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Eyelash Extensions Near Me

There’s nothing quite like the look of having fresh eyelash extensions. With the Holidays right around the corner and lots of parties and activities going on, it’s a great time to go out and find eyelash extensions near me so that you can add a little extra to your look this season.

Eyelash Extensions Near Me – Find Them On A Map

There are a variety of different places that you can get eyelash extensions done so there is likely many places in your local area that you can find someone that does extensions. Use the map below to start and see those that are available now. Be sure to reach out to them – call them or visit their website so that you can see some of their work.

How long is an eyelash extension appointment?

If you are looking to book an eyelash extention appointment near me then it’s important to know how long you will need to be there for.

If you have never done eyelash extensions before then you will need a longer visit in the beginning. The initial consult and appointment will likely take at least two hours and perhaps a little longer. However, this will give you a great foundation of eyelashes in the beginning.

After your first appointment, you will need to book additional appointments approximately every month to six weeks in order to get refils. Our eyelashes naturally fall out over time, and with them the extensions that are attached to them.

The refil visits are not as long and can range from 45 minutes to an hour depending on how long you have waited and how bad your eyelashes are.

If you are only getting extensions for a specific event then don’t worry about having to go in for refils as they will eventually all fall out – but just note that there may be a little bit of an awkward stage.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

The price for eyelash extensions near me can vary depending on how experienced the specialist is who is putting them in, and what type of spa or location you have chosen to go to. Expect to pay roughly $100 per hour plus or minus a little bit.

So for your two hour initial consult it could cost a little over $200 and for refil visits you might be looking at close to $100. Not a whole lot if eyelash extensions are important to you.

The perfect length for your eyelash extensions

There are many different lengths of eyelashes that you can get put in. While I can’t simply tell you what the perfect length is for your face without seeing you, listen to the esthetician who is putting them in – they have a lot of experiencing choosing the right length for someone’s look. You can always get them extended even more if you want to later.

Where is the best place to go for eyelash extensions?

This really depends. Most high end spas attract great talented estheticians who are able to do a great job so this is often what we recommend. However, be sure to call around to all the eyelash extension spas near me in the map above. There may be a boutique shop that specializes in extensions that is worth a visit – and it could save you a little money as well.

DIY vs doing eyelash extensions at a spa

It is possible to simply buy a do it yourself kit at the drug store to put in extensions however it’s important to not the major difference.

Most of those kits come with the eyelashes already put together and you simply glue them onto yours. While this is a great option if you can do it well and you only want it done for a short period of time (think a night out). However, if you’re looking for them to stay in longer then getting them professionally done is a better option. When they are done at a spa, the lashes will be individually glued on in a way that is very natural and hard to tell that they are even fake.

Goodluck finding eyelash extensions near me. We hope that you find a look that is great for you this Holiday season.