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Golf Courses Near Me Open Now

Find A Local Golf Course Public Places Near Me

The first step if you are interested in playing golf is to find a golf course near your location. Usually in cities there are golf clubs where people enroll to practice the sport as a leisure play or to play a tournament. The next step is to search the web by entering the key phrase, ‘golf course near me’ on a popular search engine browser. The search results should contain a good number of results from where you can find the perfect golf course nearby your area.

Best Golf Courses Near Me – Use Google Map To Find Golf Course Around Your Area

Find the perfect golf course for you with the help of Golf Course Finder Map.

How To Choose The Best Golf Course?

Following are some of the parameters that may help you decide the best local golf course for you:

  1. The Distance From Your Residence: The golf club should be at commutable distance from your home.
  2. The Club Enrollment Fee: Golf clubs are prestigious organizations meant for the entertainment of the rich and the classy. Usually the club requires a membership fee to be paid so that you can play on their golf course and enjoy other utilities. Sometimes the fee is quite stupendous. However, if the membership fee is beyond your affordability, you can search for clubs that require a payment on a per day basis. Use the terms ‘public golf courses’ to search the internet. There are many clubs that allow non-members to play and participate in their tournament.
  3. The Club Hours: This should be suitable to your schedule.

The Basic Equipments For Golfing

Golf clubs, golf balls and golf tees are the three basic golfing equipments that you require to practice the game of golf. You should carry these golfing equipments in a golfing bag.

  1. Golf Clubs: A club is the bat with which you hit a golf ball. There can be 14 golf clubs in a bag depending on the loft. Lesser the angle of the loft, lower will be the trajectory of the ball when hit. For example, if you hit a ball with a club that is numbered 2, then it will make a lower pitch in air than when you hit it with a number 8 club. There are three basic types of golf clubs: wood, iron and putters.
  2. Golf Balls: They can be of various diameters. The rules of the game say that a golf ball should be at least 1.68 inches in diameter and 46 grams in weight. The shape of the balls needs to be spherical and symmetric from all sides. There are three layers in a golf ball. The core is made of solid rubber or solid plastic or resin or liquid rubber. The outer part is made with hardened plastic called surlyn or another material called balata. The intermediate layer contains of elastic windings.

Before going to your closest golf course, you must check the availability in the golf course near your location open now.

The Top 5 Golf Courses in US

  • Pine Valley, established in 1918
  • Cypress Point, established in 1928
  • Augusta National, established in 1933
  • Shinnecock Hills Southampton, New York established in 1931
  • Pebble Beach, California established in 1919