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Grocery Store Near Me

While you may know exactly where your go-to grocery store is (hopefully otherwise you don’t buy enough groceries!) but sometimes any one of us will find ourselves outside of our usual neighborhood. When that time comes and you’re looking for some good quality food, find a Grocery Store Near Me and get in line for great food.

Find a Local Grocery Store Near Me On The Map

Hopefully you are able to spot a store on the map we have provided for your convenience that’s within walking distance. Otherwise you might need to rely on your car or public transit if you don’t currently have a vehicle.

The Sections of a Grocery Store

Produce: This is not a section you’ll want to be skipping too often. The produce department is where you will find your fruits and vegetables and something you’ll likely want to include in your diet and therefore your usual grocery run. The issue is that these foods don’t laste the longest so you can’t as easily stock up on them.

Bakery: Looking for bread or bagels? Then head on over to the grocery store’s bakery section. You’ll also find a large assortment of pastries and can even pick up a birthday cake from this section if you’re in need!

Dairy: It’s not just milk (although this is exactly where you’ll find milk)! You can find your cheeses, yogurt, eggs and more throughout the dairy section. This is often found at the far wall when you walk into most grocery stores and is within a fridge / chilled section to keep the food from spoiling.

Meat: Head on over to the butcher shop when you’re looking for a nice cut of meat. Most places will have a number of pre-packaged meat products from beef to chicken breasts and legs to sausages and other pork products. If you’re looking for something very specific or of higher quality, don’t be afraid to talk to the butcher directly and ask for a cut of something specific.

Grocery Centre: This is what people often refer to as the centre isles (or at least what I refer to them as). This is where you’ll find the preserved goods, canned goods, sauces, seasonings, etc. There are some good things throughout these isles but try not to make your entire trip centered around these!

Health: A lot more stores these days are starting to include one or two (or more) isles of “healthy selection” or “natural” foods – however they decide to brand it. Typically this is where you will find gluten free foods or speciality and organic foods.

Pharmacy: If your grocery store doesn’t have a health section but has a pharmacy you might find a few options in here. Otherwise the pharmacy is primarily meant for, well, pharmaceuticals.

Types of Grocery Stores

Gone are the days of the traditional grocery stores. You will still find the classics like Kroger, Safeway and Aldi in the US and Sobeys (Safeway in the West) and Loblaws (also Zhers, Superstore, etc.) in Canada.

That being said you will now start to see the Walmarts of the world moving into grocery items in an attempt to foster a “one-stop-shop” atmosphere. Everything you need is at Walmart (or at least that’s where they want to be eventually). Even traditional pharmacies have a number of grocery items (although often owned by the grocery companies anyway).

Can I Order Groceries Online?

The quick answer is yes, that’s definitely a thing that’s offered in some places of the world. The true answer is that it depends. There are only so many cities in the world with grocery delivery as a service. Find out if your city has this option available! While there are some national chains that offer shipping with a large enough order (found on their websites listed above), there are also websites built specifically for delivering groceries. Two examples include US Grocer and Fresh Direct, I suggest checking both of them out in your area.