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Dominos Near Me Open Now

Finding Dominos near me has been question that lots of pizza fans wanted to find answer to. We have introduced new and easy nearest Domino’s pizza restaurants finder.

Dominos pizza near me – Find it with the map

To find Dominos near your location simply use the map below provided. Just don’t forget to turn on your GPS location on so it can successfully show you the closest Domino’s pizza restaurants near you.

Domino’s Store Locator.

Dominos Pizza has for their customers presented Domino’s nearest restaurant locator for the USA.

In order if in any case you didn’t manage to find Domino’s location near your position, the you could try official store locator. Store locator contains Domino’s opening hours and also a map of location.

Dominos pizza delivery near me – 30 minute guarantee

Domino’s shop has long offered a 30 minute guarantee of delivery or else your pizza is free. Due to some circumstances, many branches do not practice this anymore. There are still branches that offer this but do not necessarily give back money refund but coupon refund. In India, the refund is only valid for orders that are less than 4 pizzas.

Throughout the years, Domino’s has shown that it is one of the strongest pizza chains in the world and it has been that way since. Truly, the pizzas at Domino’s are delicious and to die for compared to other pizza restaurants. If you want some nice pizza that has been continuously made for many decades, then Domino’s pizza is the right pizzeria to go to. They offer a lot of pizza that would surely pique your taste. Try it to know it and to taste the difference.

Dominos phone number

Dominos are famous about their customer care and service provided. Their phone numbers are location specific but the main numbers are:

USA Headquarters phone number:

Customer Services: 1-734-930-3030.

Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 18:00 (8am-6pm)

Dominos Holiday Hours

Domino’s working hours are limited on holidays depending on location but on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving is closed.

Limited opening hours:

  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Columbus Day

Domino’s pizza – Dominos near me

Americans love pizza as much as they love to breathe. Pizza is practically one of the staple food they live on especially as seen on movies wherein the main characters always tend to order pizza. As much as it can be enjoyed while being delivered to your house, there are also times when you want to go to a restaurant to enjoy the hot pizza being served there. This is when Domino’s pizza comes into the picture.

Domino’s Pizza is a restaurant chain that started in America but is now available internationally. It was founded in 1960 and is now available in 81 countries and is the second largest pizza chain next to Pizza hut. It is one of the most sought after pizza restaurants all over the world as it gives pizzas that are high quality and perfect for the customers’ tastes.

Top Apps for finding Dominos pizza near me

In these days everyoe has a mobile phone so make sure you check out these Dominos pizza near me apps

  • Google Play Dominos pizza near me App Dominos pizza locator Play Store
  • Apple Store Dominos pizza near me App Dominos pizza locator Apple Store

Also there are other apps (Ios, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) that are similar for finding excellent pizza like Pizza finder, Foodspotting, Yelp Restaurants near me, etc.

Dominos pizza near me locator

You can also find some of the best Pizza Near Me locations.

Domino’s pizza name – How it all started

It all started around 1960 when James Monaghan and his brother Tom purchased a small pizza shop named DomiNick’s located at Ypsilati, Michigan which is quite near Easter Michigan University. The deal was done by paying a down payment of $500 and then adding an additional $900 which the brothers borrowed in order to pay for the shop. The plan was that the brothers would be splitting their work hours evenly but they did not as James did not like to stop in doing his job as a full time postman. After eight months, James has decided to trade his part of the business to his brother, Tom for his Volkswagen Beetle that was then being used for deliveries.

Around 1965, Tom Monaghan purchased two more pizzerias. He wanted to use the same name as his first pizzeria but the owner did not let him use the DomiNick’s name. And then one day, when an employee came back from delivering pizza, he suggested naming the pizzeria, Domino’s. Tom loved the name and so he renamed his business into Domino’s Pizza Inc., at that year.
The original logo that was supposed to be used by the company has three dots to represent the stores that were currently open during 1965. Tom has his mind set on adding additional dots with every new store that would open but as soon as Domino’s experienced really fast growth, the idea has then faded. Domino’s Pizza store has opened its very first franchise in 1967 and around 1978 the number of stores has reached 200.
There were some problems around 1975 as Domino’s faced a lawsuit against Amstar Corporation, the one who made Domino Sugar, saying that there were some infringements in their trademark. However, on the 2nd day of May, 1980 the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals at New Orleans has found the case in favor of Domino’s Pizza Inc.

International expansion
Domino’s opened its very first store internationally on the 12th day of May, 1983 at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. On that very same year, Domino has then opened its one thousand store. Around 1985, Domino’s has their very first store opened in Luton, United Kingdom. At that same year, they also opened their first store in Tokyo. Around 1993, they became the second American restaurant to be able to open a franchise in the Dominican Republic and the very first one to open a restaurant in Haiti. Around 1995, Domino’s has 1000 locations internationally. In 1997, the 1500th international restaurant of Domino’s opened as seven stores opened simultaneously in a day across the five continents of the world. As of 2016, there are around 6,000 international branches of the said pizza shop and there are plans of its expansion on the birthplace of pizza Italy. The CEO of the company, Patrick Doyle stated that the company would be concentrating on the delivery at the said country.
After 38 years of owning Domino’s Pizza Inc., at 1988, the founder Tom Monaghan has stated that he wanted to retire and sold 93 % of the company to Bain Capital, Inc. for around $1 billion and stopped his involvement on the daily operations of the pizzeria. One year after this, David Brandon was named as the CEO.
The menu of every Domino’s restaurant varies on the place that the restaurant is located in. The current menu in the United States of America has a variety of different Italian-American dishes and entrees. Of course, the main dish is pizza, which is available in its traditional look or can be custom made depending on the availability of the crusts and toppings. Around 2011, Domino’s has decided to launch artisan-style pizzas and added some entrees such as bread bowls, pasta, oven baked sandwiches and the like. They also offer desserts, beverages, breadsticks and side dishes of chicken.

Since its founding up until the 1990s, the Domino’s Pizza menu was relatively simple as opposed to other fast food restaurant chains which ensured the efficiency and the time it took the delivery of the pizza. Their menu consisted of two sizes of pizza: 16 inches and 12 inches, 11 different toppings to choose from, and Coca cola as the sole option for the soft drink.

The very first expansion of their menu happened in 1989 where they decided to venture deep dish or pan pizza. This is to follow the research that said that around forty percent of customers wanted thick crusts. That product launch has cost the company around $25 million, wherein $15 were spent on new pans that has perforated bottoms. After this, Domino’s has also ventured on extra-large pizza sizes that started at a 30 slice pizza that was a yard long and called, “The Dominator”
Another upgrade in their menu came around August 2002 as they try to go with the market trend of bite-sized food using spicy Buffalo Chicken Kickers, that was used as an alternative to the all-time favorite Buffalo wings. This is similar to the concept of chicken fingers and was breaded, and baked and packaged in a customized box that has two types of sauce to which the chicken can be cooled down or heated up.

On August, 2003, Domino’s has announced a new pizza, that they had not done ever since 2000, the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. This product has also marked the start of their partnership with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Since then, Domino’s has kept on moving towards specialty pizza in 2006, with its new pizza, Brooklyn Style pizza which featured a thin crust and has cornmeal baked in order to add some crispiness. It also has larger slices so that it can be folded into the style of New York style pizza.
Around 2008, Domino’s has decided to take a venture when they branched into a non-pizza product, the oven-baked sandwiches which they offered in 4 styles. They intended to compete originally with the toasted submarine sandwiches that were offered by Subway’s. Around its early marketing days, there were different offers such as free sandwiches to any customers that has a name of Jared which is the name of the spokesman of Subway’s
Around 2009, Domino’s started to introduce a new line of pizza named American legends. It featured 40% more cheese than its regular pizzas and a whole lot more variety of toppings. With that said, at the very same year, Domino’s has begun to sell a pasta entrée called bread bowl pasta, which is a bread bowl baked together with a pasta inside it. They also lunch a dessert called lava crunch cake which is made of a crunchy chocolate filled inside with warm fudge chocolate. Domino’s promoted their dessert by sending 1,000 cakes at the Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor center in Washington State.
After their 50th anniversary in 2010, the company has decided changing their pizza recipe from the well-known crust up to making large changes in their cheese, sauce and dough that were used in making their pizza. This is because to the taste issues of their pizzas that were called upon their attention by the public.
On 2012, Domino’s announced that they were going to stop making pan pizza and then after that, Deep dish pizzas were discontinued and removed from the menu after 23 years of staying there.
On 2013, Domino’s pizza located in Israel has named its very first vegan pizza that used soy-based cheese to substitute the normal cheese. It was an instant hit and was loved by the people.
Even after many problems arising from 2009 to 2016, including the sufferings and unemployment in America, the sales of Domino’s has continued to rise dramatically throughout all of these problems because of its efforts to adjust to the desire of the customers.
Around 2014, Domino’s Pizza that is located at Nigeria has decided to introduce the new Beef Stew Pizza and Jollof Rice Pizza.
Domino’s has always just served Coca cola products ever since it first opened. It is the only “Big four” pizza to do this. Its rivals, Little Caesars and Papa John’s pizza which used to sell Coca cola in the past years has switch to Pepsi. Pizza Hut has a lifetime contract to sell products of pepsi because it was previously owned by PepsiCo. After some years, some Domino’s pizza chain such as that in Mexico, Malaysia, Spain, Pakistan, Taiwan and New Zealand has decided to switch to Pepsi as well.