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Dry Cleaners Near Me

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We all know that doing your own laundry is not an easy task so we tend to look for a laundry shop to do the job instead. But why not go for dry cleaning? It is a lot speedier, safer and when it comes to cleaning the result is way better than laundry. Finding any dry cleaners near me can be a little time consuming so we are here to help you!

Use the app below to confirm your location so we can identify the best local dry cleaners in your area. If you have any issues confirming your location, simply enter your address into the search box below.

 Dry Cleaners Nearby – Search The Map Results

Feel free to use the map results here and contact the dry cleaners near me. You can ask for their rate first and see what would suit your budget before going to the shop.

Difference between laundry and dry cleaning

The traditional laundry cleaning uses water, detergent as well as softener to remove dirt in clothes while dry cleaning uses no water at all but instead uses a solvent called tetrachloroethylene also known as perchloroethylene (PERC), an organic chemical.

Are these “organic” chemicals safe you might wonder? There’s more information on health related facts to these chemicals on this website.

Brief History of Dry Cleaning

You might be surprised to know that it was by accident that lead to the discovery of dry cleaning way back in 1855. Thanks to the man Jean Baptiste Jolly, a French dye-works owner, it all happened when his maid unintentionally tipped over the kerosene lamp on a tablecloth. At first he was worried but he actually observed something quite peculiar, the cloth became even cleaner than it already was. With constant innovation the industry is now using the PERC as their main cleaning solvent.

Benefits of Dry Cleaners Near Me

● Saves time – the dry cleaning process is much faster than your regular laundering. And when you consider the pickup and delivery service that most dry cleaning services offer, it is very convenient to choose this option. You can get more done in the meantime rather than spending it all on fussing over laundry.

● Less damaging – although many detergent soaps can remove stains and odours, little by little it is damaging your clothes. On the other hand professional dry cleaners know how to handle specific clothes and what cleaning solvent to use. Remember they are the experts in this field so rest assured the quality of your clothes are protected.

● Easy access – searching for local dry cleaners around your area is like a walk in the park. You can use the map to specifically find the best dry cleaner near you.

Some things to consider before dropping your clothes at the Dry Cleaners

● First things first, check your pockets! Be sure they are empty, it is a common scenario where people forget some of their personal belongings inside the pocket so be sure to double check there’s nothing in them.

● Take note any existing damage to your clothes and make sure the dry cleaner knows about it. They can offer alteration or fixing services such as missing buttons, broken zippers or even loose fibres.

Basic components of a dry cleaning machine

Did you ever wonder what the components of a dry cleaning machine are that make your clothes clean & presentable? Then I’ll list them for you.

● Holding or base tank

● Pump

● Filter

● Cylinder or wheel

Are there any disadvantages to using the Dry Cleaning method?

I don’t know if you can consider it as a con but I can say that the dry cleaning process is a bit more expensive than your laundry service. Also the fragrance of laundry cleaned clothes smells very good maybe because of the fabric conditioner being used.

Some people are allergic to the solvent being used in dry cleaning (which is PERC), which is why they prefer their clothes in the laundry instead.