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Lawyers Near Me

Finding the best Lawyers Near Me can be a real challenge. There are so many advertisements out there it’s hard to know who’s who and what’s what. There’s also just this general stigma around lawyers in general and it’s important to find a lawyer nearby that you can trust.

Finding a reputable lawyer in your area can be the difference between win or loss, pain or pleasure, freedom or prison, losing your assets or keeping them all, the list goes on. There are so many different kinds of law out there it can be confusing the actual type of lawyer you might need. Some are more clear, I need a divorce, likely need a divorce lawyer. But what about an accident in a car or at work? Is that the same lawyer? Let’s investigate a few common law practices.

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We understand the need for finding a great law practice near me. Hopefully the following helps clear up the legal specialization you might be looking for. Otherwise you can seek one of the great lawyers out of the map above.

Types of Law

Read on for a quick overview of the four most discussed laws with us. If you want more details on any other, don’t be afraid to check out our other legal pages. There are many great lawyers to find and work with. You can find more specific details about American law here. There are a number of great resources on that site as well as the Canadian version which can be found here. Be sure to dive in if you’re new to law, otherwise, it’s not a big deal.

Divorce Law

When it comes to divorce law, these lawyers must be aware of the National Divorce Act, which is the same for Canada and United States in terms of jurisdiction. Find divorce lawyers near me to sit down and talk with one. It’s interesting because the divorces are processed and granted federally by the country’s government, however the proceedings and laws are directed by the province or state. That means you submit your paperwork to the province and then they send it to the country.

Divorces can in fact be handled without a lawyer, and sometimes a fully agreeable, non-dispute divorce can easily be handled this way. The moment two parties start to disagree is the moment you’ll understand how valuable a lawyer is.

Immigration Law

Immigration law is pretty straight forward like divorce law. Not that the law itself is straightforward, but what the lawyer is trying to accomplish is self explanatory. These lawyers are trying to help people either:

  1. Get into the country
  2. Stay in the country
  3. Resolve a foreign incident report

For any of the above situations, foreign governments won’t be afraid to provide extra resistance and you need to know you have your bases covered. A great lawyer will work tirelessly for you.

Criminal Law

This is when their is an actual prosecutor (usually provincially or state wide as well) that is charging someone with a criminal defence. These lawyers are extremely valuable if you are in a difficult position with a case or are poised to lose. Don’t end up in jail over poor representation and a weak defence, find an excellent criminal lawyer today.

Civil Law

This is anything that isn’t criminal but still feels like it should be to a lot of people! If you’re looking to sue someone for damages or because they’re not holding up their end of an agreement, welcome to civil law. Now, don’t let this also confuse you with corporate law. The most basic way to divide the two is that they deal with the same problems but corporate law is at a company level versus civil law which involves individuals.