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Do you want your eyes look more appealing? Are you not satisfied with the standard eye makeup like mascara or eye shadow a kohl eye liner? You can add eyelash extensions to your list. With long dark eye lashes, you will surely make a wonderful and confident impression on the people you meet. Log in to a Google web browser and search for ‘eyelash extensions near me’. The search engine will provide you with a list of locations and eyelash parlors near you that do eyelash extensions. Before going to any salon for eyelash extension, you must book the eyelash extension appointment nearby your area.

Good Eyelash Extension Services Near Me – Use Google Map To Find A Lash Stylist Near You

The Advantages of Doing Eyelash Extensions

  1. It takes only two hours to make the full set when done by an expert in this field.
  2. In this fast moving world, many women do not have the time to apply and remove fake eyelashes every day. Going for this beauty treatment will definitely help you save time. Some simple touch ups are required every month and you can have pretty eyes all-round the year.
  3. The cost is totally justifiable considering the degree of dramatic effect this beauty treatment provides and also because of the semi-permanent nature of this treatment. Some people do half lashes. This is also a good and economical idea because the artificial lashes are placed in between original lashes. These fillers also create an appreciable change of look. There are some permanent eyelash extensions which can be applied by the local professional salons.

The Different Types of Eyelash Extensions Available

There are basically three types of lash extensions available:

  1. Silk
  2. Synthetic
  3. Mink

The usual lengths available are from 6 mm to 17 mm. However, the length you choose should be close to your original eye lash.

Some Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions You Should Know

The glue that they use to do this beauty treatment may have some allergic reactions if not chosen properly. The glues used are of semi-permanent nature. The good news is that they do not damage eyes or your original lashes. Your professional should be able to judge the sensitivity of your skin and choose the correct or harmless ingredient. No professional allows an infection to develop from the procedure.

Three Important Advises To Increase The Longevity of Your Eye Lashes

Following are some tips in this regard:

  1. Post-procedure care should be taken so that the glue is properly set. For this reason, you should not make much movement while sleeping for the first two nights after this beauty treatment. For example, professionals often advice their customer to sleep on their backs till the glue has properly dried.
  2. Remove eye makeup with care. Use a makeup remover and do not rub on the eyelash extensions. Cotton fibers often get stuck on it if care is not taken. Avoid the eye lash zone all together. Use cleansing wipes if possible.
  3. Put oil on the eye lashes. This not only makes them look darker and smooth but also increases their time of usage. Care needs to be taken when you put lubricant on them. Do the procedure lightly and use baby oil for this purpose.