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Florist Near Me

Is it that time of year again? Are you looking for flowers for a friend, family member or perhaps a special someone? Then you’ve come to the right place to find a Florist Near Meand place your order. A florist can help with a lot more than just selling you flowers. Find out more by reading on!

Map A Great Florist Near Me

Before we find out why we might want to use a florist you might just want to find one on the map if you’re already looking for one. You know the benefits of a great florist and can find one by selecting any of the pins. You’ll see their hours, their website, phone number and directions if you just wanted to go pick a flower out now.

Why Go To A Florist?

The big question of the hour is why even bother with a florist when I can go to Walmart and grab a flower there? Well there is merit to the box and grocery store flowers out there, but it’s best when they have a flower department within the store if you go that route. You can’t argue that someone that runs a floral shop won’t know a bit more about what you’re looking for.

The fact is they can take better care of the flowers so that they don’t die only days after you give them to someone. You can call and order ahead of time so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for and ensure they have some fresh ones ready. A florist can also help you plan a larger event (ie. wedding) that needs a large assortment of flowers and can even help with the arrangements. They will even offer advice for that lost soul in the store looking for a nice flower to buy.

Flowers & Their Occasions

There are so many occasions when flowers are involved (or certainly should be as a wonderful gesture). A big part of buying flowers is tied to the event for which you buy them, but that being said a large part of it is also knowing your audience. If someone doesn’t like flowers, think of something different as a nice gesture instead!

First Date: A bold play. Traditionally from man to woman but can go any direction! It’s hard to know exactly what your date would like for the first date. Which is why I always suggest the single rose. It’s a very kind gesture, but if they either a) don’t like flowers or b) just don’t like roses, they don’t have a dozen to stare at for the next few weeks and it saves you some money to put towards the date itself!

Second Date: Here’s where you might have some better luck. Assuming the first date went well and you got to learn a lot about each other, maybe you picked up a few hints (or asked outright) about what the favorite flower is or at least color or something.

Prom: This has to be the coursage and boutineer! Coursage for her and boutineer for him. A single rose or flower bouquet goes a long way to add to your dates’ photos as well.

Valentine’s Day: I think the obvious play is the rose at this date. But talk about inflated pricing and hard to get your hands on.

Birthday: Very audience dependent. You want something happy and bright that can pick up their day. A nice bouquet of in-season, bright colored flowers go a long way on this day.

Anniversary: Something closer to valentine’s day but again, very audience based.

Just Because: This is when you need to know your partner’s favourite flower. This can be a brightly died bouquet from the local grocery store if that’s what they love!

Forgiveness: Again, the favourite flower or daisies because they are kind and whole hearted.

Graduation: Not matter what level of graduation, try to match the school colors. Such as using a yellow tulip, a blue iris, or red or white roses. It all comes down to matching the colors.

Condolenses: Carnations are a classic, but if you’re ordering a potted bouqet then perhaps gladioli or snapdragons.

Potted Flower vs. Bouquet

When it comes to an occasion or first date, stick to the flowers – they’re more versatile. If you live together or have been dating for a long time, the potted flower can be a great birthday, anniversary or just because gift to brighten up the home.

Large Florist Companies

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  • Flower Factory
  • teleflora
  • 1-800 Flowers.com
  • FTD
  • Flower.com