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Find Local Equipment Rental Places Near Me

Equipment rentals are a large service industry where various equipments can be rented around your area for some specific time for commercial or residential use. This industry has its customer mostly among the construction contractors, sport clubs, plumbing contractors and few more. However, individuals also borrow equipments and smaller tools for personal usage like building a shed. You can find the closest equipment rental nearby your area by searching in the web “heavy equipment rental near me” and it will show you a bunch of list from where you can choose any one according to your choice.

Best Equipment Rentals Near Me – Use Google Map To Find Large Equipment Rentals Near You

What Are The Different Types of Equipments That Can Be Rented?

The list is quite big, starting from giant machineries like excavators to smaller tools like hacksaw. A classification can however be done based on their fields of usage:

  1. Plumbing Equipment: Drain cleaner, Pumps, toilet augers are some of the essentials that need to be rented in emergency.
  2. Construction Equipment: This includes earth moving as well as masonry heavy machineries and equipments. Some examples are: Excavators, Skid loader, Scissor lift, Forklift and many more. There may be many construction equipment rental near me by searching in the web.
  3. Power Tools: This is mostly rented by individuals planning to do some construction on wood or concrete or stone within the residential area. Some examples include: Handheld saws, Handheld grinders, Planers, Drills, Drivers, Bolt cutters and many more.

What Are The Different Types of Equipment Rental Schemes?

  1. Short Term Rentals: By short term rentals, an equipment rental company nearby your area will understand that you need the machine for a little less than one year. There are many cases when you might need equipment for a short duration of time. For example, you might need to plow a large patch of land in the back of your house. You can rent a small excavator for three to four months.
  2. Long Term Rentals: These are usually for commercial projects. Small to medium construction business often go for long term rental of heavy machinery and other equipments. It is to be noted that the maintenance cost of the equipment need to be borne by the client throughout this period.
  3. Emergency Rentals: Although most construction projects are planned, but sometimes it might require emergency machineries. There are companies who provide emergency equipments depending on availability. Plumbing tools are often rented on an emergency basis in an average household.
  4. Rental-to-buying Scheme: This case can occur if you need to rent machinery for an unprecedented amount of time. Buying it might cost you less. Also there are customers who would like to use a machine first before buying it. In this case they often sign up for a short term rental scheme and then if they like the machine they purchase it.
  5. Leasing A Machine: Taking lease of machine might be apparently costly than rentals but it helps to save on tax. As per IRS code they have a lot of tax benefits. There are many customers who would actually purchase the machine after the lease period is over.


If you are looking out for “equipment rentals near me” then you should be prudent enough to search for the right company. Years in business, reputation, rental policies and the cost of rentals should be your guiding factors.