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Golf Courses Near Me

When you’re looking to find the best golf course near me it shouldn’t take a long time. Unfortunately finding the right course can sometimes be really time consuming. That’s precisely why Find It Near Me exists. We connect you with the best golf courses in your area.

Golf Courses Near Me – Find Them On The Map

Using the map – Google map – to be exact, you can find great golf courses in your area, complete with their contact information including phone number, email, website, etc.

Hopefully you’re able to find the best local option for your golfing needs.

How to choose the best golf course

It’s not always as simple as calling up a golf course and walking on to play. Sometimes you will need to be a member while other times you will need to at least book in advance. Here are some of the things you should think about before choosing the best golf course.

Opening Hours

When do they open? Personally, I love getting into a golf course first thing in the morning while the air is still cool. Getting stuck with a tee time in the heat of the afternoon leaves everyone a bit on the cranky side.

Think about the times that you would like to play and make sure that the course accepts players then.

Fee-based or membership based

Many golf courses near me require that you are a member to their club. Personally, I don’t golf enough to enjoy most of the benefits and justify the cost of signing up for these club memberships. That said, I do get out once or twice a year so I would be better suited with a course that allows me to pay a fee to play for the day.

Make sure you call ahead and confirm that the golf course will actually let you play – there’s nothing more disappointing than showing up and being turned away.


How booked up are the golf courses? If there aren’t many golf courses near you then it’s possible that they get booked up far in advance. This makes last minute golfing a bit of a drag and will require that you plan ahead of you want to make it to the course.

What time should you play golf?

Personally, I love first thing in the morning or later into the evening. I know a lot of people that love to get out and drink on the golf course in the afternoon but personally that’s a bit too hot for me.

Can you drink and play golf?

While drinking in public may be an issue depending on the state that you’re in, most golf courses do allow for drinking within their course – be sure to call ahead though if you’re planning a party with alcohol and just confirm that they allow you to drink.

Also, sometimes a course will not allow you to bring your own alcohol, rather you will be required to buy the alcohol from them which can significantly drive your costs up for the day.

Understanding Tee Times Near Me

Getting the best tee time near me comes down to a lot of practice, planning ahead and being flexible with when and where you are willing to play a round of golf. Don’t let the little stuff ruin your experience and call around to find the best golf course in your area.

The Best Golf Courses

There are some pretty famous golf courses out there. A few of them are as follows:

  • Cypress Point Club – located in Pebble Beach, California.
  • Muirfield Village Golf Club – located in Gullane, Scotland
  • Pine Valley Golf Club – located in Clementon, New Jersey
  • Royal Melbourne Golf Club – located in Melbourne, Australia
  • Royal County Down Golf Club – located in Newcastle, Northern Ireland

You don’t need to be at the most famous course to have a good time though so start by looking in your back yard.