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Ice Cream Near Me Open Now

Whenever it is summer time or even when it is not, ice cream is one of the favorite desserts of all time of a lot of people, not only in America but in the whole wide world. Its taste is really soothing and the texture is really quite something to look forward to. Here are some of the best ice cream house that might be near you. To find out answer to common Ice Cream Near Me question, simple follow the instructions bellow.

Best Ice Cream Near Me – Use the map

In order to find this delicious refreshment, we have provided for you easy way to discover nearest ice cream to your location. Simple use the map provided below, click on desired ice cream location and follow instruction to it.

Please have GPS functionality feature enabled on, when trying to find best ice cream near me location now on mobile devices.

Ice cream places near me

We have provided a list of some of the best Ice Cream Places Near Me in USA with their best ice cream products described.

Cliff’s Homemade

If you are up for some homemade ice cream, then this is the right ice cream house for you. Do not worry, even if it is truly homemade, they have more than sixty flavors waiting to be tried out. It is a stand that is truly great if you are in New Jersey, in Ledgewood and planning a picnic outdoor! Try out this place if you are in for a quick visit.

Fenton’s Creamery

Large ice cream cones and sundaes are waiting for you here at Fenton’s where everything is extra sized. Go for this place if you want a large variety of flavors waiting for you to be discovered. Just drop by if you happen to be in Oakland, California and you will surely not regret it.

American Old Fashioned

When in Illinois, one of the stops you should go to is Galena, for a loving time spent with dessert! Most especially ice cream because this ice cream parlor will knock you out of your socks with its amazing flavors that are truly to die for. When you happen to drop by the place, go ahead and try them out.

American House of Ice cream

In New York, you will find one of the best ice cream houses in town, if you go to Chester. You will be up for some great dessert and it will take just a quick visit to realize that the ice cream the American House serves is truly worth it. You just have to love it with its amazing texture and flavors.

Paciugo Gelato

If you are in Bloomington, no need to worry because there is a dessert shop there that offers delicious gelatos that are made daily, on the site itself. They also have frappes and coffee to soothe your thirst.

Leopold’s Parlor

The best ice cream parlor in town if you happen to be in Savannah. If you are up for the most popular ice cream house then you should go here to try out their regular ice cream flavor and come back to try their seasonal ones. They also serve sandwiches and soups if you want something extra to go with your ice cream. You just need a quick visit to experience this.

Moomers Homemade

Homey, friendly and family operated; if you are up for that kind of thing, then you should definitely visit Moomers at Traverse City in Miami! You will have an experience worth telling with the flavors on the dairy farm making you choose from tons of homemade flavors!

Toscanini’s shop

If you want ice cream that are gourmet level and some espresso together with a blend that are unique and to die for and changes every now and then so you do not ever get tired of them then this place should be visited by you. Just go to Cambridge and you will find out about the great dessert they have to offer.

Eric’s Factory

For an ice cream shop that offers quite a large selection of flavors, go to Eric’s at Bryan in Ohio and you will surely have a blast when you taste their amazing ice cream! Do not forget to drop by if you happen to be in the area.

Hershey’s House

One of the best-selling mall chains in Los Angeles is this place. They have these American cookies that people pay bucks for and brownies too! Now off you go to taste their ice cream and such because in Lafayette, you never have to settle down for something less than your standards!

Cold Stone

Designing your own ice cream has never been this great with cold stone creamery, you get to do just that! Design your own thing by hand mixing them on slabs made of granite and they also offer shakes to lessen your thirst but definitely not your craving for these gorgeous ice creams! Come and try them out at Las Vegas in Nevada and you will not regret it!

Sweet Republic

If you want handcrafted things such as ice cream then go here to Scottsdale in Arizona and go for the sundaes, the ice cream and the shakes. Enjoy them all with their casual setting. No need to stay for too long, just give them a quick visit and you will surely come back for more.

Mini Melts

A cute ice cream shop in the middle of Norwich, mini melts will be the ultimate ice cream bomb for those who want to go for an adventure. They will give you awesome ice cream flavors that you will surely love!

Sweet Action for Vegan Ice Cream Near Me

Simple and straightforward ice cream with inventive looks and changing tastes every time. They even have vegan ice cream, perfect for all those vegan people out there! If you happen to be in Colorado, you might as well go to Denver to try this one shop out!

All American

In East Wenatchee, ice creams are quite popular so if you happen to be there just drop by all American and taste the best ice cream in town. Surely, you would love to come back over and over again after trying it out once. Definitely worth trying as they are known for them.


The cone, the container or the cup; your choice, your flavor, whatever you want. If you are up for some good time with more than forty ice cream flavors, then this is definitely your spot to go. Just go to Philadelphia for this ice cream shop because it sure is worth every penny you will spend!

Sugar Bowl

If you want something that is tried and tested for years, go to sugar bowl in Scottsdale, Arizona and try out Sugar Bowl. It has been there since 1958 and it will truly make you feel special. They also deliver malts, shakes, salads, sandwiches and floats if you are too lazy to go to their place. Their ice cream are to die for so go ahead and try it out!

Bent Spoon

They have amazing sweets that are really unique to the taste and are made from organic materials so do not worry about chemicals and all that. The have this compact shop at Princeton in New Jersey if you want to try out their ice cream!

Martha’s Dandee Crème

Are you willing to wait in line? That is because the trademark of this shop is their long line that forms at their window to look at their shakes, ice cream and sundaes. Just go to Queensbury in New York and go find out if their desserts are really that great or not.

Ice cream Train

The name says it all, have it all in one. Ride a train and eat some ice cream, not just simple but delicious and creamy ice cream that is worth craving! In Newport, you will be able to find all this as long as you have the money to pay for them.

Jaxson’s Parlor

Old fashioned ice cream shop that offers huge scoops of ice cream and some American food that will knock you off your feet. Try out this ice cream parlor in Dania Beach in Florida for some great dessert and memorabilia.

American Pie

This shop serves hand tossed pizza in New York style but they also have unique ice cream flavors and a patio to go eat them at. If you happen to be in Kill Devil Hills, you should go try this out for a casual dine in setting and even for takeaways.

Farrell’s Parlour

If you want a spot that serves ice cream in their traditional flavors and shakes and floats and a whole lot more, then Brea in California has it for you. They also have live music to please your ears. If you are willing to wait, that is, you will get to enjoy all of them at the right price.

Painter’s Ice cream

This shop has been in North Myrtle Beach ever since 1952 and they serve homemade ice cream that has various and tons of flavors that will hit you in the right spot for sure. If you are in for some great dessert and not much of a stayer, then go here and try it out.

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Gibson Girl

Go for the great dessert Gibson Girl has to offer you. Just drop by their shop at Anaheim in California and you will get to enjoy all their dessert, especially their ice cream. They open at half past eleven in the morning, perfect to bask in the glory of the sun while eating something cold.

Kelley Country

In Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, you will find a family managed shop that have a selection of tons of original flavors of ice cream for you to try out. This is truly the perfect dessert and you need not wait for so long to get it here so might as well try this creamery out!

Haagen-Dazs Shop

This one is a chain dessert shop who has a branch at Burbank in California. Enjoy the sorbets, sundaes, shakes, ice creams and smoothies all at your arms reach. They have a lot of flavors to choose from and they are surprisingly delicious and smooth to the taste!

Top 10 ice cream flavors that people love

So what are the top 10 ice cream flavors that most people, in general, would love to order from an ice cream shop? Here they are.


  • Chocolate
  • Cookie dough


Your favorite cookie dough now made in an ice cream flavor!


  • Cookies and cream
  • Chocolate chip
  • Fudge ripple ice cream
  • Rocky road


Vanilla ice cream

This one consists of a chocolate base with nuts and marshmallows within.


  • Double dutch


This one is like the rocky road flavor except with a vanilla ice cream for base.


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Peppermint ice cream