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Fast food restaurants are the most common type of restaurant that you will see in the United States of America as these are mostly chains of fast foods. For people to find answer for Fast Food Near Me use our Food places near me locator finder to help you reach easy Fast Food location or places near you. The best thing about a fast food restaurant is that the food really does come pretty fast, not as fast as blinking your eye and the like but quick enough not to make you starving. You can come into a fast food starving and walk out of it like a happy child. Unlike if you walk into a fine dining restaurant, where in you may have to wait quite some time before your main dish is served. Most fast food also has a set-up where in the customers are the one who orders their food at the counter and then mostly do self-service except for the cleanup.

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5 most famous fast food restaurants in the US

After knowing more about fast food restaurants in the United States, the next question is what the most famous fast food restaurants in the US are. Here are some of the restaurants that make it to the list.

Starbucks near me

To find good fast food then look for Starbucks near your location. With more than $12.7 billion sales, you can never go wrong with your coffee. It is actually the leading coffee shop in the whole world right now.

Starbucks open hours are location dependable.

McDonalds Near Me

Without further ado, with $35.4 billion sales, the most popular fast food chain in the world is none other than McDonald’s.

McDonald’s open hours in USA are mostly 24 hour opened.


Garnering more than $8.5 billion sales in the US on 2014, Wendy’s is one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the list. The reason to its popularity is that it has embraced what you can call a different strategy to boost its sales. The company has decided to make menu items that are healthier for the millennials that it is targeting.

Wendy’s opening hours depends on location.

Burger King
With more than $8.6 billion sales, another famous fast food restaurant is Burger King. It has been improving more and more on its equipment in order to give a better tasting food such as its burgers and chicken fingers.

Burger King opening hours depends on location.


Truth be told, with its $11.9 billion sales, you can no longer aim to fight this one. This fast food chain is practically the leading one in the sandwich making industry. It is continuously expanding its scope around the globe and it has recently made a healthier menu that gives it more customers.

Subway open hours is location dependable.

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All about Fast Food

Now, fast food restaurants are really known as quick service restaurants, QSR for short within the restaurant industry. It is a type of restaurant that is characterized by its fast service, minimal to no table service. The food is mostly cooked in advance at bulk amounts and then just reheated or kept hot. The menu is usually limited to burgers, chickens, fries and such. The food is usually kept in a package which is easy to cleanup. Another pro is that even though there are chairs and tables provided within the restaurant, you can easily choose not to eat inside and make your order to-go or for take-out. Most fast food restaurants are part of chains or franchise that helps in regulating the ingredients and making sure that every fast food has a controlled supply of food. The word fast food has even been recognized by the Merriam-Webster dictionary by 1951.

Quality of food in fast food restaurants

The quality of food in fast food restaurants are usually on the average portion of the scale as fast food is often said to be synonymous with the word junk food which means that it has a very low nutritional value and pretty high in the calorie scale. This is mostly the reason why this type of restaurant has been facing a lot of challenges from democratic sectors about the type of food that it serves.
The usual foods that are available in this restaurant are: friend chicken, chicken nuggets, pizza, cheeseburgers, wraps, French fries, spaghetti, pancakes, pitas, chips, tacos, ice cream, fish, pizza, mashed potatoes, chili, salads, hamburgers, sandwiches and so much more.
History of Fast Food

The history of fast food chains began in America at around 1912, on the 7th of July with the opening of the very first fast food restaurant named Automat. It was located in New York City. Automat was actually a cafeteria that prepared its menu behind glass windows that were small and slots that were coin operated. The next fast food that opened is Horn and Hardart Automat. It opened at 1902, around Philadelphia and was managed by Frank Hardart and Joseph Horn. In line with this, what actually got people’s attention was the automat that they opened along 13th street in New York and along Broadway. Ever since, tons of Automat restaurants opened around the US in order to supply the growing demand for it. Automats were really popular especially around the 1920s to the 1930s. They also made used of the idea of takeout food and they have a slogan saying that buying from them means that there is less work for the mother.

As previously mentioned, fast food restaurants actually has tables and chairs meant to serve as a seating area for which the customers can consume their food. But most orders are meant for take away and there is minimal table service offered. In general, orders are made at a counter and they are paid through there. The customer will pay for his or her food and then wait for a moment as their food gets served for them at the counter. They will then get their order and go to a vacant chair to eat the food in the premises of the restaurant or they can opt for packing these foods and going somewhere else to eat them.

There is also what is popularly known as the drive thru service that helps for customers that are only making a stop at a certain place and does not want to get out of their cars because they are too tired to do so or too lazy to do so.
Foods from fast food restaurants are designed for on the go eating and thus most of the time, does not require any cutlery such as spoon, fork, knife and the likes. They are mostly finger foods that can be eaten using your bare hands.

Unique Menu

There are meals that are quite available only in fast food restaurants to the point that you can call them a unique feature of fast food restaurants.

Value meals

Value meals are meals that are quite unique to fast food restaurants. They are a group of items that are mixed together and offered for a lower price than they would originally cost if they were bought individually. Mostly, a value meal consists of a hamburger, some fries, and a drink but there are various combos that are available nowadays. This is a marketing strategy of fast food restaurants so that they are able to sell more. There is also an option to upgrade the size of the side or the drink for a minimal fee and this attracts the customer even more. If you think about it, this is a simple way to get the customers to buy more items than they normally would.

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Types of Fast Food

There are also different types of fast food beside the most common fast food chains that you see around you. What are they and what food do they serve? Here are the most common ones.

Fast food chains
Truth be told, the first kind of fast food is your typical fast food chain whose operation ranges from small scale to food carts, to dine-in restaurants such as McDonald’s. Food is usually ordered from the counter or an electronic terminal and then the customer carry their own tray containing the food. They are on their own from the moment they walk in to the moment they decide they are done eating. They need not clean up after them as this is done by the staff of the restaurant. There are also unique services available such as take out and drive thru.

Fast casual
Fast casual restaurants are quite similar to fast food chains but the difference lies in food preparations as most of the food in fast casual restaurants is prepared at the restaurant itself unlike fast food chains whose foods are pre-prepared. Like normal fast food, fast casual also does not offer table service. Another difference is that fast casual restaurants tend to offer non-disposable spoons, forks and the likes and plates. The prices of the food and quality also tend to be a bit higher than fast food chains.

Tabletop cooking
Tabletop cooking restaurants are not so much like fast food but they are casual dining restaurants that offer items that can be cooked by the customers themselves. The place is even embedded with cooking materials such as charcoal grills, induction cookers, and gas stoves for the pleasure of the customer to control the heat.

Mongolian barbeque
Mongolian barbeque is not actually from Mongolia and neither is it Mongolian. It is a place wherein customers can create an assorted type of foods and put them in a bowl, then handed over to a cook for stir frying. There is a wide variety of food that is displayed in a buffet style and the customers are free to choose whatever they want. Once cooked, the bowl will be returned to the customer and ready to eat.

Most restaurants that specializes in Japanese food offers the so called teppanyaki grill which is practically a charcoal stove. More often than note, unrelated customers, sit around and watch as the chef grills the food. This type of cooking is also known as live cooking. It utilizes the five senses in order to entice the customer to eat the food. The chefs are even trained to use special techniques in order to entertain the guests such as making a volcano from onion slices, spinning and egg in the air and cracking it open and a whole lot more.

If you are into foods that are hot and open even during breakfast time, then this is for you. Cafes are what you can call informal restaurants and they offer a wide variety of meals and sandwiches that are made to order. They also offer hot drinks and are open starting at breakfast time unlike most restaurants that are open from noon to evening. There are even cafes that have an outdoor setting wherein you can enjoy the wilderness and the fresh air.