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Frozen Yogurt Near Me

Are you looking for something delicious? Are you looking for a tasty treat? Are you trying to be healthy but struggling to kick some of those bad cravings. While it’s not perfect, you can find Frozen Yogurt Near Me and enjoy a delicious snack.

Find FroYo Near Me Using The Map

If you were to have searched for frozen yogurt in your neighborhood only a few years ago, chances are there weren’t many, if any at all. The FroYo trend has drastically taken off in the last few years and now you can likely find a dozen in any major city.

What Is Frozen Yogurt & Does It Taste Likely Ice Cream?

Frozen yogurt is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of the cream heavy process of making ice cream, it’s a type of yogurt that is kept frozen. It is often expensed much like you would see soft serve ice cream. It has a slightly different texture but you do notice a difference in taste. Obviously it varies by the flavour but without the cream I find it doesn’t sit quite as heavy in the stomach.

The Toppings

It varies from location to location but there are typically a very large number of toppings available for your frozen yogurt.

  • Candy & Chocolate: There are a lot of candy and chocolate options from M&M’s to brownie bites.
  • Graham & Wafer: There are crushed graham crackers and pieces of wafers often always available.
  • Mixing FroYo: While this isn’t quite a topping, it is important to mention that you can mix the types of frozen yogurt so that you can create some strong flavour profiles.
  • Full Cookies: There are some places that even have full mini oreos or chocolate chip cookies.
  • Nuts: There are a lot of nut options, so be careful getting frozen yogurt if you have any allergies.
  • Syrups: This includes cherry, chocolate, caramel and all of those delicious hot syrups.
  • Sours: Some places will even have fuzzy peaches and other sour candies. While it’s not for me, some people love it.
  • Fruit: An amazing topping no matter what you get as it helps balance out the sweetness of everything else. From strawberries to peaches.

Frozen Yogurt Chains

There are a number of great franchise locations around the continent. That being said a number of cities have a lot of “single shop” stores that have great options as well.

  • Menchie’s
  • Pinkberry
  • Yogen Fruz

Is It Healthy?

There is a great article from Shape.com found here that talks about 5 myths of frozen yogurt.

Important takeaways are that the beneficial probiotics might not be as beneficial as we would expect after being exposed to the extreme cold temperatures. It should be a snack not a meal. Much like yogurt itself, it can be an accompaniment to a lighter meal but should not be a meal on its own. Finally, there’s the myth that it’s low-fat so the calories don’t add up, but the truth is that calories always add up and the sugar can quickly add up. Stick to a small as a snack instead of indulging too heavily on the larges!