sells a wide range of groceries, clothing and other items
    2. Family Dollar
    – Prices range usually under 10 dollars
    – Tends to be a larger store sells groceries, pet supplies, clothing and home décor items
    3. Dollar Tree
    – Prices are $1 exactly
    – Sells some groceries including freezer items, a large amount of party and holiday items, and miscellaneous products and supplies.
    4. 99¢ Only
    – Prices are $0.99 exactly
    – Sells Groceries, fresh and organic produce, party and holiday items