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Furniture Store Near Me

Furniture refers to objects that can be moved that would include tables, chairs, and beds that are placed in a house or in an office to make it convenient for living, staying or working in. A store is a large shop that sells in retail or wholesale many different types of goods. So what is exactly Furniture Store and how can I find Furniture Store Near Me? A furniture store is basically a place where customers can buy and collect small and large furnishings for living spaces such as offices and homes. Items sold here are majorly wooden that could and can include beds, chairs, tables, sofas, desks, shelves, cabinets, stools, wardrobes and so on.

Furniture Store Near Me- Use the Map

How to find furniture store near me and find it now is now really easy with this interactive map. Just by clicking or selecting the nearest Furniture Store closest to your location on the map, you wioll be guided to reach it fast and easy.

Please have your GPS enabled on mobile device if using it, in order for map to function properly.


There are many different styles of furniture in the markets and stores but with so many terms or names being thrown left, right and center you might not be able to tell which is which or what is what! The most common types of furniture could include among others the following and with this, you should be able to choose your most ideal furniture style or type.


Antique (old and valuable) furniture comprises of pieces from an earlier period. It is always made or crafted from wood and its age, condition, unique features, and rarity determines how collectible the piece is and therefore, its cost or value. Genuine antiques are always like 100 years old and can only be found or purchased from experienced and established dealers or furniture store owners to guarantee authenticity. Vintage (typically a period in the past and of high quality) furniture, on the other hand, is used when the furniture exhibits the best of a certain quality traced to a certain age or era. For example, a vintage 1930s chair may be different to a vintage chair of the 1980s because of the vintage for when they were made is different.


Traditional furniture is formal furniture from the Victorian period; it has features associated with the Queen Anne period (the English Baroque architectural style that was between 1702 and 1714)-graceful and elaborately decorated. This creates a comfortable and warm environment with handcrafted, dark timber pieces, over stuffed, plush couches and elegant fabrics. Rustic style furniture is influenced by many or various different styles put together to create warm, natural and honest interiors. Rustic (made very simply of rough wood) furniture is always made from warm timber or natural material like animal hide, cotton or linen. It has a homely appearance and is often more relaxed than formal. Industrial furniture designs and Scandinavian are usually rustic or rather synonymous to rustic.


Art deco is an electric style that includes Machine Age imagery and materials with traditional crafts. This style is known for its geometric and its angular shapes, and materials like chrome, glass, and shiny fabrics, mirrors and mirrors tiles as well as stylized images of airplanes, cars, and skyscrapers. Retro (styles or fashions from the recent past) furniture, on the other hand, can be harder to define. The thought of Retro furniture brings to mind the ideas of mod, geometric shapes in teal, yellow and brown or flashbacks to the kitchen from the Brady Bunch with its tulip table and orange splash back. Retro furniture design is defined as aspects of modern culture which imitate trends, modes, and fashions of the recent past which had come to be unfashionable.


French provincial furniture is exactly what its title depicts. Common by the styles popular in the French provinces in the 17th and 18th century, this furniture style has a classic yet country feel to it. Ladder back dining chairs with woven seats, large armoires, French sideboards with decorative moldings or simple scalloped carving are all key features of this style. Shabby Chic furniture, while similar, is more casual and often has a distressed appearance. The furniture is typically white with a feminine and romantic feel. Like French provincial, this style came from country houses but includes more up cycling and salvaging of furniture.


Modern furniture originated under the modernist movement in the early 1990s. Most known for its combination of leather, vinyl, steel, molded plywood and plastics with a monochromatic color scheme to create sleek and stylish interiors. Herman Miller, Hans Knoll and Charles and Ray Eames are some of the big names that have the face of this type of furniture and you still can find the copies of their furniture in the market today. The Barcelona chair is an exhibition of the timeless example of the modern design. Contemporary (belonging to the same age or time) furniture design, however, refers to furniture that is popular and used now, in the present.


There are numerous number of furniture stores in many areas in the United States and in much more other specific countries around the globe. In an event that someone does not know where to find a furniture store near them or in an area where you live, quite a number of ways can be used to locate these various furniture stores; you can basically use the Google map application and search for the particular furniture store. Google map application is or has the ability to locate anything on this planet for anyone as long as the very thing being searched or looked for has a name and location. It is easy to use and does not require technical processes before you are ready to use it. It is so simply designed to use by anyone needing its use. Other than the use of the google search engine, there are other few ways online to use to locate a furniture store near you including websites owned by some of these furniture stores googled up as above.
It is also very possible to find a furniture store near you by simply asking friends, relatives or the immediate neighbors most likely those who have been around the neighborhood for a longer period of time and residence as compared to you. Some of these neighbors and even friends could have so much detail about the furniture stores near you and even more about the very products found in there and maybe even the pricing.


Using yellow pages is the easiest way and the fastest way to find used furniture stores near you. they have numerous listings for stores that sell cheap furniture that will take care of your home needs as well as your work need.

New Uses store

This store is one of the best places to get your new ‘used’ furniture. The furniture is usually in great shape as they are careful not to display worn out furniture that will make their clients question their ability to supply used furniture that is still in good shape. Any piece of furniture you will get from this place will simply be amazing for your home, no doubt about it.

Used Furniture store

This is also another great place you can look for used furniture. All you need to do is walk into one and make your pick. Before they buy furniture from a seller, they make sure that they are in good shape and that they are sellable or they will never be able to find a customer for that furniture. They have done a good job so far in staying on top of their game as they always provide good quality used furniture.

Home From Home Furniture store

They tend to serve mostly the United Kingdom and its environs. You can practically get everything you want for your home in this store. It is huge with a great clientele as they offer quality for your money. You can never go wrong at all.


American Freight

This is a furniture store that is simply amazing if you are looking to save some of your money but want quality furniture and mattress. They have great discounts that can have you wondering whether it is true or not even when you are using your furniture at home. They have awesome furniture for your bedroom, living room, and dining room. They have a vast number of stores and are always open from Monday to Saturday as from 10 AM.

Living spaces

This is yet another awesome store that is super friendly to your pockets. The discounts they offer for their furniture can make you replace all the creaky furniture in your house in just a day. if you are looking for quality at a cheap price, this is the place to look. You will not lack something that will capture your attention and keep it. Just visit the nearest living spaces clearance store near you and enjoy the discounts.
Value City Furniture Store

This is also another store you should not miss. The great prices they have for different sets of furniture is amazing. They have sectionals, sofas, couches, beds, dinettes, recliners, tv stands, chairs, chaises, rugs and so more. They also have special offers and even promotions other than the great discounts they offers.


Aaron’s furniture store is a public establishment that specializes on retail sales of furniture, leases, furniture rentals, and rentals to own, electronics, appliances and computers. It was founded by one R. Charles Loudermilk, Sr. in 1955 and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It had grown to two thousand one hundred and eight (2,108) stores: One thousand three hundred and twenty-six (1,326) company-operated stores and seven hundred and eighty-two (782) independently owned and operated franchised stores in forty-eight (48) states, in the District of Columbia and Canada, these figures are as at December 2014. Aarons Furniture store has progressively grown over the years by the acquisition of other stores. For instance, in the year 1988, Loudermilk bought from Powell Furniture Rental and Furniture Enterprises the Furniture rental Operations in Florida. He also purchased from competitor Cort Furniture Rental Corp. the A Jackson, Mississippi store. With the Aarons store locator page at Aarons.com, you are able to search and locate the most nearest Aarons Furniture store near you easily. You can also select a state to show all Aarons Furniture stores locations in the state. There are over one thousand eight hundred Aarons stores in North America and with this kind of large numbers of stores, it is next to impossible to miss or not find one of these stores near you for the need you may have.