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Frozen Yogurt Places Near Me Open Now

Frozen yogurt, sometimes called froyo or frogurt, is a type of frozen dessert that has its origin in the United States and has over the years spread to other countries and has become extremely popular. It is different from the normal yogurt as the normal yogurt is much healthier as stated by some nutritionists. This is because normal yogurt contains great protein and calcium content as well as a perfect amount of probiotics that are good for digestion. Also, unlike normal yogurt, frozen yogurt is not regulated by United States Food and Drug Administration. Even so, there are some States that find it necessary to regulate them.

Frozen yogurt is also different from ice cream because in making ice cream, there is the use of cream while for frozen yogurt; low-fat milk is used. Frozen yogurts are also sweeter than ice cream and normal yogurts.

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With the numerous locations for different frozen yogurt stores, you will most likely find one store that will take care of your frozen yogurt needs. Judging by how famous they are, you are bound to be satisfied with your search for something will always come up. Out first suggestion is it to search for it using our Google interactive map below provided.

Frozen yogurt is made pretty much the same way as ice cream only that the content is different. The recipe for making frozen yogurt includes milk and products of milk.

The milk fat will always depend on the person making the frozen yogurt. It can be low-fat, non-fat or a regular type of frozen yogurt and it is usually 5-6% of all the ingredients.

Milk solids that are not fat make up 8-14% of the total ingredients. The milk solids that are not fat are made up of 55%sugar, 37% proteins and the last 8% is numerous minerals. The proteins make the frozen yogurt smoother, viscous as well as compact in nature causing it to be resistant to the process of melting.

Sugar makes up 15-17% of the frozen yogurt as it serves to add sweetness to the end product. Different sweeteners can also be used for the same results.

Egg solid can also be added to the frozen yogurt so that it can help in minimizing the time required to freeze it.

Stabilizers: they help the frozen yogurt be consistent in its smooth nature. They also serve to reduce any water present from crystallizing as well as prevention of the melting process from taking place. They make the frozen yogurt stable.

Emulsifiers: they come in handy when trying to blend liquids that are proving difficult to mix up with other ingredients. They tend to reduce the required time for whipping the mix. Together with stabilizers, they make up 5-0.6% of the frogurt.

Yogurt culture: these are extremely tiny living organisms usually Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus that are responsible for turning pasteurized milk into yogurt in a process called fermentation. Without which there will be no yogurt let alone frozen yogurt.

Other than the above-mentioned ingredients coloring agents can also be added as well as some mineral salts to make it more nutritious. Also, different kinds of flavors can also be added and they include fruits and their extracts, some specifically applicable spices like cinnamon, ginger, and others, vanilla, strawberry, nuts and also cocoa.

All the above ingredients are what make frozen yogurt what it is a ball of tasty, mouth-watering, a flavor-filled dessert that brings heaven down and into your mouth.


Frozen yogurt can just be they type of dessert that just brings the magic into your world and causes you to feel like all your troubles are melting away with each and every scoop that melts away in your mouth. If you have had frozen yogurt from different places, I am sure you have found that one place that you can never shake off the after effects of their frozen yogurt; all the emotions it evokes in you; relaxed, happy, satisfied, name it all.

One of the simplest ways to find a place that serves frozen yogurt is by asking family, friends or neighbors. This is due to the simple fact that they could give you the best guide and it is just a phone call, text message or a step away.  This is especially if you are new in a place.  It is more likely that your neighborhood has a frozen yogurt opening and the people to show you the perfect place is those that are more acquainted with the place.

You can also use google maps to find the place in question. It is as easy as feeding the name of the place you are looking for in the search box. The beauty of using Google Maps is that you will always find a satisfactory answer for your search. In the event that you have a specific place you are looking for, the better the search will be for you. The results will be more specific as compared to numerous results that will give you the task of choosing one out of many.  Google Maps is easy to use and has a friendly user interface that makes it easy, it is also very fast, efficient and effective.

With the vast frozen yogurt companies, especially across the United States, locating one is made easier with the chances of bumping into one increasing by the day. You can visit the company owned websites to search for their location in relation to your current location. This way you will get to know exactly where they are by getting their address as well as their contacts. For example, you can visit Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt’s website to find out their exact location where you currently are located.

With the use of yelp, you can also be in a position to locate frozen yogurt shop or restaurant that is next to you. Even so, you are at a greater chance of landing a place that offers frozen yogurt as well as ice cream. Still, there is no harm in trying because at the end of the day, you know exactly what you want.


Just as stated earlier, using the various search methods, finding a frozen yogurt place is as easy as it gets.  As a preferred dessert, frozen yogurt has grown in popularity as many people fall in love with it day in and day out. In turn, this has seen the rise of frozen yogurt companies in the world and especially throughout the United States with companies like Menchie’s frozen Yogurt, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Land, Sweet Frog, Golden spoon, I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, Frosty Boy just to mention a few. Most of these companies have over ten locations across the United States and therefore if there is no Menchie’s in your current location, you are sure to find Yogurt Land, Frosty Boy or any other. This is a guarantee.  By using the search methods, if you are a fan of a certain company, you can search for that particular company just to be sure it is near you or not before taking the next step.  Having the different companies’ names will make your search simple and precise.


With the introduction of frozen yogurt, the two have always been competitive against each other as types of dessert as different people hold different opinions in regard to the two.  While others may go for the frozen yogurt because of its low amounts of calories because it does not contain cream as compared to ice creams, some will choose ice cream because it does not have large amounts of sugar as compared to frozen yogurt because it does not have not have a tart taste that needs to be suppressed.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference because they are equally delicious desserts with a vast number of flavors and as long as you do not over indulge, you will be perfectly okay; blood sugar levels wise as well as calories wise. Maintain your portions on a healthy standard and you will not have to worry about anything.

In locating an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop near you, or a restaurant that serves them, yelp website can prove to be the tool that you need.  It is capable of generating results for different cities and some of them, just to mention a few include:

  • New York: Frozen Sweet, Emack & Bolio’s, Ample Hills Creamery, Soft Serve, NY Frost Factory, Ice and Vice, Roll’ n Chill, and many others.
  • San Francisco: ShakeDown, Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco’s Hometown Creamery, Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, and much more.
  • Los Angeles: Creamistry, Drips & Swirls, Somi Somi, Magpies Softserve, Sal & Straw, among others.

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As the two popular frozen desserts, you will always find something for your search and to a greater extent, serving both is a great advantage because it attracts customers regardless of what they want because it will be available. This uniqueness sees to it that their clientele grows and so does their business and therefore this means it is a smart business move as compared to serving either one of them.

With the ever increasing need for frozen yogurt, an individual can also find a way to open their own store and this has been made simpler by a company called Frozen Yogurt Store Developers. They have a way of helping young and upcoming entrepreneurs grow their businesses. They help in securing the finances that will be required, find a great space for you, do the negotiations for you when need arises, help in the building process such that they deliver a completely made out store, get you the necessary supplies and equipment as well as offer some training and the necessary support you will need to grow your business. In the event that you are interested in owning your own frozen yogurt store, this is the best and most convenient place to begin.