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Ice Skating Near Me

Ice Skating is one of the best past times of the colder months. It lets you get out and enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise, and have a fun time while doing it all. There are so many benefits to ice skating and it is one of the most enjoyed past times and sports in North America (especially Canada). Finding access to good ice skating near me can be a challenge so hopefully we can help you located the best options in your area.

Ice Skating Near Me – Search The Map Results

Use the map results here to find the best ice skating rinks near me. You can use the information to contact the rinks or parks directly as there should be contact information including their email, website, and phone numbers available.

Outdoor Ice Skating Near MeOutdoor ice skating is what winter months are all about. Strapping on your skates and playing on the pond or renting some skating equipment and heading to the community outdoor rink.

Outdoor ice skating usually comes in the form of frozen ice or a public run facility. There are certain risks and safety concerns when skating on open ice so make sure you make yourself familiar with those.

Indoor Ice Skating Near Me

Indoor ice skating is usually done in a rink. Finding an ice skating rink near me isn’t that difficult. Most large community centres have them, some gyms will have them, or there are usually some stand alone rinks around.

Use this map to specifically find ice skating rinks in your area:

Safety Precautions when Ice Skating

Safety is very important while skating. It’s important to understand your limitations and abilities while being aware of your surroundings. Here are some of the things to consider when you’re skating:

  • Always dress appropriately – regardless of whether you are skating inside or outside, you should always be dressed warmly and in layers.
  • Wear protective gear – This is especially important for children. You need to have proper pads on your knees, wrists and always wear a helmet.
  • Check the ice thickness if you’re skating outside – If you’re not sure how to check ice depth I’ll link to a few resources but you need to make sure the ice is think enough to skate on.

For more ice safety information click here.

Three Famous Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks

Rockefeller Center – this is one of the most famous outdoor ice rinks in the world located in New York.

Leon Black Family Ice Rink located in Beaver Creek Colorado has some amazing and picturesque ice skating.

The Rideau Canal located in Ottawa, Ontario is Canada’s most popular outdoor ice skating. If you’re visiting Ottawa in the winter time, skating on the canal is a must.

Foods To Eat While Ice Skating

Food and ice skating. A great combination. Personally, I’m a french fries and hot chocolate person when I ice skate, however, there are usually a suite of great food trucks and other great foods nearby when you are skating. Be sure to not skate and eat at the same time but enjoy yourself and make an adventure out of it.

What Should I Wear While Ice Skating

As we mentioned in the safety section, dressing warmly and in layers is the most important while skating. You’ll get warm and sweaty but it might be cold as well so layering will help. Also make sure you bring a hat, mittens, and a scarf in case the wind is blowing.

Should I take my date ice skating?

Definitely! Taking your date ice skating near me is one of the most romantic dates there are. You can both get active, be vulnerable, and have a great time with each other while getting the chance to chat and get to know each other.


Hopefully we’ve helped you find the best ice skating rink near me that lets you get out and enjoy the colder months.