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Eyebrow Waxing Near Me

A person with well groomed eyebrows walks around with a feel-good confidence. Taking good care of your eyebrows shows you value your worth. Eyebrow waxing is a quick and precise way to shape eyebrows. Apart from saving time, it also lasts longer. Moreover, it leaves the skin feeling naturally smooth with no uncomfortable edges. Eyebrow waxing near me is mostly recommended for clients with thick brows.

Find An Eyebrow Waxing Salon Nearby

Use the following web app to track down the closest eyebrow waxing locations. If it’s not loading properly just type in your address below!

What is eyebrow waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is a beauty treatment where the eyebrow hair is removed from the root. It can be done at home or by a profession in a salon.

Different Types of Eyebrow Waxing

Just like any other waxing, eyebrow waxing can be hard waxing or soft waxing.
Hard waxing – In this type, melted wax is applied on the region where one wants unwanted hair removed, it is then allowed to cool and simply pulled off.
Soft waxing – Here, a thin layer of wax is applied on the area of unwanted hair, a piece of cloth or special paper strip is placed on it, a gentle press is applied by hand and quickly pulled off.

How much does eyebrow waxing cost?

The price of eyebrow waxing varies from place to place. This depends on the location of the premises, the type of wax used, the reputation of the salon or the demand of the beautician.
Less expensive eyebrow waxing – Less costly waxing can be offered as an after-sale service. For example, if you go to a hair salon or nail salon and you get your eyebrows waxed together with another service. The probability of getting a specialist is less. It is also cheaper to get it done in walk-in establishments without having to book for appointments. The price range is between $5 to $15 for both brows.

More expensive eyebrow waxing – It will be more costly if you seek the service at specialty waxing salons. Here, one is assured of getting a waxing technician and it could require booking for appointment. Price can range between $20 to $500 per session.

What to expect with eyebrow waxing

Though the service is quick, there are things you should expect.

To begin with, the skin around your brows will redden after the wax. This can be a lot worse for sensitive skin, but it heals with time. It is therefore advisable to wax your eyebrows days before going to an event.

Secondly, though one is required to allow hair to grow, some hair will be trimmed off before waxing, do not be alarmed.

Thirdly, the first waxing can be painful but continuous waxing will hurt less because regrown hair will be softer and thinner. As a client, one can request beautician to numb pain by applying numbing cream before starting.

What to consider about eyebrow waxing

  • Your brow hair should be fully grown to allow wax to hold hair.
  • Choose a shape according to shape of your face.
  • Choose also according to how you feel, if you want to change it from thin to thick brows.
  • Request for a demonstration of end result, like draw shape of eyebrow with pencil, look in the mirror and proceed if satisfied with how it will look.
  • Consult doctor if you are on medication or if you have a skin condition before waxing.
  • Inform beautician if you have a sensitive skin.

Most popular eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a matter of choice. The type – hard or soft – or the shape varies from person to person. Most clients prefer hard waxing because it is simply pulled out as opposed to the drama of ripping off a piece of cloth.

Getting started with eyebrow waxing

After you have allowed your hair to grow, brush to shape your eyebrows. Indicate in the inside of your brows where you want your brow to begin and where you want them to end.
Indicate the arc point according to the shape of your head. Mark at the lower side of brows and upper side to show area of unwanted hair to be removed.

Steps in eyebrow waxing

  1. Cleanse the area with a clean cotton pad.
  2. Apply oil over the area as a protection.
  3. Trim a bit of unwanted hair
  4. If using hard wax, apply on unwanted hair at upper and lower section of brow, allow it to cool or harden then pull it off.
  5. Cleanse skin area again.
  6. Apply cream to lessen redness and brush to shape as desired or enhance look using make-up.

Tips on eyebrow waxing

Moisturize eyebrows after waxing to sooth area.
Allow few hour before using make-up so that it does not penetrate the skin
Little hair that grows before next appointment can be covered with brow highlighter or concealer.

Remember, eyebrow waxing is a perfect hair removal choice, get groomed. Choose another waxing option if you’re looking for more hair removal as well.