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Farmers Market Near Me

Whenever I travel to a new area or especially a new Country, one of the first things I look for is a farmers market near me. It is often the highlight of a vacation to a small area when I find a local craft or food market near me as that is where you get to see the uniqueness of the region. Every Country has local crafts that help show the culture and history of the regions. Some markets feature woven products while other counties may have a lot of pottery or metal works.

Seasonal, Year-Round and Weekend Food Market Near Me

Many market near me are only seasonal which is great for the summer months when many local growers have an opportunity to bring their produce to a central spot to sell. There are however, many participants in the local markets that would benefit from a year-round facility. Having a market open year-round not only gives residents an opportunity to buy local but in many cases if they had a place to sell year-round the farmers could extend their growing season.

Gathering Spot for the Community

Many people go to markets for the social aspect of it. It is a great place to meet up with fellow community members and share a cup of coffee. One of the biggest line ups at any market, is for the coffee and baked good. You need to get to the market early if you want to get any of the good cinnamon rolls. Some markets have full restaurant capabilities and many gather for weekend breakfast or the fresh fish and chips or fish chowder.

Economic Benefits for the Local Area

The economic benefits for the local area can be big. Once established, a market can be a destination for tourists and residents. People for hundreds of years have been holding markets as a means of commerce and in some countries, the weekend markets move or rotate from place to place to give all areas an opportunity to reap the benefits. Once properly marketed a year-round market draws the people in to not only spend the money at the market but also at local gas stations and restaurants.

Artists and Musicians at Markets Near Me

One of my favorite things to look for in the markets near me are the local paintings. Each country often has a different style of art but there are also many different styles at any market. You can find everything from the typical landscape to the abstract colors. This can be painted on canvas, paper, cards, rocks, or cans.

There is nothing that helps draw a crowd any more than hearing the music of local performers. Many market have young local musicians that play their instruments for the attendees as they wonder throughout the market grounds

Local Produce and Fair Trade Items

At most farmers’ markets in Canada and the United States local produce is sold. This keeps the price to a minimum and allows the local farmers to keep their farms in a healthy financial state. It is always best to encourage people to buy locally. If for some reason you must bring in products from abroad, please keep in mind fair trade. Farmers’ markets often sell fair trade products like tea and coffee in order to help the struggling farmers in the developing nations.