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Indian Food & Restaurants Near Me

Find A Local Indian Food Restaurant Places Near Me

Indian restaurants have virtually travelled all across the globe. It has imbibed and embraced cultures and cuisines. Today we can actually classify an Indian Restaurant into two groups: those who serve food that is traditionally Indian and those who create fusion food. If you are searching the web with the keywords “Indian restaurants near me”, then it is sure that you will modify your searches with more key phrases after you read the following article.

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What Do We Understand By Indian Food?

Internationally, recipes from India are often thought to be an overload of spices. But those who have actually travelled across India or have tasted a whole range of this cuisine often have commented:

The variety of food and taste available in Indian restaurants is amazing. Spices of course are a common component. But Indian food ranges from mild to extreme spicy.

A full course meal from any Indian culture will be well balanced with appetizers, lentils, spiced curries, sweet and a digestive menu.

Each of the 28 states has their very own menu, distinctly different from the other. Examples are many:

  • A meal from the western desert state of Rajasthan cannot be complete without flatbread made of bajra, the tangy ker sangria pickle, the red very spicy mutton called Laal maas or the yellow moderately spicy Mohan Mass and of course the famous Dal Bati Churma. Bati means bowl. Bowl shaped bread filled with spicy lentil soup along with cooked dry lentil soaked in sweet jiggery is completely delectable. A sour yogurt with cucumber nicely balances out all the spices. Sweet dishes are endless like soft semolina cooked with milk and almond.
  • A meal from Southern India can have Dosa, Idli, spicy lentil soups with an assortment of vegetables, locally called Sambar or Rasam, coconut pickle and many more.
  • Eastern India is popular for their ecstasy with fishes. Fish cooked in mustard and green chillies, fish with spinach and vegetables, fish with mango sauce are just the tip of the iceberg. The signature dessert dish called Payesh has won many hearts across the globe. It is rice slowly cooked in milk. For the sweetener, date palm jaggery is used generously. You will discover bits of cashew, almonds and raisins as you scoop through this cold and thick dessert.

Foreign invasion and colonialism has a profound impact on Indian cuisine.

  • The cuisine developed by the Mughals in the medieval period needs special mention. Koftas, kebabs and biryani can describe only a part of their cuisine. Kebabs are slowly grilled meat on charcoal seasoned with tangy spices. Biryani is slowly cooked mutton with rice, spices and saffron.
  • Portuguese and Indian recipe fusion has led to many interesting dishes like Balchao. Vinegar based cooking was introduced.


Choose your Indian restaurant near your location according to the regional taste you want to explore. There are many closest Indian restaurants that have created amazing food by blending Indian with American and European recipes or you can try some more restaurants near your location. Try the salmon kebab with green coconut chutney or the jaggery ice cream if you are into experimental food.