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Emergency Dentist Near Me

Finding A Local Emergency Dentist

I’m so sorry that you are in need of an emergency dentist. I truly hope everything is okay. Fortunately, finding a local emergency dentist near me has never been easier.

Emergency Dentist Near Me – Maps

Use the blue button below to locate a 24 hour emergency dentist that’s close by in order to get looked at and assessed right away

 Using the map will give you the fastest access to finding a critical care dentist in your area while getting all the information you need on them – including hours of operation, location, phone number and more.

24 Hour Dentists Near Me – Get Access Around The Clock

It is also possible to find 24 hours dentists near me rather than relying on emergency dentists. While many dentists will help you in cases of an emergency, they can be more expensive than simply going to a 24 hour dental clinic. If you have the luxury of living somewhere with access to a 24 hour dentist be sure to inquire there before disturbing an emergency dentist.

How much does a visit to an emergency dentist cost?

The price of an emergency dental visit will depend on a number of factors:

  • What time of day you need the dental work done.
  • How serious your injuries are.
  • How many dentists or hygienists need to come in to support your request.

In some cases you pay a flat-rate for the emergency service and then the standard rate for all of the work that needed to be done.

Does my insurance cover emergency dental work?

In many cases your private insurance should cover both non-urgent and urgent dentist visitations. However, depending on how the dentist office bills, it’s possible that only partial coverage. I understand that in most cases, by the time you need emergency dental work it’s likely too late to check with your insurance provider, but if you can be sure to check.

Here are some of the most popular dental insurance providers:

Guardian Life
Met Life Dental Insurance
Cigna Dental Insurance

Does emergency dentists do oral surgery?

Sometimes. While some emergency dentists will do oral surgery, some will not be maxillofacial surgeons and therefore will not be able to operate in case you need it. You will need to make sure you are very specific when calling the dentist to indicate whether you think you need surgery.

If for example, you are like me when I needed immediate dental work, it was due to a large chipped tooth, which most dentists are able to repair quite easily and quickly.

Should I go into an emergency dentist or wait for my normal dentist?

While I certainly can’t make a specific recommendation without knowing your exact circumstances if you are searching for emergency dentists near me then chances are you need one now. Don’t wait.

However, if you would like, you can always call the emergency dentist and describe your situation to see if they recommend waiting or coming in for an assessment right away.

Hopefully this helps you find the best local emergency dentist. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect with one of the dentists within the map.