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Welcome to the places for finding an answer on liquor store near me question people ask themselves. You will in split of the seconds discover closest liquor stores location to you. Finding closest liquor store has never been easier and faster then now!

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Find Liquor Store Near Me places in split of a second with our map. Please turn on your GPS location in order to have Liquor Store Near Me locator working.

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5 most famous best liquor store in the US

If you want to know is where are the best liquor stores to buy them. Here are some of the most famous liquor stores in the US.
Silverlake Wine
One of the best things about this liquor store is the number of wines that it holds. They offer small batch brands, gins, like Old tom gins, genever and even cocktail friendly aperitifs such as Fernet Branca, Cynar, Averna AMaro, and such. Tequilas are also available in their shelves so you might want to try some of their wines out.
Red Carpet Wine
Red Carpet Wine liquor store is one of the most famous wine store because they have their own tasting room that will surely answer to your inner wine taster and they also have a Belgian beer collection that will bring you to your knees. From wines to beers and anything in between, this is certainly the place to go to for anything about liquors.
Beverage Warehouse
True to its name, this place is a giant overwhelming building full of wines, tequila, bourbon, rum, mixers, liqueurs, and other rare stuff that are truly for keeps. Not so much hard stuff but if you want to drink your heart out, you might as well go here. You might as well go here if you plan to create a party for you friends and go on a drinking spree.
This is practically the best place to buy your wine, a wonderland on its own. They have a wide variety of wines, beers, cognacs and the like that where you can get something for both your uncle and your wife. This is the most awesome stop for liquor loving people out there. You should go try this one out!

Liquor in USA

Now that you know more about the brief history of how the legal age for consumption began, and what the legal age for consumption and purchase are, it is better to know more about liquor. Here are some of the most consumed liquor per locations in America.

Liqueur store in Alaska – Most consumed beverages

For Alaska, the most consumed alcohols are Jack Daniels and Bud Light. For Alabama, Fireball and Bud Light are the most consumed alcohols. In Arkansas, Evan Williams and Bud Light are pretty popular with the crowd. Blue Moon and Fireball are mostly consumed in the state of Arizona. In California, Jack Daniels and Blue Moon are quite popular in the place. Whereas, Bud Light and Bacardi are surely popular in the state of Colorado.
In Connecticut, Patron and corona are some of the most popular drinks in the place. In Delaware, Crown Royal and Bud light are pretty much popular. In Florida, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jack Daniels are what the crowd are searching for. People in the state of Georgia tends to want Jack Daniels and Corona. Whereas in Hawaii, Jack Daniels and Bud Light are the popular ones. In Iowa, Bud light, fireball, captain Morgan and Jagermeister are pretty popular too.
In Idaho, Evan Williams and Bud lights are on par in popularity. Whole in Illinois, Jameson, Guinness and Coors are practically the best ones there are. If you ever go to Indiana, you might as well look for PBR, Heineken, Corona, Patron, Crown Royal, Jagermeister. In Kansas, the house favorite are Jack Daniels and Bud Light. In Kentucky, Crown Royal, Jager and Bud Light are popular with the people in the state.

Liqueur store in Louisiana- Most consumed beverages

If you are in Louisiana, then you might as well go for Bud Light or Crown Royal as they are pretty much the most consumed ones. Massachusetts offers quite a good range of Bud Light and Hennessy. If you ever went to the state of Maryland then Bud Light, Svedka or Fireball might be some of your best choices.
When in Maine opt for Budweiser or Fireball if you want to get in with the crowd. If you want to blend in Michigan the right choice would be to go for a glass of Bud Light or Jim Beam. In Minnesota you should go ahead and order Budweiser or Fireball. If you are in Mississippi then you should go for a glass Bud Light or Fireball on the rocks. If you ever go to Missouri then you might as well order some Bud Light or Fireball as well.

Liqueur store in Montana – Most consumed beverages

If you happen to be in Montana even for a night, the right choice would be Bud Light or a bottle of Jack Daniels. In North Carolina you should always go for Heineken or Jack Daniels. When in North Dakota you should chose a glass of Bud Light or a bottle of Jack Daniels. If you go to Nebraska, try the Founders Brewing Curmudgeon Old Ale or plain old Fireball. If its New Hampshire then choose Bud Light or Fireball.

Liqueur store in New Jersey – Most consumed beverages

When you are in New Jersey you should choose Bud Light, Corona, Fireball or Patron. In New Mexico you should order Bud Light or Fireball. In New York you can never go wrong by ordering Blue Moon or Hennessy. In Nevada you might go for Bud Light or Crown Royal. When in Ohio you should try Bud Light, Jack Daniels or Fireball. Around Oklahoma you should try out Bud Light or Crown Royal. In Oregon you should go for Bud Light or ask Jose Cuervo. In Pennsylvania try to go for Guinness or Jameson.

Liquor Store Near Me

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Some facts on Liquor consumption

The United States has alcohol laws that states the minimum age that a person can purchase liquor but over the time, as time passed by, this has certainly changed a lot. The purchase age is different from the consumption although they are often believed to be the same.
There has been such a volatility in the drinking age of the state ever since the Prohibition of 1933. After the ratification of the amendment, around December, the state has mostly set their purchase age around 21 since that age is also called the age of voting. This limit has remained pretty constant especially up until the 1970s or at least around the earlier part of that decade. Unfortunately, for some states in the US, around 30 states, most of their purchase ages were lowered to the age of 18. The reason for this is mostly because the voting age has also been lowered from twenty one to eighteen around 1971 due to the twenty sixth amendments. Ever since the amendment took place, a lot of states have begun lowering their minimum age for drinking. Although 12 states has kept their purchase age at 21.
Yet, in order to take part in the war against drunk driving and their fatalities, in 1983, a lot of state has raised their purchase age from 18 to 19. And yet, because of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, that the congress has decided to pass on October 1986, states were required to raise their age purchase to 21 or else they would lose 10% of their funds.

Around 50 states including the District of Columbia has decided to raise their purchase age to 21 to comply to this by the middle of 1988 but Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico refused to do so. The last two states that complied to this 21 year old mandate are Wyoming and South Dakota.

It is truly a spectacle to be overcome that 21 year old should be the purchase age because drunk driving has already caused a lot of lives for people who had nothing to do with it and are completely innocent. This is one of the problems that are still being overcome up until now in the United States of America and still has no solution besides raising the drinking age limit.

Useful information on age restriction for liquor by state

Simply put, the legal drinking age is the age where in a person can consume and purchase beverages with alcoholic content in a legal manner. There are a lot of laws regarding this topic. They cover a really wide range that ranges from behaviors, to issues to even defining when and where a certain type of alcohol can be consumed. The minimum alcohol age for consuming can be the same or can be different than the consumption age.
The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 says that the state must allow people that are 21 and above to purchase alcoholic beverages and to not sell any beverage containing alcohol to those of age 21 and below. Most of the bar in the US do not allow any person under the legal age to be present in any bars or liquor stores. The problem is even though the act has been a law, there are only few states that does not allow minors and teenagers to consume their alcohol in a private setting. As of 2010, around January 1, the District of Columbia and fifteen other states ban the outright consumption of alcohol of underage people but 17 states do not ban the consumption and the remaining states can drink under the supervision of a family member that are of the legal age.
There is also a Federal Law that provides some religious exceptions on the drinking limits. Around 31 states has this laws that protects family members that has exceptions on the underage passion of alcoholic drinks. However, non-alcoholic beverages such as beer are considered alright for those of underage to drink on the states such as Maryland, Texas and Idaho.
In Wisconsin and Washington, alcohol consumption is allowed as long as a parent is around to oversee the child.

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